November 10th, 2005

Extending the period of YS mash introduction

In yesterday comments,
Fruitbatz asked "How is your grey parrot doing with her new family? "

I have not called the YUs yet. That revisit I made to Tink and YUs and friends in June/July this year healed me to a large extent. But not completely. Otherwise, I would not have YingShiong with me, I would have a pair of Vos Eckkies. That being said, I am very happy to have YS with me now.

I know I should give them a call and to ask of Tink. But I find that difficult to do. Hearing them, and of Tink, trigger memories. Talking of them and Tink is ok. Calling them is quite different althogether.

We all know they love Tink. When I get eventually to calling Yu, or he calls me, I will let you all know.

Sun_seed then said "thank you for sharing the hovering album. it is beautiful. thank you for giving YS such excellent care."

I step on shoulders of others to be where I am now. Just like David, if what I have done can lead to others taking better care of their birds and creatures, what I write will be worth the time taken. I enjoyed all that I have done.I gained even more, knowing that it brought pleasure to those who are following this saga.

My wife then realised she had photos of Duff and added a link to that. I forgotten that Duff had a pigeon who would go and stay on his hand if he picked him up. That's a bit different from calling and getting him to fly to you. Duff never could tell me how many pigeons he had. That's what serious racing pigeons fanciers are all about. My wife is my backup memory. I think all wives remember stuff much much better than the husband.


This morning, I weighed the bowl and YS new food to be 40.9 gm.

YS was quietly watching me. After I placed that bowl in his cage, he flew over to be weighed. There was no calling and calling from him, just him watching me. He weighed in at 34.5 gm for the start of the day.

There were no newly emerged mealworms beetles this morning, and in fact for the entire day. I rather liked them as they are smaller than the suris.

YS just stood on the scale and looked at me in silence unlike yesterday and the days before when he would be chair chair chair at me. I know his weight was still high even if lower than yesterday, and definately he was not in danger of starving. I picked a small suri and he hovered to my hand to get it and then he returned to the scale and waited again in silence. He was so near me that I thought I try a 'step up', of him getting to my finger.

I slowly raised my left hand almost to his breast and was delighted he remained unafraid of me. But when I pressed the finger towards him, touching his feathers, he flew off the scale landing in the table a few inches away.

While that was not a 'step up', I was rather pleased he allowed me to touch him. I had not expected a 'step up' yet anyway as that would await the clicker training. But I just had to try.

I resisted his silent begging for treats and drank my coffee. He then flew off to his door and looked at me.

An hour went past. I then decided to weigh the bowl again to see if any drop in weight from loss of moisture since he had not eaten that yet. The weight remained the same.

I went to the hall to watch the news on TV. From the corner of my eye, YS flew back into the cage and ate the YS mash. It was a bit unnerving to see him in silence so I left the hall to go to the PC room.

I know I mentioned yesterday his calls followed me to that room. But the silence from him was so unsettling to me that after a while, I went back to check him up around noon. And to weigh the bowl at 40.5 gms

YS weighed in at 35.0

I then left for my lunch and to do some shopping and got back around 4 pm

The bowl weighed in as 40.4 and YS at 34.5

I scooped up a small container load of peat moss and suris and was about to select and transfer some suris to another smaller container for treats. YS flew in from the door and hijacked a big fat suri from my finger. Instead of flying it back to his cage, he landed on the scale next to me, finished that and looked intensely at me in silence.

Now, he was not entirely silent today. He sang regularly, but I missed his lot chair chair chair at me.

I caved in. I gave him another 2 suris and saw his weight reached 35.0 gm. Then another 3 suris in quick succession and saw him reached 35.7

I left him and at 6 pm came back to weigh him at 35.3 and the bowl at 40.0

Then my paranoid mind went into action and I wondered again just how much of the YS mash did he ate and how much was lost of water. That he ate the mash is of great importance to me as the animal and plant proteins , the natural vitamins and calcium, the amino acids are there in the mash.

I kicked myself for not setting out a control bowl of YS mash kept elsewhere and weighed as well. That would have settled once and for all how much YS did ate and how much was due to evaporation.

The moment I go into "conditioning the clicker", he will be given suris, white beetles and white mealworms. Unfortunately, much as he liked those insects, what I gave him will not be adequate to ensure he stay healthy. With all those treats, he might well refused to eat the mash at all.

I decided to postpone the "conditioning the clicker" for a couple more days or more to ensure that YS is really into that mash first. With a control bowl set up to see how much of lost in weight was due to moisture drying off.

I then went back to the PC room to play some chess on ICC.

Then at about 7 pm, at the time when YS get to sleep, there was such a big ruckus of chair chair chair from YS I rushed out to see him. He was on his night perch and calling me to go and see him to wish him goodnight.

That I did with a smile on my face. I am used to his nightly ritual. YS then remain silent again after that.

Joy told me that if I am not at home, YS would not do that calling in the evening before he sleep.

So his silence to me today was YS giving me the silent treatment after he failed at his shouting at me yesterday to get more treats.

His evening vocal calling of me was to let me know he bore no hard feelings to me after all.

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