July 13th, 2005

Norwegian Blue

In a few days, my present time with Tinkerbell will draw to a close for this chapter. I am so glad that I pick up enough courage to come here to be with her. I do know for sure that should I ever be back for a long period in Taiwan again, Yu will give Tinkerbell back to me much as he loves her.

I am so nicely surprised how well the relationship have been with Yu after nearly after a month. I had travelled with very good friends in the past. Yet after just a few days, one can sense a strain in the relationship. Yet this was never the case with Yu. We will regret the nice time we spend together will be drawing to a close soon.

I was asked before if the hole in my heart healed enough to allow another bird into my life. Before I came for this holiday, there had been so much pain and fear that I felt the hole can never heal even if it scab over. I mentioned I may take in a rescue as that would be the best I could do, if I ever will have one again, but knowing inside me I never care to have another one at all

The yearning for Tinkerbell and the fear of the unknown for Tinkerbell was grinding me down. At that time, I could not bring myself to tell you all the only other parrot for me after Tinkerbell will be a Norwegian Blue.

It is very different now. I know I always will have Tinkerbell. I think she knows too I will always be part of her life. I know that Tink is in very safe hands.

And since I know I always have Tinkerbell, I am now also ready to have another fid to share our lives of me and my wife with. That will not be in the immediate future. But that is because the situation now for me is very fluid. When things are more stable for us, we will likely get another parrot as we know Tinkerbell is always with us and she is just a flight away.

This morning I picked up Tink with the whole day ahead of us. It was a lovely day today. With an impending typhoon approaching, the weekend will not be that lovely. But it will not matter. Only today, thursday and friday matter to me.

We rode up again to pavilion beyond Dragon eye once again. I enjoyed that ride and so did Tink. I enjoyed just the being with her with her alone. I talked to her, sing to her, listen to her, as if both of us were in an insulated capsule apart from other people near us on the road. I could feel why she talked and vocalised so readily when with me on the bike despite presence of people around even when waiting for the lights to change.




The folks running the tea shop at that pavilion were delighted to see us again. The woman insisted that we had our lunch with them against my protests that I feel better if she allowed me to pay.

I was nicely surprised that Tinkerbell loved her veges fed one morsel at a time by that lady using chopsticks. I told her it would be sufficient to place those goodies on the can of upturned coffee drink can that I used as an elevated dish for Tink on her perch of the leash line holder. But she found it so delightful to see Tink eating piece by piece from her.

Hardly anyone was there until later in the afternoon when more people came along.

But we enjoyed that long afternoon. Then we had to go as I needed to work out with SS in the evening on the techniques he needed to use to enjoy English.

I think we did make a real breakthrough over his self imposed fear of English. I am not that absolutely certain at this stage.