November 8th, 2005

Weighing of YingShiong

The first weighing of YS was 35.6 grams

Perhaps YS understood that he had to stand on that weighing scale if he was to get his treat.

There were a lot of newly emerged white mealworms beetles and another batch of
white newly moulted mealworms. So after the weighing, I continued to use those treats to get YS to hover to take from my hands.

Later in the afternoon, YS was weighed at 36.2 grams.

With feeding of treats, his weight went up to 36.4 grams.

Checks with the other control items such as plier, lighter and knife should the scale was consistent and the same as before.

The last weighing of YS found him at 36.9 grams.

At that point, he must have been stuffed and he turned away even from the suri that I offered him.

In this 'getting to know you' stage, I had been feeding and feeding YS with insects one at a time by hand. He also had access to the commercial food and I had seen him pecking at it and presumably eating that as well. I wanted him to build up a 'fat' reserve as well as to expand his stomach for the training process later. It was also great fun to feed him by hand and to see him coming towards me and hovering in front for the treats.

I will need to exercise great restraint on my part now. Perhaps I should cut the insects into bits to be given to him as treats. But I find that too icky for me as you can well imagine those bits of insects would 'leak'.

From all I read on shamas, their weight should range from 28 grams to 32 grams.

Maybe YS is bigger and heavier bone, but that is not likely. While the 36.9 grams included food in his stomach, the 35.6 grams first weight in morning indicated YS can lose some weight.

I do not intend to bring him down to 28 grams. I would be happy with 34 grams for YS. That weight is still more than the 32 grams indicated for shama so YS could not be said to be starving.

I also want him to go onto the YS mash that I prepared. I will use the treats to get him on scale to be weighed. Maybe I would give 3-4 more each session, unlike the 12-14 that I gave him before. The YS mash should be nutritionally balanced enough to ensure his continued physical well being even with drastically reduced insect treats.

So tomorrow will be the start of switch over to YS mash. By Thursday, the switch over should be completed. I am keeping fingers crossed YS would like that mash.

If that go well, then on Friday, his training would start with the 'Conditioning of the clicker'

If you need to ask what is that? then you should read

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