October 30th, 2005

Back to simple ways

This morning, I cleared those small perches off from the table. I raised
the perch that I so cleverly lowered hoping to get YS to take the treats nearer to me. That perch was not as high as originally, but a lot higher than what I lowered that to.

He just watched, maybe with a smirk on his face. I cannot be sure as shama
is very different from a grey parrot. I could almost know the sentiments
of Tinkerbell from her expressions, but not from the shama as yet.

He did his things but made no attempt to approach me. So I went over and
gave him a couple of beetles and went back to my armchair to read. Every
now and then, I walked over to give him a white mealworm or a beetle. I used my fingers to hold those food like what I did in the beginning. No more using of tweezers. Periodically, he flew about and went back to his cage to eat the dry food.

It was about noon when he first flew to that perch that I raised again. He
called to me and he took the beetle when I extended my hand to him.

Periodically, I walked over to him on top of his cage to give him a bettle or worm. I bent my arms at the elbow more and more each time I approached him. That was to bring my body nearer and nearer to him.

Then late this afternoon, he flew to the table and called to me. I was so pleased and stretched out my arm to give him the beetle. Considering that half an hour earlier, I fed him two medium size crickets and he was
periodically taking dry food, YS could not have been very hungry.

Perhaps he was making his own move to meet me halfway. Or perhaps he was just
greedy. Perhaps he did not want food at all and he just decided he wanted
to get on the table. But I had to treat him, partly because I was so pleased
he came back on the table so naturally and partly out of my own guilt.

Gave him the jackpot and feed him 4 pineapple beetles , one after another.

I bend my arms more each time, so he came closer each time.

Then late in the afternoon, he flew to the perch near me and called again. He got his treats.

I should have just done that. But I forgot the saying ' keep it simple , stupid!'

And that was what I done, creating more elaborate and fanciful ways. When that did not work, I tried even more fanciful ways to get him to be closer
to me.

Well, in any training, we need to pay attention to what they like, AND WHAT THEY DISLIKE. I tried to be too clever and paid the price.

Today, it was simple, just like earlier. And it worked a lot better too.

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