August 15th, 2005

Re: Harness/Shanlung - Janet and all

Hi Janet,

I take the issue of harness very seriously. In a way, I felt I let the genii out of the box. Knowing the inherent dangers, I felt compelled to make as certain as possible no harm or injuries will ever be done to the fid via usage of harness triggered by what I have written.

You have seen via recent letters to Gay and Mona the scare that I felt. I can always say that is not my responsibility and just close my eyes to it, but I cannot.

Since harness is such a serious concern to me, neither do I take it lightly or allow it to be trivialised unless I am in the wrong place altogether.

Suggestions by people who have not an inkling of what they are talking or what they know and which cannot even pass the test of commonsense (foam rubber? around a chewing parrot?) beggars the imagination. Jesse ? on the weak legs of a parrot? can that even be responded to!

Can I on the basis I use harness to fly Tinkerbell jump into another forum to suggest how mountain climbers use harnesses and without ever knowing or reading what they are doing?

And that they are to apologise to me for the insane and inane words I blabbered to them? Have I been the idiot again for not gathering the pearls of wisdom and diamonds of knowledge strewned infront of me?

Peer reviewed? Publications? for pet lovers flying parrots without or with harnesses? The cluelessness of that writer parading her utter stupidity cloaking that with multi-syllibic words beggars my imagination! I feel so sorry for the herons.

Am I really in a club that is serious about flying parrots safely or in a casual conversation club? If it is the latter, than my sincere apologies to one and all for taking harness usage too seriously will not be sufficient. Even so , I humbly apologise.

I should be expunged immediately so everyone can get on with their fun talk, and have a few laughters over the next fid that flown away with her harness. And do not forget those peer reviews.

Ok Janet, sorry for that! But I do need to say that

I better answer you before I am tossed out by my ears. Or before I sink so deep into lurkdom that only emails directly to me reach me.

I need to append to this some emails I had written a few days ago on harness to another group that touches on your question. Especially why you must not wait for me to ever commercially offer my harness to you. I do not, and never ever will have, a 'one size fits all'.

(This letter continues after those letters below)


The fitting of harness
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Date: Wed Aug 10, 2005 1:32 pm
Subject: The fitting of harness - Phyllis

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. I don't think the harness I bought is the right size, even though
> the seller told me it was for CAG's. I will try to make my own and
see if he
> will like that one better. Thanks for the advice

Not only must the harness be comfortable, it must be safe.

Almost without exceptions, commercial harness relied on spring loaded
thingy wingy to attach the leash to the harness.

Tinkerbell showed me once she mastered it, she could pop that opened in
split second flat. That was in a mist shrouded road hugging the step
side of Alishan mountain in

"More development of Tink harness during trip to Taiwan Alishan

Do people hope that their fids are that incredibly much more stupid
than Tinkerbell that they cannot free themselves from that leash? The
harness is not very useful if the leash is no longer attached to the

Another very important thing to remember.


If you rely on holding the leash, can you rely on yourself to REMEMBER
holding on to it at all times?


I do not know the size of your Grey. But I know grey will vary from
300 grams to 600 grams. Likewise if you have a cockatoo or macaw.

Their sizes vary so much that I cannot imagine one size fits all, but
that is exactly what you are getting with commercial harness regardless
of which company or make.

They will of course, assure you that one size fits all for reasons best
known to themselves.

It is your choice to trust them or to believe me.

But if you want a comfortable harness that fits properly, you have no
choice but to make it yourself. If that harness is not fairly loose
but good fitting, that harness is not going to be comfortable and
believe me, your parrot will fight you later even if she allowed you to
use it earlier.

The original commercial harness I bought and used on Tinkerbell was
grudginly acceptable for the first few times. Then she fought and
fought against it until I gave up trying to harnessed her with that on
the 5th or 6th time.

It was only with the new harness I created for her that she accepted
harness again.

The design that I am offering all of you is so easy to make, and tested
on a flying grey over the last 3 years. Do take a look in this photo

Can any of the other commercial harness collectively have the
experience I have with using harness on a flighted parrot?

If so, why are they still using the spring loaded thingy wingy to hook
the leash to the harness even till today.

And why are they still insisting that 'one size fits all'. Perhaps
they know things that I am too stupid to know about.

Warmest regards


From: "shanlung9" <shanlung9@...>
Date: Wed Aug 10, 2005 12:44 pm


If you have gone into

and just read "Tinkerbell harness Ver 4.0 and how to make it",

that is not enough. That was the Ver 4, and since then,
it was further refined.

I had to go into and
added the following with appropriate links to the letter.



The above harness had been superseded with critical refinements. The
above letter was included as it did lay down certain fundamentals
that are required even in the latest harness.

You must read the later letters on harness especially

Tink wearing harness -Latest Details of Tink's harness

Tinkerbell - an easy way to make a harness

Tinkerbell Harness for Dennis

In fact, even further refinements were made in my recent visit back
to Taiwan just to see Tink. That was recorded into that livejournal
blog that you can read.

And most important of all, you must read

Using harness

(and do not forget that cheque to Durell or WWW if you can spare some



Janet, if you are still with me, I am sorry if you have difficulty understanding how to make that harness.

Look into the letter 'Tinkerbell harness for Dennis' .The photos of that folder must be viewed one by one. The slide show will not show the titles and the comments which are important. You will see where you and only you, can fit that to size of your parrot.

You must also read this letter dated 10 June 05 if you have not done so before. This will give some very critical background to harness usage.

Harness for flighted parrots - To Nick and folks

Most interestingly, there is a passage there

First of all, our arm holding the line, the line, and her body all have
a certain 'looseness' and give to them. The jerk is not an
abrupt 'hitting of brick wall'.

Only recently I realised what is inground in me right into my subconscious is not necessary so for others.

Janet, and all others,

Last and not least, I am still available to advice and assist you all on proper harness and usage, even if I am thrown out of here, you can write to me.
Or you can find peered reviewed articles- go ask Kim.

Do have a look at this for how your harness should look like. This is the latest version that I wrote about in the blog "Tinkerbell revisited".


--- In, xxxxnegalc2@a... wrote:
> Hello Shanlung
> I have been a member of this list for years and have been amazed at your
> harness work with Tink. As soon as I read the post on the hyacinth I knew what
> went wrong from your writings! The lead wasn't secure. So you have taught some
> of us well.
> I have not seen the negative posts you talk about in relating to your flying
> Tink. I have seen posts that caution against it for newbies. And from the
> hyacinth flying away, that is a good example. Very few people are as dedicated
> as you to making it work! And it took you a long time for you to develop a
> harness that Tink could not escape from and that also is the point. If I
> remember right, you several times found Tink holding the harness undone in her beak.
> Most harnesses are easily undone--and bye bye birdie. I think you will
> agree with all of this and not see it as an attack on you and harnesses but on the
> way most people use a harness.
> I do not use a harness for two reasons. One, my C2 hates it and will take
> off flying if I even go near where it is stored. And two, I have not been able
> to figure out how you made your harness.
> Also, I have been waiting for you to start selling your harness as you said
> you might do. So let me know when you do. At that time I will begin to
> desensitize my birds to the harness so they can wear them. Don't see any reason to
> desensitize them to the harness I now have that are uncomfortable and easily
> escaped from. I would love to be able to take my birds out safely when we
> travel around the country in or RV. It is a shame they can't see the rainforests
> or the Grand Canyon as they are stuck in cages.
> Your work with Tink was ground breaking for harness use. Now start selling
> them! :-)
> Janet/FL
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