November 1st, 2005

Getting to be a routine

It was getting to be a routine. YS realised now I take my coffee and breakfast
in the hall after saying hello to him. He would wait for me perched on top of
the open cage door. Then when I got into the flight room, he would wait for me
to select the newly moulted white meal worms and new white mealworms beetles. He loved the white mealworms beetles more than the white mealworms.

Then I open a small box of pineapple beetles that I scooped from the large box
and selected about 5 of them and placed into a small container that used to
contain soyabeen curds.

He then would fly to the table and get to the corner and cry for his treats. He got used to my face right along side of the table. In the case of Tinkerbell, I got her to kiss me by holding a sunflower seed with my lips.
You understand that I do not care to hold a wriggling beetle with my lips for YS, neither do I care to hold a wriggling mealworms. Even if they are thawed
and not wriggling, I do not think I will use my lips to hold them. I am
satisfied enough with YS coming very close to me.

Then he may fly to the nearby perch to get a couple more treats from me.

He then might fly from perch to perch, hovering a bit , and go back to his cage. After a while, he would then get a couple of nice succulent crickets in his cricket dish, one after another.

I also got to be a lot more relaxed with YS. When he did not want to come over, I just let him be. I started to recognise when he got to the table to
expect treats from me, and when he got to the table to use that as central station for flying off to other places, or to his bath tub that he occasionally drink from.

I have not noticed yet that he used the new specially wobbly perch I made for
him yesterday. But once I saw that perch swaying away as if he just took off
from it. I did not spend every moment with him. He needed time when not with me as well as time with me. I also need time to do other stuff too.

I got yet another large container and peat moss to start another culture of
that pineapple beetles as he really loved that so much. I selected some
of the biggest and fattest beetles to place into the new container that will
be left untouched and in peace (other than to load up with oatmeal and cat food and cabbage and carrots).

I cleared the floor under my seat as much as possible. Those beetles had tried
to escape when I took out one of them. A couple more did that this morning and ran and hid themselves under the stuff on the floor under my seat.

I moved about in the flight room. YS got used to that. He would fly to further perches until I finished moving around.

A weighing scale was placed on the corner of the table and he was suspicious at first. But eventually he hopped on it and I think his weight appeared to be
40 gm. That scale is not very accurate with graduation of 5 grams. When I moved my head to try to see the scale more intently, he did not like that and flew off.

He bath today at about 3 pm, a much better time than the 645 pm.

YS is rapidly getting more tamed to me. I will be starting the process of
mash making tomorrow, and cooking the mash on friday after the soaking and washing of beans.

But being just tame is not enough, that is only the beginning of the long process that I will be carrying out.

It is not enough just to spend time with him. I need to interact with him to make the time spend with him meaningful. It is only by operant conditioning, or clicker training that we get to understand each other better. After all, I hope to be able to take him out like Tinkerbell. And you know of the criteria upon which he will be allowed into the entire apartment, and subsequently outside. That cannot be done based on wishful thinking, but on a lot of work and play with him, and a lot of luck too.

I will relax with him for another two weeks. That will give me the time to make the mash and try him out a while on his new basic diet that I will gradually introduce to him. Only after that, the formal training will start.

It is also interesting to note that shortly before he decide to rest for the night, at about 7 pm with the light in the sky getting to be almost night, he would fly about in the flight room, from a perch to another perch. He might hover about here and there, periodically calling out. He would then finally
settled on his night time perch looking on at me watching the TV in the hall. That is so different from Tinkerbell who liked her sleep in a specially darken corner of the bookcase that I also shielded from light.

YS has a specially shielded spot but he never slept there for about a week now.

At any rate, I am happy with his choice of his own sleep spot, where he overlook me in the hall.

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