June 22nd, 2005

Tinkerbell Revisited - The meeting - Continued

(while Yu is handling a meeting in his temple, he dropped me off at an Internet cafe to pick me up an hour later to visit Halftail and Zorro. So be warned that this entry may be cut short abruptly. I am unable to answer all your letters directly, I hope you understand.)

Continuation of yesterday.

So we sat around and talked.

Before that , when we were checking into the motel near his house, and near the place where Tinkerbell was free flown that lead to me getting to know Yu. Yu was remarking that the beautiful pastoral area did not seem to be a good place to take Tinkerbell to. He had three bad spooks with Tink. I could have kicked myself for not letting him into the know whereas people like you folks around the world knew that place was bad. Just a week ago, I was writting in Free Flight of spooking. Best is to refer you to the letter I wrote there and I just copied into here at Spooking Zones dated June 17.

By the way, after I stumbled on those zones and Tink spooked, I checked that out by slowly walking Tink and heard her growling softly to established those parameters I mentioned. I had thought momentary of calling her on recall to fly past into those areas, but I did not. I was too scared to try that.

Of course, I then told him what you can read in that letter of spooking zones.

Then back to his house when we were talking, I was so tickled to see that he had a box of that Nutribird P15 too. That reminded me I forgotten to give him the pack I bought for him and still stuffed in my luggage in the motel. I was touched that he was also bloody concerned Tink did not eat mash and tried his substitute as obviously all the packs I left earlier had been eaten by now.

We then went to that temple reaching there around 6 and with enough light.

I took Tink for a walk around there. The first time that she was alone with me. Then the erratic sky opened up again and I had to rush into a part of the temple. The rain curtained us off from all others. I did not mind the rain as it was good just to be with her alone and her on my shoulder. I lifted my finger up. She looked at my nails neatly cut by my wife as if that was a travesty. She immediately got to work giving me her manicures chewing off pieces of nail. She lost her touch and got to the quick. I never knew how delicious that pain can be and I did not even care to warn her 'gentle, gentle'.

But after a couple of misses, I had to be more pragmatic and told her to be gentle. She remembered that too and eased off the nails.

The rain ended and we walked behind the temple to a quiet road. We started on short recalls of 3 meters. It was so satisfying to see her there, then tensed a little bit, and sprung off at my recall and in a whirl of wing beats, reached my shoulder. I had to inclined my head to use my cheek to give her a head rub. Those recalls were repeated a few times over longer distances of 15 meters. Then we had to head back to the temple.



It was so nice to see the Shi and Wu family there again. Over dinner, Wu was telling me that Halftail is dominating the family, queening it over their 3 dogs. I almost could not believe my ears that the darling HF Bimbo, being bullied by Tink and Zorro assumed regal powers in other households. HT taught Wu her time to get out of the house so they complied by opening the door and the time she returned. From the accounts, she captured the hearts of those on that street.

Zorro is having a great life and I shudder to see how he is like tonight later after this. Seems like he put on weight not having HT to chase and be chased.

Then after the dinner, I was taken to this Internet cafe for 45 minutes to do my earlier letter. Yu picked me up and send me back to the motel. In that car park, he told me that Tink now allowed him to give her head rubs and required that before she sleeps just like me and her before. He told her head rubs and yes, she inclined her head when on that swing in the car towards him. Rather touching.

Then before I got out of the car, I told her "head rubs". She looked at me, and bowed and inclined her head to me for my turn. I love that moment at that time. She came to terms and I was satisfied when I got into my room.

The next morning on June 22

I woke up a walking wounded, almost as if I was paralysed and cannot get out of bed. That 2 hours I did yesterday morning was exacting belated revenge on me. (still aching a bit even now).

The memories of yesterday flooded back. A poignant moment of incredible sadness washed over me briefly before replaced with a quiet satisfaction. And knowledge we will have some wonderful days ahead of us.

Yu came later on Tink's motorbike with Tink on it, and told me that I am to have free use of that bike till I go.


Tink was wearing a harness made by Yu. I was surprised it was not exactly like my design and I gave him 3 sets. He told me that he wanted to try his hand making it. The harness part missed the small loop in front where the chest strap need to be threaded through. Just a few days before I left, some readers were telling me my instructions on the harness was not that clear. Yu missed that crucial part as well. I think I need to re write the harness very explicitly the next time.

Nontheless, I took Tink out with me on the motorbike in that harness. The leash was the same of course.

(Yu just came to pick me up so I need to continue tomorrow)

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