June 25th, 2005

Tinkerbell revisited - Chiayi University and tea drinking

Started at about 2 am here after whole night in Karoke with Yu, Wu and Shi and their famililes..

23 June

I thought I go slowly for the first few days and limit the travelling to nearby areas first. My dissatisfaction with Yu's harness also limited the places I wanted to take Tinkerbell to.

Perhaps it might have been more satisfactory if I just make another one. But then, eagerness to take Tinkerbell out and be with her over ride other thoughts.

So we rode over to that Chiayi University that I wrote about before. That was a nice enough place to hang about in. I wore one of those Tinkerbell Tshirts that I could not bear to throw away. A nice T shirt except that the left shoulder would be full of holes from the claws and chewing that Tink had done.

We made our way to under a span of the bridge that crossed over the lake to find a nice spot to rest and relax in. Afterall, my main motive was just to be together and I was too lazy to want to walk and fly her. That place provided nice shade from the sun and shelter from the rains, both of which came periodically.


I placed her reel holder as a perch for her and got her to step up on there while I took out the drinks and my book that I was reading. That was what I was used to doing before I left Chiayi and I am a captive creature of old habits. After all, the day before when I was at the reservoir, Tink , while accepting me after the absence, seemed to be a bit cool to me. I was happy enough to be with her so that bothered me little.

After a minute, she flew off her perch and landed on my shoulder. I had no problem with that but being creature of old habits, I took her off to place her on her perch again and I was surprised as she normally remained on her perch in the past.

She immediately flew off again onto my shoulder, this time with a nibble on my ears and with a soft chirping. Then it dawned on me that she wanted to stay on my shoulder. I was kind of pleased that she was warmer to me then yesterday. Since that T shirt had holes on the shoulder from the past, it is not any concern if she wanted to add more. Heck! I was thinking in my mind not only did it not matter if she decided to poop on me. I was even thinking that I may not want to wash that T shirt now and keep the poop as a kind of momento.

She preened and preened herself, now and then nibbling on my ear to let me know she wanted my fingers to continue her manicure on.

That place was so comfortable and I was feeling so good in general and felt so relaxed that I fell asleep sitting up and leaning back on the step. That must have been a good 30 minutes or so. I woke up to find Tinkerbell still on my shoulder as if she was sitting there all the while. At least I like to think so as she could have been hopping back and forth and got back on the shoulder just before I woke up. I was thankful for small things that she did not wake me up as before. She had this incredibly effective technique of sticking her pointy upper beak up my nose and digging in with just a tiny pressure. The sharpness of that beak would do the rest to wake me up.

We then rode on back to town. I was determined to create a couple more harness for Tinkerbell and had to buy the fishing clips and swivel joints.

We got back to Yu's house to show how that was done from a shoelace and that Dyneema fishing line and to time the speed of creating one.

So I had a chewed up earlier harness to use as template.

It took me about 3 minutes. The body strap was hardly chewed at all. Then Mrs Yu, told me the color combination looked terrible, a red body strap with a light blue harness head loop with cartoons printed on it. I could hardly be blamed as she took one of her kids shoelace to give to me. But in the interest of aesthetics, I had to do a body strap from that same shoe lace. It actually looked nice the next day in that color coordinated matched set so I was pleased with it.

Me, Yu and Tink then went for dinner in her brand new harness. Then we went to visit Yu's friend Tang that I never met before. He was one of those Chinese tea connosieur brewing tea in tiny tea pots and serving that in tiny cups. Apparently Yu is used to taking Tink there regular.



I was shocked to see another cup was taken for Tink. Yu poured a small portion of his tea into that cup and swirled it about to cool it slightly and offered to Tink. Tinkerbell dip her head and drank in a jerking manner that she would with hot stuff. I had with me a cup of star fruit juice ice slush and from the kindness of my heart, decided to add some of my ice slush to sweeten the tea and to cool it down for Tinkerbell. Traditional chinese tea is always drank without sugar or milk and is very hot when served. It is also bitter and frankly, an acquired taste. I thought I would warn Yu later on dangers of crop burning.

I then gave that cup back to Tink. She dipped her beak in, looked at me as if in outrage and disgust at such Philistines and gave her utter rejection of what I had done for her. She turned to the other cups of pure tea and tried to get at them. So that tea was the highest quality Alishan KaoShan tea.

And I adulterated it to her greatest displeasure.

I surrended as another cup was taken so some pure tea can be poured in and cooled by swirling for her. Tink gave me the cold shoulder for the rest of that evening.

Tang was asking lots of questions on Tink so I thought it best to show him her webpage and the photos in webshot. Yu was flabbergasted and I also was flabbergasted when I realised Yu never knew of the photos of the sequential flying of Tinkerbell. It seemed that Yu saw that for the first time and realised the distance that Tink was recalled over to me. I had spoken that many times to him before, but I guess he heard me mentally but his heart only finally understood when he saw some of those sequential shots.

He was keen that I take some of the sequential shots of him that I readily agreed to the next day. What happened may bring a smile to all of you following my present saga. I am smiling now when I think of that shot.

But at 315am in the cybercafe, I really think I must end now and hope to find some time to continue tomorrow.