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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Continuation from yesterday 24 feb
25 feb

This is another of those lazy day.

If there was no power failure of the entire town yesterday, you would have known that this is a lazy day.
That power failure also wiped off an hour or so or writing. Luckily, I saved it halfway which was what you read yesterday. There was a collective sigh and screams of frustration from people in cybercafes up and down the street. I am sure you all understand.

So I paid for that trip to Plain of Jars. Then I went down to the bank of Mekong river to a restaurant and sat on a table right at the edge of the slope. That was in the open but nicely shaded by trees. I placed my camera on the wobbly table, ordered an orange freeze (orange juice and ice mixed in a blender) and started to read one of the books I bought. I came to an exciting part and my elbow knocked the table and made my camera case (and the camera in it) rolled off the table. As that was at the edge, the camera continued to roll onto the step bank. Nothing I could do but to watch wondering if it would continue to roll all the way into the river. Luckily there was this little hump in the slope halfway down. It nearly continued to roll over but it stopped to my sigh of relief.

I slowly made my way down the slope to recover the camera when I step onto a patch of loose soil and started to slide down myself. While that little hump stopped that camera, that hump was not likely to stop me from going all the way in. I scrambled and I felt my right ankle twisting. I got my camera and slowly limped my way up to the top again. After which I limped over to the internet cafe.

I wrote that and was deep into writing of clicker training when the power failed plunging everywhere into darkness and a lot of screaming, which came from me as well.

I just do not have the energy to try that re-write of clicker training now. Maybe later this evening I write that. Otherwise that will have to wait till I am back on 28 evening.

With a twisted ankle that I hope will be ok by 26, I can only spend the day today trying to walk or limp as little as possible.

Two days ago, when I went by boat to that cave, I was walking up the steps when I noticed two little kids with a tiny cage by the side. I took a close look to find that there were two little owls in it. They were about the size of quails and had tuffted ears. I felt so sorry for them. I thought for a moment of buying them and setting them free later. I was afraid that they may not be fledged yet and that would have given me some problems. I was also concerned that if I bought them and did save them, more kids may be encouraged to trap even more for 'sale'. The price was not a concern to me as they wanted 50,000 kips or US$5. The kids may even be used as front by their parents. It was difficult for me to turn away.

When I came down the steps again, I saw a group of travellers gathering there. One of them pulled out his wallet and bought those owls. He told me he would set them free. I am not sure what is right and what is wrong. I only wished those owls were not trapped in the first place.

I checked the web and found the two little parrots at my guest house to be Vernal Hanging Parrot. You can see them in