October 28th, 2005

Coincidences and wobbly perches

I was reading this book "The shadow of the wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This is a powerful book, gothic and dark, and while enchanting and mesmerising to read, it is a heavy book. I am half way through it and was reading it when taking the train to meet my wife in the evening for this show I agreed to go with her. I had no idea what the show was about except it was a musical cabaret like show performed by students of LaSalle Performing Arts. Other than that, my wife had no idea what that show was about except she got free tickets. When we got there, I was surprised to see the show was titled ' The colours of the wind'. That was a good entertaining show by the way.

That was a coincidence that brought a smile to me, and not likely to have other impact on the rest of my life, or lifes of others.

Yet it is this force of coincidental cojoining incidents that can ripple on down life stream a long time after.

Like when I wrote the notice asking where to buy shama and Taufik happened to be reading and he happened to be looking where his Precious can go to. For his side of the story, he added a comment in yesterday's blog that he was happy
all this took place.

It is a pity the most important partner of this series of coincidence cannot make his thoughts known to us, if he is happy to me with me. I certainly
caused a lot of disruption to his life now that YingShiong is with me. I inflict on him some ideas I gleamed from my time with Tinkerbell. All that were meant to enhance the quality of his life whether he knew it or not.

You noticed the major perches rigged up in the flight room are wobbly and unsteady in nature. That was very deliberate based on observations I made on the nature of shama legs and what birds like that in the wild and partly on what Tinkerbell liked. I had lots of perches for Tink. The perches Tink loved
the most were the wobbly unstable kind. The small feet of shamas are grasping
kind and seemed to me designed for thin branches or reeds which will sway in
the wind or when the shama land.

I tried to give YS mental stimulation as well which I think may be as important as his dietary needs. He showed greater pleasure over those wobbly
perches than in the small perches I tried yesterday. He landed on the wobbly
perches much more often than on the solid perches such as table, cage top or
the rigid perches in the cage. When the wobbly perches moved and sway, his
head remained absolutely motionless in space, with his body moving to the perch
swinging. I could see that with the mesh as background, his head did not
move at all, as if the head was fixed to something solid in the air. He can
hover so readily and can do feather-light landings. He even landed on the ends
of the cable ties I used to fasten the high density plastic mesh.

Yet when he land on the ropes or the wooden sticks, it seemed he landed hard so
as to make them sway about and move. I will be trying out later even more
wobbly unstable perches.

Maybe you can try that on your shama, give them a swinging unstable perch and see if they liked it too.

This morning, YS seemed to be in a huff with me. He did not like those small
perches and refused the treats I arranged for him.

He seemed not to like the perch I lowered down and described to you yesterday, and he did not go to that perch either.

Or maybe he just did not feel like coming to me this morning. I thought for
a while that perhaps I pretend not to notice and not give him worms or beetles
until he came to me.

But then I thought YS is not a pet to me. He is my companion and a friend, and
I want to treat him with dignity and respect. If he did not feel like coming
to me, I do not wish to force him to do so. Can you ever be a good friend with your boss? Can YS ever be my friend if I am Master and he a Pet? Can I
notice the nuances of his attitude and feelings to me if I am only to watch
if he carried out whatever I command?

If he is 'training' me, then I let him continue to 'train' me. I do not see any meaning in 'fast' training at all. Meeting each other halfway meant I got
to do my part to meet him halfway too.

So I took treats to him. He alternate between that high rope perch and top of the cage. He accepted the worms and beetles from my hands. The cricket I dropped into his cricket bowl. After all, his 'dining table' that he used to
'soften' that cricket is in the cage.

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