August 29th, 2005

Some letters elsewhere

Lynne and Tinker


I have been lurking here since a couple weeks ago when I joined.

In the last few days, I did not read the mails here until I read what Lynne send directly to me.

The strangest part was that I was thinking about you and your Tinker just that few days ago. Someone got herself a male grey and he was name Shanlung. I was telling her that a few greys that I knew about had been called Tinkerbell. After I wrote that letter, I then remembered that yes, there was a male too called Tinker with his mom Lynne.

Your note to me got me to reading it slowly in a state of shock. That shock did not quite leave me even after I got to the end and that happy ending.

I do think that you may be getting a few flashback over that incident and your resolve to ensure his safety will be that much strenghtened.

Having a flighted parrot at home to interact with and to be with is something beyond words although I tried my best to let people know what to expect.

Wonderful things do have a price tag to it. The constant vigilance and the protection of the flight envelope is just one. The training of that flighted bird to come to recall and what's constituted as acceptable behaviour will need to be done simultaneously. In such envionment, the bonding will come naturally.

That being said, never rely on that bonding alone to keep your parrot with you when you are outside. I was just advising a new grey owner against that in this letter below. He takes his flighted female grey out on his shoulder when he is roller skating. I hope folks here do not mind me reproducing my letter here.



Have you ever seen how a grey is like when he/she is really
spooked and not just frightened?

Do you have the vision and hearing ability of a grey to see
and hear what they do see and hear?

I have written much, mabye too much, but that was over
a period of years.

Do let me introduce you to just 3 such letters that you
should read.

Spooking zones

Playing music to ducks

And do try to read

Harness for flighted parrots (and unflighted ones too)

The last letter will point to relevant other letters in

And hopefully, you read the rest eventually and do
try to keep your wonderful grey that you love as safe as
you can be with training, bonding and finally, a good harness
that you and only you can make, fitted exactly just to him.

And when you take him out, everything that you do is subordinate
to one and only one thing, his safety and comfort at all times.


and a follow up letter on that


I am so happy that you have a flighted grey. I am doubly delighted
that your grey is a girl. Tinkerbell is like my daughter.

I like all parrots to be flighted but I do recognise that other
people may not be in such a fortunate situation or in an environment
(little kids opening doors or boiling open pots of water etc etc)
where they can keep a flighted parrot. You are much luckier than so
many other people.

She will live to 60-70 years and will be your lifelong companion,
maybe seeing you go first.

We all like to see you and your grey enjoying and loving life
together in a partnership that can only bring out the best in both of

You do not know about the Overnighters Club? Take my word for it.
You do not ever want to be a member of that club.

Your safest bet is to know as much as you can, and learn from the
mistakes of others, such as yours truly here.

Tinkerbell Legacy was written for people like you who want to keep a
flighted parrot. Use whatever that you find is useful in what I
write. Laugh at all I wrote that you know you will not use. Find
that in Part 2 of

Then in the years and years to come, we can expect you to remain in
this club happily and telling us of even greater stuff that you have
done with your Grey together.

Lynne, do read again Tinkerbell Legacy especially the first part on ensuring security at home.

The sentiments I expressed above is equally for you too.

Except in your case, you paid the full dues to be a member of that "Overnighters Club". But do your very bestest in NOT EVER
paying Refresher dues of that Overnighters Club.

Warmest regards


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--- In, "Lynne W." <focusonpoetry@h...> wrote:
> In fact I lost my African Grey last week and never expected to get him back.
> I prayed and prayed... I even found someone else's parrot and returned it to
> them while all this was going on and then I prayed even harder.
> Then, on the third day, my miracle happened... a man saw crows knock my baby
> grey out of the sky; they brought him down in the local park and the man
> jumped over the fence and ran to save him from those horrible creatures. I
> really don't like crows. The nasty things even take the ducklings one by
> one, while people watch helplessly on.
> Today, I am going to deliver an original painting of a CAG to him because he
> would not accept the offered reward; this will at least give him a picture
> of an African Grey; it has been his life's ambition to own a Grey but he was
> still honest enough to give Tinker up.
> They are the nicest little family you could ever wish to meet... I hope they
> will always be my friends.
> Tinker is named after Shanlung's Tinkerbell and he found lifelong friends
> when his Tinkerbell flew off one day... history seems to be repeating itself
> with us.
> I am so lucky. I have been unlucky all my life but this time I had the most
> amazing luck, even better than winning the lottery... yes, I could have
> bought another Grey but it wouldn't have replaced my baby,Tink.
> I lost 4lbs in weight because I never ate a thing while Tinker was lost...
> if he had to starve, as far as I was concerned, so did I.
> lynne <------ a bit thinner and a whole lot wiser!

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