October 12th, 2005

It is likely I be getting a shama

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There have been some recent emails made with Feedingfeathers (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FeedingFeathers/) that may be of interest. I may be getting a white-rumped shama. They are a nice friendly community and you should join them.

From: "shanlung9" <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 5:38pm
Subject: Hello from Shanlung - shama diet

Hello folks,

I have not really introduced myself here although I have been lurking
for some time.

I am not even certain if this is the right place to ask for the
specific information that I am asking even if it is to do with bird
nutrition. But I do hope that some of you have the experience I am
looking for.

Much of me is a past history of an involvement with a grey parrot
Tinkerbell. If it interest you, and you take the trouble to see the
diet I prepared for Tinkerbell, and the shape and condition that you
see of her photographs, I do know a fair bit of parrot's diet.

That can be read here


It is a love story that is both happy and sad, And perhaps you
understand why I decided I cannot bear having a parrot again just yet.

But a friend has offered me a white-rumped shama, a song bird often
kept in a cage. I have been told and have read what little there is
about their diet (consisting many of insects).

If you do know more about shama diet under husbandry, I appreciate
your thoughts and words.

Of course, with my background, and the encounters I described of that
bird whisperer of Tsaoling (that can be found in Part 1), that shama
will not remain in a cage under my care.

Maybe one day, he will be out with me on my shoulder just like
Tinkerbell. But in the meantime, if you have kept those kind of
birds in addition to parrots, do tell me all you can about the diet
to keep them well and healthy.




Then I got a swift and extremely informative reply from the moderator linking me to what I wanted.


21893 From: CF <tbird861@...>
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 6:45pm
Subject: Re: Hello from Shanlung - shama diet

Hello, Shanlung, welcome to FeedingFeathers.


Good luck with your shama, & again, welcome to FeedingFeathers.



and from Sandy which allowed me to say more about why I get the shama after
my reply to CF


From: Sandy MsSmurfy <mssmurfy@...>
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 9:25pm
Subject: Re: Hello from Shanlung - shama diet

WELCOME BACK to the Bird~group friends throughout the internet world! I have followed you & Tinkerbell for years now...unfortunately, I JUST recently found out that you & TinkerBell have been separated (physically) NEVER emotionally!! Tears touched my cheeks the moment I heard of such news...


& wondering what moment Tinkerbell will capture the wind beneath those wings & allow them to soar gracefully & peacefully back to YOU~ I would forever be looking up to the skies in spite of the tears in my eyes! Take care Shalung~~ MsSmurfy~aka...TIKI'S MOM in TIKI's Paradise!
aka...Sandy http://community.webshots.com/user/mssmurfy


From: "shanlung9" <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 9:30pm
Subject: Re: Hello from Shanlung - shama diet


I am absolutely delighted with that link to starling diet.

Cost is secondary issue for me as I look towards them as more than
birds. Even with such well developed commercial food for parrots, I
think what I prepared and gave to Tinkerbell was better. What I did
is here.

(skip the 1st quarter of rambling)

I just came back from buying some of the prepared commercial stuff
available. Other than Claus, a German product, the locally prepared
stuff for shama list as their ingredients , green peas, soya beans,
black beans, groundnuts, unpolished rice, fine oats and proteins.

I think the mash I prepared for Tinkerbell was much better formulated.

I will be buying live crickets, meal worms and grasshoppers. But I
do like a basic kind of diet as the base as those live food will be
used for training and treats.

I probably will nix the frozen veges I used for Tink mix. I think I
will run that old mash through blender and together with high protein
kitten pellets in the proportion recommened for starlings and store
that in little bags in the freezer.

I live within a couple of km from Jurong Bird Park and have been
there about 4-5 times this year. This shama came all of a sudden or I
would have asked those keepers there much earlier. Not with me yet,
but schedule to be with me this friday.

Thank you again for your input.

I am sorry if I have disrupted the normal flow of parrot diet talk.



From: "shanlung9" <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:01pm
Subject: Re: Hello from Shanlung - shama diet - Sandy


I was toying in my mind at getting two Eckkies. Two because I dare
not get just one so another will be required to keep them both happy.

I even prepared a special flight room (learning from my earlier
mistakes) prior to giving them the run of the entire apartment.

Then I found I just could not go through with it even if they were
not grey (deliberately not grey).

I will crawl and grovel to be back with Tinkerbell again. So should
fate intervene kindly, you know I will be off like a shot. Then what
about the Eckkies? Even if the bond will not be like that with Tink,
I be torn apart worrying about them (non here I know of that I want
to hand them over to)

I was then thinking of shama. A friend offered his as he could not
look after him as he had to sail. He loved him very much, and after
visiting my site, decided to hand him to me notwithstanding he
received monetary offers, on the condition if I cannot have the
shama, or take the shama with me , he will want him back! He loved
him too.

So I have a companion (this coming friday) to see if what I have done
with Tink can be done to a shama as well.

I have that bird whisperer of Tsaoling to inspire me, and the
knowledge that if I can do so with a shama, that will change the
lives of the many shamas of which 99 percent lived only in a 20"
diameter cage.

After all, before I did it, how many people will imagine living with
a flighted CAG and going for rides on motorbike and checking out
sunrises and sunsets on mountain tops together and out in the open
the entire day.

And if I got to go, I have the assurance the shama will be in loving
and very deserving hands.




Sue Marshall wrote in with her greetings and asked what is a shama

Lexy in North Carolina, an awesome sleuth on the Internett responded better than I can with beautiful pbotos of shama and articles from her http://www.nfss.org

(I subsequently got to this article http://www.nfss.org/Birds/Species/Softbill/Thrushes/Shama-WR.html which was what she posted. Go and have a look and a read at what a white rumped shama is like)


That I then responded to in

From: "shanlung9" <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Oct 11, 2005 11:55pm
Subject: Re: Hello from Shanlung - MissSmurfy and Shanlung and Lexy

--- In FeedingFeathers@yahoogroups.com, IsAreBrown@a... wrote:
> MissSmurfy your home is to DIE FOR WOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW
> I looked at your pictures and your "Toos.....what angels!! ....and
your home
> is a paradise!!
> Shanlung is this the bird?? it says its a songbird.........
> hugz
> Lexy in North Carolina


Those are very nice photos of the shama. In addition to them being
fantastic songsters (price here range from US200 to US 10,000 + above
for competition winners), they have beautiful display of the tails
that I never seen captured on camera before. The tails flare open
into quivering scalloping patterns.

I thought also that if they can sing well in cages, what if they are
trained to fly about safely. I cannot imagine the singing will
suffer. And with increased poise and confidence from being taken
safely and regularly outdoors.

But I do wonder how will I be chronicling all that.

I found it embarrasing enough to write in parrot groups when all I
have are memories of a special parrot, expecting any moment for that
axe to fall on my membership.

But if in a few days and I start to talk of something that is not
grey in color and obviously not a parrot as well, I may well be shown
the door.

At least now I am asking (and getting wonderful cooperation from
moderator) on avian diet despite the bill of the bird is not hooked.

Maybe I should just write to myself but even then, that blog is
Tinkerbell's blog.

Maybe I should just do it slowly , carefully and keep quiet.



The letters on that bird whisperer of Tsaoling
2005-10-12 05:43 am UTC (from (link) Select

The letters on that bird whisperer of Tsaoling are below in chronological order. They are all in Part 1 - Early Period of Tinkerbell.





The visits covered a period of time as can be seen from the date of the letters. You can see in between the 2nd and 3rd visits the additions to the birds of that bird whisperer.

He, that bird whisperer of Tsaoling, is the man that inspired me the most.