June 1st, 2005

some letters - Attention getters was : Re: What do words mean? NO. Was Aversive Conditioning

From: "shanlung9" <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jun 1, 2005 7:26 pm
Subject: Attention getters was : Re: What do words mean? NO. Was Aversive Conditioning

This is getting to be a matter of semantics.

I make no excuses for the use of water blaster. I had a parrot with
a cat and a ferret. While I felt from my experiences with Ivan and
the little bat (where he end up protecting from two little kittens)
and that the animals knew which are 'family' , I had to be paranoid
and needed something swift in case of emergencies.

Of course, that the 3 of them lived very well in kind of menage a
trois was surprising as it was enchanting to us with Tink flying down
to them feeding them mash from her mouth in between bullying the hell
out of them.

When we went out with her on my shoulder, she would give me very
clear cues that she wanted water (as we may be out for hours) or
food. When I failed to perceive of her needs (which my wife Joy
would normally see but for her perverse reasons, did not tell me) ,
Tink would nip my ear to get my attention to her needs.

I did not and never would have considered that she was doing aversive
conditioning of me. She called my attention to something I should
have noticed but failed to because of day dreaming.

In the same way, there are things that she should not do such as
chomping the buttons from my shirts. I know I should have kept that
in cupboards. But hanging them on the rack was much more convenient.

Or it could be other things that she knew she should not do.

Waving a blaster when I say NO is to me an attention getter or
reminder. If that blaster was 'aversive' and terrified her, she
never would have incorporate that into games that she deliberately

I never knew I was into 'Aversive Conditioning' until I read this

Warmest regards