April 29th, 2005

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From: shanlung9 <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Apr 29, 2005 12:58 pm

Re: Tinkerbell - The living , loving and legacy - Cristina Loayza

--- In parrot_adventures@yahoogroups.com, "Cristina Loayza" <mcloayza@t...> wrote:
> I cant believe all the beautiful photos you have of Tinkerbelle, I am really
> green with envy, for as you may have read, there are no Greys in Peru and I
> love them! I have fallen in love with them through this group! And there is
> that photo of her flying to you???
> And also, you have her on a leash on your bike??? How on earth did you do
> that? Must take a lot of training and courage to take her bike riding
> Loved it all,
> Cris, Peru
> PS: where do you live?


I was lucky enough to share a significant part of my life
with a wonderful creature of an intelligence that was even more breathtaking than the beautiful flights that you have seen.

We had to part as my work ended in Taiwan and I could not stay on there as I would have loved. Fear of avian flu and bureaucratic muddles prevented her from coming with me. For a year before that, as a contigency that we might be parted, I trained my Taiwanese friend to look after her. She is safe and well looked after by my friend until we can be reunited. It also indicated what I have done is replicatable by you or any other person.

The parting is painful for me then and still is painful for me now.

But like in any love story, there have been many moments of happiness and joy. Do enjoy those happier times that I have written about in

Like I have said before, without those photos, what we have done in taking her and letting her fly in the mountains and forests and seashores and schools and parks might not have been believed in.

Even more important, what we had done can also be done by you and others. That it is possible to live with a flying parrot at home. The experiences of that were recorded to give anyone who want to try that an idea of what they can expect and the way that can be done.

If I have been reunited with Tinkerbell as was so nearly the case, most of my spare time would be spend with her and being with her. A lot less people would not have known of her. Since my parting, thousands of people around the world including those in non english speaking countries such as China, Japan, Russia came to know and read of Tinkerbell and how and what training that was done.

My own sadness can lead others into a totally new and even more beautiful relationships with their own parrots.

There is this Chinese saying.

"For he who loves his fellow man
And practise the respect and courtesy that is required.
For him, within the four seas
All men are brothers."

Parrots and macaws are intelligent and sentient creatures.
They deserved the respect and courtesy as fellow sentients.

We lose so little by doing that to them and treating them as equal to us. And in return, what we gained have been so much more.

Warmest regards



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letter from Taiwan parrot group - teaching how to talk -

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I can speak Chinese and read a little bit of Chinese. I find it difficult to use the keyboard to write Chinese. Since I am travelling in Thailand and the computer keyboards here are in Thai language, it will be even more impossible to write Chinese.

All things have risks. I agree having a flying parrot has its share of risks and dangers. But knowing a parrot can fly, we take even greater care to make sure all flights are under control and that they can fly back to us. A "non-flying" parrot also has its risks. Many more "non-flying" parrots have flown away and got lost than flying parrots.


I am sorry that many here do not chose to use the English that they have learned in school. Many others in Russia, Germany, Japan, China and other countries are reading of her even though their English is not good either.

If you have read my written thoughts on training, you will have known that I feel Tinkerbell in particular, and CAGs in general, are empaths. They can sense the emotional feelings of others nearby.

I tried to teach Tinkerbell to talk by playing CDs and sounds repeatedly. Since those sounds are mechanical and without emotions to it, Tinkerbell never repeated those words from recorder or CD. I think it is a waste of money to buy those special CDs that claim they can teach your parrot to talk. I have done that and Tinkerbell never bothered to whistle or say any words or sounds from those CDs.


That being said, sounds from the microwave machine and handphone and car remote starting were picked up by her. Perhaps those sound irritate me and that made it amusing enough to her to repeat those sounds.

I spoke to her all the time. I noticed words said with emotions were learned very fast by her. In anger, I shouted at my wife bad words. To my horror, Tinkerbell spoke those words even though she heard it only once. Since then I never use any bad words at all.

反而是生活中,一些鮮活有趣的聲音(對tinkerbell而言,而非山龍大哥或大嫂 )會讓tinkerbell迅速模仿成功

When I want to teach her words, I speak the words to her and with a strong mental focus on the actions of those words. Those words talked to her with a strong mental image were picked up by her and became a regular part of her vocabulary.

When I scold Tinkerbell, and was angry as well, she picked up those words immediately. I scolded her " You bloody bad girl!" and she flew up to the cupboard and kept repeating "you bloody bad girl" to me.

愈是帶有情感的話語,tinkerbell學得愈快.像是"你這個兇惡的賊婆娘 "讓只被罵過一次的tinkerbell立刻學會,還曉得立刻還之於人....不知山龍大哥方才罵大嫂的那句話,是不是也是這句

When she did something very naughty and my wife scolded her " What do you think you are doing" and she repeated those words "what do you think you are doing" after just one time.

You need to see if your parrot is interested. I can see that very clearly when she was interested in voice training. She will be very attentive, and I know then the words spoken by me will be repeated by her.

When she shows no interest, then let her do her own thing and play.

Hope this helps you.

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