October 18th, 2005

shamaism101 continued

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With YS to consider now, I do get up early and disappoint Ivan from his relished task of waking me up.

I always will take out YS dry food and cricket bowl in the evening just before nightfall and covering his cage to minimise any disturbance to him.

Preparing the mixture of dry food and taking two frozen cricket to thaw, I went to the flight area to have my breakfast. I try to establish a routine which will be good for him. Fixed the dry food bowl in the holder, had my breakfast while talking softly to him. He was frisky as before, hopping from lower perch to higher perch and pausing at the cricket bowl looking expectantly at me. I wait till he took some dry food first. That was to make sure he continue to take the dry food. I then gave him the thawed cricket. He threw that down to the floor, hopped down and finished that off. After a while, the other cricket was given with me sitting nearer. There was little hesitation from him as he finished the cricket, again on the floor of the cage.

Later on, I placed a plastic tray with about a couple inches of water on the floor of the cage. Watched him got into the tray and bath himself. He seemed to enjoy the bath very much.

Since he was eating readily from the dry food, and to ingrate myself to him, I zapped a live cricket to stun it and offered it to him in his cricket bowl. I want to be careful not to force myself too much on him to give him time to adjust to me.

Then I decided to go into town to see if I could get my ingredients to create Tinkerbell mash. David returned my call. It was good to say hello to him after the many SMS messages that we been communicating to each other with. His knowledge of shama's diet is staggering. I know that live food is best for shama, but I have my doubts on the quality obtained from shops. But since David in this for years had been around locally while I worked and lived so many years abroad, and as I just started keeping one while he has a flock of them, he established regular quality supplies from trusted sources and with a great variety of live food for his birds. Somehow, that did not surprise me the least bit at all.

I agreed with him it will be very tough for me to do with YS what was done with Tinkerbell especially as YS is 1 1/2 year old. I was very much honored when he suggested I might try with one of his younger shama instead as any shama from David is of a quality difficult if not impossible to match and younger bird will be easier. But I felt fate twined YingShiong with me. I thanked him for that generous offer but will continue with Yingshiong.

I continued to town to be disappointed that I could not find all the beans I want from Mustafa at Serangoon. After the discussion with David, and the agreement we both have of gut loading crickets and mealworms, I thought I still whip up a batch of Tinks mash. I want my crickets and mealworms to be the best fed and have good pampered lives with lots of good food in their gut before they become part of Yingshiong.

When I got back in late afternoon, I thawed a couple of frozen crickets.

It is interesting YS rejected both even though the thawed crickets look good.

I got this feeling YS taste is gourmet and he wants to pressure me to give the live crickets. I decided to resist that and just removed the rejected crickets on the floor.

There is a delicate balance between treating each other as equal and bending backwards which I believe is not good to either party.

This is still the stage of getting to know each other.