November 4th, 2005

Making of YingShiong mash

I did not weigh YS this morning. Since the readings can fluctuate on the scale that I was using, it did not make sense to me to weigh YS today. Maybe I should have done that, as inaccurate weight may be better than no weight. I could not find the more accurate scale that I was looking for in the afternoon.

But first, this morning when I went in to see YS and sat on the chair in the flight room, YS flew down to the table waiting for his treats. I then thought of a variation to try out. In the evening, before YS finally go to his sleeping perch, he would fly about from perch to perch and doing a lot of hovering. In the hovering mode, he would move to the right, to the left and even backwards like a humming bird.

I hold the treats of white worms, or white beetles, close to the table when he would then take them out of my fingers. I decided to hold the beetle far from the table today. YS stared at me a while, and then he flew to just before my fingers and hovered there. He then took the beetle from my hand and he then hovered backwards before breaking into flight mode starting with a violent u turn and flew back into his cage to soften that beetle and ate it.

That was a wonderful display of flight skills to me, and it was a delicious feeling to have him hovering at my finger tips to eat that treat.

Then I left him to complete the rest of the mash making.

On wednesday, using 22 grams or 1/10 of a cup as the standard portion, I soaked and washed

1 portion of garbanzo beans
1 portion of pinto beans
2 portions of Great Northen White beans
1 portion of soya beans
1 portion of black eye beans

Then on Thursday,
1 portion of green beans
1 portion of red beans
1 portion of black beans

Today is the cooking.

I added 6 portions of sweet potatoes
1 portion of wheat berries
1 portion of black glutinuos rice
1 portion of red rice.
1 portion of millet.

They all went into a big pot. But this was so much less than what I prepared
for Tinkerbell. I added less water than normal because I do not want this mash to be too wet as advised by David.

The fire was on for 30 minutes, with constant stirring. Then I off the fire
and left that for an hour to cook itself and cool. I did not add the frozen veges as for Tinkerbell mash.

I then measured two cups of cat food, protein listed as 30 % and fat listed as 9 % as advised for starling diet.

That cat food weighed in as 225 grams. At ratio of 2 cat food to 1 of mash, I reckoned 1/3 of mash (mash dry weight is about 360 grams) would be mixed in.

The cat food was placed into the blender (that I bought specially a couple days ago) to break it up fine.

Then 1/3 of the mash I prepared was added into the blender to mix that with the cat food and to break up the beans. I did not use the blender for Tinkerbell so she could have the fun of chewing on the beans. To get them to blend together well, while the blender was on, I had to hold and shake the blender to get the cat food and mash to mix and be blended. Bloody hard work and I hope that bloody shama better appreciate it.

The end result was kind of dryish, not very wet, as advised by David. YS mash in small portions were placed into plastic bags and stuffed into the freezer. Each bag may be good for 5-6 days and will be taken down from the freezer one at a time.

The balance of the mash was also blendeded and kept in the freezer in little bags to be feed to the crickets and pineapple beetles.

With this mash, I am assured that his health needs for proteins, fat, minerals, calcium vitamins,etc etc etc will be taken care of even without live food. The live food will be restricted to purely as treats to encourage him in the training. After all this work, I think I kill YS if he turned up his nose at what I so lovingly prepared with so much sweat for him.

I do not wish to introduce the YS mash to YS until I got a better scale to know his weight first.

Later in the afternoon, I was back with YS again. For some reason, Ivan missed me and was on top of the armchair next to the flight area and meowed at me. Most interestingly, YS on the top of the cage door turned his body to Ivan and care care care scolded Ivan with both his wings half down and the tail opened and vibrating. In between scolding Ivan, YS would hop to face me and care care care at me too as if telling Ivan I am his as well. This is terrible. YS seemed to have lost his fear for the cat. Tinkerbell used to give me nightmares as she bullied Halftail the Bimbo so mercilessly that I got frightened for Tinkerbell in that she could make a deadly error in thinking all other cats were like the Bim.

editted on 29 June 2010 to add below.

See explicit details on how to make Tinkerbell Mash here
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I am now very scared of additives in pet food.

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I will not use commercial cat food to make Yingshiong Mash next time.
I probably will mix in 1/3 weight of minced beef (beef heart) for animal protein to 2/3 weight (wet weight) of Tinkerbell Mash.


editted on 1 Sep 2010

I made kitty mash. I will be using this formula as a basis for any future Yingshiong mash for insectivore birds


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(editted on 18 Nov 2013)

A much better mash for insectivore will be Jacky mash that I made for my Hill Mynah Jackie and fed to my kitties as well

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I no longer bothered with grating of sweet potatoes and carrots. They were parboiled and went
into the liquidiser with the beans.

Yup, I got lazier. Sue me

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