October 25th, 2005

testing testing - and hawk attack

Yesterday evening, it was getting dark before I went off for my swim. I selected 3 fat and succulent crickets to zap and placed them into the cage cricket bowl. I knew YS was not going to eat anymore that evening but he will see them early the next morning. Despite he not having Ivan to wake up him up, I suspect YS get up way before me.

In due course, Ivan got me out of bed at about 9am. I prepared my coffee and breakfast and took that out to the flight room.

YS was in the cage as that door is left open all the time. I saw half a cricket on the floor so I presumed he had the other two and the head and body of the third. He did not seem to care to join me and remained in the cage. So I continued on my breakfast watching him.

This is still the 'getting to know you' period. I thought as much he joined me for breakfast more for his stomach. I had left dry food for him that I guess he took some. But this morning, he had 2 1/2 crickets as well.

I just had to make this test. Change some of the parameters and see what is the outcome. Just as I allowed him freedom of flight in flight room so he can remain far from me as he liked. At the end of that, he allowed me to approach him much closer without withdrawing away from me.

This test is a wakeup check for me, that his joining me for breakfast yesterday was not due entirely to my personality and charm, he is still ruled partly by his stomach. I thought so as much, but good to know that for sure.

I got out some newly moulted mealworms and some pineapple beetles so I could give him should he fly over to the perch next to me.

He had better things to do and hopped from one to the other perches in the cage. I told him 'fine, but if you want worms and beetles, you get to me'.

He jumped to the cricket perch in the cage and called to me. I felt it be a shame if I want to be so strict with him, so eating my own words, I walked over to him to give him a nice white worm. After all, let us give and take a bit.

I noticed his drink bowl was getting low so I took it from his cage to wash and fill up with water and replaced it. He jumped on that bowl and drank with satisfaction. He stuck his whole head inside to drink. I thought that was weird until he jumped inside the bowl. Then I knew he wanted a bath.

I had a small plastic tray on a stool outside the cage with water for that purpose for a few days. I then placed that tray into his cage for him to jump inside to bath. Then I took that tray out and place on the stool. I then left him but when I got back, there was water on the stool and the papers in the cage soaking wet. I presumed he continued to bath in the tray outside but went back into his cage to shake himself dry.

Then he flew to the perch next to my chair and called for his treats. He got worms and beetles and he then flew back to his cage.

So from time to time, I went to the flight room to say hello to him and to give him a treat.

Late in the afternoon, he came over to the near perch and I was feeding him. A black shadow suddenly appeared outside the window next to us and disappeared almost immediately. He instantly flew across me and went low flying into the space below the cage. (The cage is on an armchair with cushions removed to make into a cage stand.) I stood up looking out of the window to see a hawk flying into a tree below.

YS reaction was superb, and he seemed to know the flight room well to select hiding places.

He is now on that rope perch like last night. He seemed to like to keep an eye on me, or perhaps watch the TV with me.

No crickets in his bowl now. I think he will join me for breakfast again tomorrow.

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