June 20th, 2005

Tinkerbell revisit

I am in Taipei and finally found an Internet cafe.

When I first arrived here, I thought it will be easy to stay in touch in Taipei via Internet cafe as there were hundreds around the last time. In my old neighbourhood, there were two I used and another 3 more that I noticed but not used.

Came back to find that there were all gone. Then a friend mentioned some may be around in LinSheng North road. So I came and hunted for 30 minutes before I asked a policeman. He had to give very explicit directions to one 300 meters away and he agreed with me that very few are around now.

So I finally got to this very seedy Internet cafe and luke cool Coke was sold.

Thank you folks again for the support. I am unable to answer all but you have my thanks.

Plans have changed.

I had also intended to go up to the mountains with Tinkerbell if possible. The roads that were washed away in that huge deluge (that I wrote as Day after Tomorrow) should have been repaired by now.

But I came to Taiwan to find that they were just hit with another huge deluge last week. Not as bad as the one that I wrote about. Over 2000 mm of rain in a couple of days as compared with nearly 3000 mm of rain that time. However the mountainsides had been weakened. My plans to see that bird whisperer of Tsaoling is also affected.

The roads were repaired. But they were washed away last week. TV here is still showing towns still submerged and angry people cursing and demonstrating at the relief efforts.

This afternoon I met a Korean tourist in YangMingshan mountains north of Taipei and he sorrowfully told me he could not get up Alishan railroad, one of the 3 unique railroads in the world. The other two are in India Darjeeling, and in South America. The Alishan rail key segments was also destroyed last week.

I called Yu to be urged to come down on Tuesday instead of Wednesday as I planned. The biweekly temple feast is on Tuesday evening. The two guys who have Halftail the Bim my cat and Zorro the ferret are also on the temple committee. We had enjoyed going to that temple dinner meetings in the past , but in those times, I was the one to bring Tinkerbell.

The vibes from that phone call was good. It augurs well for our friendship which is important for Tink.

In the afternoon, I went to the birdshop where I first bought Tink to buy a pack of Nutribird P15 so I will not go empty handed to Tink. Choice of parrot food here is limited.

That shop owner remembered me and asked how is Tinkerbell getting on. He did not know that I had to leave her. I have a selection of photos of Tink flying , on bike, etc etc. That was the first time he saw that. He and other people in that shop were quiet and surprised to see a grey doing that. They got his website to find more.

If she does not take the mash, at least the dry food may keep better for her.

So tomorrow I will be taking the train down.

Feeling is still mixed, but maybe I am the one who is mixed up.

I think I handle it better if Tink is lukewarm to me. It indicate that she adapting well to Yu and my fears she pining for me can be laid to rest. My pride may be hurt, but heck! that aint new to me and I can live with that. That is easier for me to get on with life. Just as TInk is getting on with her new life there with a family that cares and love her.

If Tink come on all over me, that happiness that she remembered me will be very much overlaid and intertwine with fears for Tinkerbell herself.

On Tuesday afternoon when I reached Chiayi, I will found out.