November 5th, 2005

Getting of a digital weighing machine

I decided to try again the hovering flight of YingShiong this morning.

YS had flown from the cage door to the table and had been waiting for some time. I kind of procrastinate for a while to raise his anticipation level. Then I got out a white mealworm beetle and hold it straight out far from the table. He looked at me with big eyes and turned his head to look at that lovely beetle wriggling at my finger tips. He took off from the table and went into hovering mode to take that beetle from me.

Joy was also up and about and I called to her to get the camera ready hoping to get some shots of YS hovering and taking treats from me again. Most unfortunately YS was still too shy. I could hardly blame him, Joy was excited and I got excited probably making YS too nervous to want to repeat that at that time.

It did not matter as I was sure that YS would repeat that eventually.

I failed to hunt down the digital weighing scale yesterday. I then thought of my friend CM's wife L who worked in medical supplies before and called her up. She knew what the phone call was for as she was following this saga and named me a few places that I could get that digital scale.

So I prepared to go out to get that when CM gave me a call by pure coincidence.(his photo and how he was instrumental to me getting Tinkerbell

He needed to drive to Senai Airport in Johore, Malaysia and asked if I accompany him. I happily agreed so we could continue to trade insults to each other that we had been doing for the last 40 odd years. I told him he was lucky to get me as I was about to leave the apartment to hunt done that scale. He as busy the last few days and had not been following the saga of the scale and I had to plagiarised my journal here to give him a run down. Maybe that was his ploy to be spared the insults that I otherwise would be throwing at him. He then told me I should take one of the three digital weighing machine he had around the house.

I told him about the way the mash was mixed and how I had to hold the blending machine in my hands and shake that with the blending machine on so the dry cat food could be blended with the bean mash. He laughed and told me he had to do the same when he prepared one of his Parsi dish. I must confess I love his Parsi cooking (he is a Parsi by the way) especially more so now I know he created it by holding the blending machine and jumping around with it to get difficult ingredients to mix.

In the same way I hope YS will appreciate what I have done and love the mash that I created for him.

I bought him lunch for his weighing machine that he offered.

I reminded him of the archer fishes I saw in an aquarium shop a week ago when I was hunting for peat moss in the AMK ave 3. I called him then but he was in India at that time. He has this pond in his garden with big kois , gouramis, tinfoil barbs and one solitary archer fish. I felt sorry for that archer fish for the last 4 years living a lonely existence with only the lily clump to make love to instead of other archer fish. He loved that archer fish too and told me he often had pellets of water shot at him by that archer fish.

Unfortunately, that shop no longer had the big archers that I saw a week before and what they had looked sickly. He then remembered one of his large comet goldfish had growths from his body and the shop recommended an exorbitant priced Japanese ointment for the fish to be used after those growths were cut off.

CM is one of those who cannot stand the sight of blood so he volunteered myself as the surgeon.

When we got back and I looked at that fish, I thought it was terminal. I flet if I cut into the growth, the bacteria might just be liberated to infect the other fishes. So I had to put that fish quickly to sleep.

We then move over to my apartment so he could see YS again. YS was still very shy of visitors. I was happy however to introduce more visitors to YS as part of ' getting to know you' process. YS was reluctant to fly over to me with other people around and he remained on the high perches. When I moved over to him with treats in my hands, YS happily accepted those treats.

CM readily accepted a bunch of mealworms and beetles from me to be placed on the plants around his pond for his archer fish to shoot down and eat. He declined my generous offer of pineapple beetles because he confessed he found them too disgustingly like cockroaches to handle with his hands.

Guys, I did tell you before that the pineapple beetles do look like a disgusting cross between bedbugs and small Madagascar hissing cockroaches and only shamas and those who keep shamas can love them. We have to cross out
people who keep archer fishes from the list.

Then it was late and time for YS to sleep. I did not get a chance to weigh him yet with that digital scale. That will be done tomorrow.

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