November 3rd, 2005

Need to find an accurate weighing machine

I had my breakfast and was about to go into the flight room with a fresh cup of coffee and the weighing scale.

Then I thought perhaps I should first continue that mash process and weigh and soak the portion of red beans, green beans and black beans and got back to the kitchen to the screams and protests from YS who did not understand why I turned back. Perhaps I should have explained that to him first.

I placed the measuring cup on the scale in preparation to the weighing of the beans. To my surprise, the measuring cup weighed in at 40 grams instead of the 43 grams yesterday. Obviously the cup did not go on a diet and lost weight. I continued to weigh 1 portion each of green beans, red beans and black beans into their separate containers to wash and soak them. The earlier stuff done by me yesterday were also washed and soaked.

I then took my coffee and weighing scale into YS room. He flew to the table and hopped onto the scale, weighing in at 33 grams. It was cooler this morning and perhaps that affected the readings. 3 grams may not sound much, that that was about 10 percent of YS weight. If I had not done the beans earlier and known of the changes, I would have been shocked at this weight drop.

Now I do not know what is his weight if the weighing machine readings can fluctuate like that. While that may be ok for beans measurement, that is definately not ok for weighing YingShiong. I would not know later if changes in YS weight are real changes or another of the weighing machine fluctuation.

I quickly weighed a few objects to be used as controls.

My folder knife at 149 grams
A plier at 65 grams
A lighter at 45 grams (not to be used ever to maintain the weight)

Maybe I pick better objects tomorrow as controls.

I need a better weighing machine, something in digital readings as this
analogue weighing machine made me having to guess and parallax uncertainties and its inherent fluctuations with room temperature is frustrating.

Maybe that was why Joe Krathwohl, the birdman of Las Vegas, who taught his
techniques based on falconry to me and a few others a couple months ago , insisted that beam balance weighing machine must be used.

He has one of the top bird acts in Las Vegas and the USA. So if you are in LA, do drop by his show and say Hi to him and give him my regards.

I do take all that is good and applicable from what he taught and combined that with what I have done with Tinkerbell, and what I know from that birdwhisperer Mr Lin of Tsaoling. This weighing of bird came from Joe. He
felt that shamas are too much of aviary bird and my chances of success is slim.

But you recalled my failure with the small perch with YS, and that was a precursor to getting him to be weighed on a beam balance weighing machine.

That was why I would be using controlled known weights to double check on
accuracy. So if you see me around town on friday, I will be on a quest to hunt
down a digital weighing machine, accuracy to 1 gram or better, and maximum of
100 grams. So if you happen to know where I can find that in Singapore and you are reading this, drop me a comment or email tomorrow morning.

Later around lunch, Joy's parents came over.

I saw that as a wonderful oportunity to expand further the horizon of YS. They were nice curious as to the shama. One by one, they came into the flight room and had a seat. YS was shy of course. But he still took readily from my fingers the treats I offered to him on behalf of my parents in law. They declined to hold the disgusting looking pineapple beetles. I could not blame them.

Was intending to do the mash cooking this evening. But a Hari Raya visit to Joy's muslim friend from her Junior College times (with delicious muslim dinner) pushed that mash cooking to tomorrow morning.

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