June 21st, 2005

Tinkerbell Revisited - The meeting

I woke up earlier in Taipei today. I turned to a part of life that was pushed to the backburners ever since Tinkerbell came in. I mentioned now and then that I spend time in martial arts. Before Tinkerbell, I used to write a fair bit in Bitnet, before the event of Internet. That mailing list is now defunct. The collapse of my hard drive with years of photos also locked up much of my earlier correspondence. Scraps of what I have written still exist in Internet. I was writing as the Idiotic Taoist or Taoistic Idiot.

For those with an interest in martial arts or in my writings,my martial arts background in a nutshell can be seen
in this URL


I included other letters in that thread as you may
find them interesting too.

(footnote :TTC refers to Tao Te Ching - Taoist bible
written by Lao Tse)

Another thread that you may like to read on my
thoughts on martial arts is below. I wrote as khamba2
but you can see my signature is Idiotic Taoist.


I still used to spend about a couple of hours everyday on martial arts. But of course, Tinkerbell took over that time, not that I ever regreted it.

I met my old martial artists friends that last saw me with them three years ago. The couple of hours with them was agonising. The flow was still there as the movements came back, but the muscles reminded me that was a long time ago.

I then caught the train at 12 noon. I had one of the clearest view of the gigantic mountain masiff that we spend so much time in. The torrential rains cleared the air to almost crystal clarity allowing me to see nuances not seen before. I need to be contented with that view. The roads up into the central mountains had been cut in too many places.


Yu was in touch with me. He told me he will pick me from the railway station at Chiayi. And Tinkerbell will be in the car with him.

I walked out of the station as if floating on air. I heard Yu called as I missed him. Glad as I was to see him, my eyes turned to his car. The rattan loop with rope coiled around it was hanging from the roof of the car and I saw Tinkerbell sitting quietly as she looked at me. I got into the car with her between the two of us. She gave a chirp as she turned her head to look at me, remaining quiet and aloof. I can only say to her I am happy to be with her again, and if I can give her a head rub. Remaining on that loop perch, she bowed her head and inclined her body to me.

It was just a sweetest moment as I gently scratched her head to her soft chirpings. None of the tantrum that I was so afraid that she would throw. Just a quiet delight from her.

Yu brought me to a motel near where he stayed to check in. Tink stepped up at my cue and we walked into that reception to do the formalities. I set her on a table, moved back 5 meters and she came to me at that first cue of "come here" and onto my shoulder. She then remembered the advantage of being on my shoulder to chew at my glasses. I could not say no to that.


On reaching Yu's place, the leash was removed and she was placed on the parrot stand. We talked and talked. After a while she flew off the stand to perch around Yu. I was very quietly happy at that. After a while she flew to me.

(note. I got to stop here as I am in Internet cafe and have to leave with Yu and Tinkerbell to pick up his family after the temple dinner. But I needed to let you all know the meeting with Tinkerbell went so well. So much more to be written, also on how Halftail and Zorrow that I need at least another hour which I do not have now)

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