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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

YS decided to train me
Ivan got me up this morning. The only way he will not get me out of sleep in the morning is if I wake up before him.

The frustrating part is that horrid cat then lie on my side of the bed beside my sleeping wife and not wake her up. After all, I only clean his shit while my wife feeds him and talk so nicely with him.

So I prepared my breakfast and check out YS.

I was pleased to see YS back in his cage. When I last checked him the night before, he was sleeping on a perch outside as if he refused to go back to the cage at all. Of course, that cage door remained open as mentioned to you before.

I then checked his dry food and was pleased again that he ate from it and the cricket I left in his cricket bowl was gone too.

He seemed to be happy to see me so before I even took my breakfast, I zapped
a cricket to drop into his cricket bowl. He took that out, dismantled it
to small pieces and ate all of it while I ate my breakfast watching him.

I was a bit worried before as he did not seem to want to go back into the
cage. But obviously, he just needed time to be comfortable. I then zapped and
gave him another fat cricket. He took it even when I was standing close to the cage and not like before when he waited until I was seated far away.

I then took a mealworm and holding that in my fingers, stuck my hand inside the cage to offer him. He took it off my fingers and ate it. I was pleased and repeated that a couple more times.

Some of the pineapple beetles were transferred to a small box to avoid opening the big box all the time to get the beetles. YS went frantic and called and called out and hop from one perch to another getting all excited. So I took
one out in my fingers to offer to him. With no hesitation at all, he plucked
that beetle and swallow it. I repeated that a few times to his great delight.

That impressed me so much that I decided I must take very good care of those
beetles. I chucked in a couple of handful of human quality oatmeal, a slice of bread and pieces of carrot in the big box I had in readiness for the beetles.

I was happy that YS now take food from my fingers outside or inside the cage,
part of the 'getting to know each other' stage.

YS then hopped to the perch where the food bowls were and started to call me.
My wife already woke up and say 'hey! he want food'. I looked at YS and
thought that YS was getting cheeky and was training me to give him more

At last, YS got to the point where he was communicating his needs and desires
to me. I happily obliged with a cricket. He took that to the floor, ate the
head and body and hopped up to the perch and chirp chirp chirp called me again.

I knew he was asking for beetles but I acted stupid and gave him meal worm.

He took that but did not look happy at me. My wife was delighted and offered
him a mealworm hold by chopsticks. She felt too squirmish to hold the worm
in her fingers. YS accepted that too.

I sat and waited and read my book.

Half an hour later, he hopped to his food perch and called me. I obliged him
with a couple of beetles making him extra happy. You can feel the vibes
from him clearly as to his level of happiness.

I wanted to rig up more water bowls and feeding bowls outside the cage as well.
I looked for those stainless steel bowls before meeting David, and again in the
night after meeting David but could not find them. To that, I decided I better
get peat moss too to make the beetles more at home.

I had to go to AMK Ave 3 bird shops to get more of the small stainless steel
bowls. Couldnt find the peat moss and had to turn to David to be told I get
that from plant shops.

YS better appreciate all the efforts I took for him when I got back. My wife
told me he flew out of the cage and perched on the perch nearest the mesh screen and teased the Ivan. Poor Ivan got chastised by my wife and fled off.

By that time, YS was back in his cage. He let me fixed up those extra bowls
and let me relaxed a while. He then jumped to his cage feeding perch to
continue his lessons with me by chirping at me. He got more meal worms. Then
I gave him some beetles.

I will let him 'train' me. Training is a two way process. In time when I train him, he will understand better. Just like I come to him when he called
me, I will want him to come to me when I call him.

One of the outside bowl had water and dry food placed in the other to give him
more choices.

Then he started to sing. That was wonderful. He remained silent the last
3 days. I was not too worried, but still, it was so nice to hear him singing

We then went out to have dinner with my son Mark. When we got back home late
in the night, YS was sleeping outside the cage on the rope perch in the corner.

All is well.

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