November 6th, 2005

Still not the right weighing machine yet

So this morning I had to try out that digital weighing machine.

YS was already waiting impatiently for me and flew down to the table when I sat down. That new weighing machine was set out with a white beetle. He stepped on it and that machine revealed him to be 34 grams. I know I should have been happy to get that weight more exactly than the last time.

But I then examined the machine closely to find it can weigh up to 2 kg, and had accuracy of 2 grams. Which meant I did not know if YS weight is 33.1 gram to 34.9 grams as that will still register as 34 grams. That two gram would represent 6 percent of YS weight and just not good enough for me.

My euphoria at getting a digital weighing machine evaporated.

So I just enjoyed myself with YS as should be the case. Taking a white mealworm beetle, and holding it away from the table, YS immediately hovered to get that from me. I called my wife to watch. After some reluctance from YS at the beginning, he then came to hover to get his treat. Since he was between the balcony window and my wife, it would not be possible to take the photos yet. The glare from the balcony would nuke any images of him. My wife would have to get into the room with me and with the light source behind her to shot decent photos.

Then I left to meet my friend CM to watch Singapore Cricket Club Rugby Seven a side International. Before that, we decided to search for weighing scales up to 200 grams and with accuracy of 0.1 gram. Luck did not smile on us that morning and the stores he bought his scales from were all out of stock.

Then we watched the rugby matches fortified with lots of beer.

By the time I got back, it was getting close to dark. YS was calling impatiently again when he saw me back.

Then when he got to sleep, I did what I should have done way before, surf the web to find out about weighing scales and the shops that stocked them.

I will see if tomorrow if I can finally get my hands on one of them.

My wife got back a bit later. She was telling me YS was calling and calling for me the whole day. YS did not seem to care for my wife as he continued to call for me after a cursory look at her. I told her she should have more courage and take those pineapple beetles to feed him to win him over.

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