February 24th, 2005

Tinkerbell Legacy - travelling rant 04

Today is a quiet day for me and a rest from yesterday.

But first, I should say a few words of this Somjith guest house that I have been staying in.

I noticed a couple of small green sparrow sized bird flitting on the stems of a papaya tree a few days back. As the sun backlight them, the green was dazzling. One had a dash of red just above the tail. Then I saw their bills were hooked and definately of parakeet or parrotlet family.

My landlord opened the cage to let them fly about. Perhaps that those two cost him 10,000 kips or US$1 might have been part of the reason. While those two birds flew and played about on the trees and fence, they will back away. My landlord had no concept of recall or even of 'step up'. They willingly fly back into their very tiny cage.

I then pulled out my Tinkerbell namecards with small photos of her in flight back to me or other actions. His eye pop, he smiled and can only sign how wonderful it would be if he can have the same from his parrots. He obviously love them too. Language barrier prevented me from going deeper into training with him. But watching his parrotlets fly about in the morning while I have my first cup of coffee is a good start to any day.

Plans firmed up today. Even if you are on a journey without timetable and with no clear destinations, one still wonder where one might be going next.

Now in Luang Prabang, I am suddenly aware that I am geologically near Dien Bien Phu and the battle there ended the will of the French to continue fighting. The problem is political with Dien Bien Phu on the other side of the border. I found that I cannot cross the border in that region. If I could, I may go across and continue my way down Vietnam.

Then I explored the possibility of visiting the Plain Of Jars. That require a bus ride of 8 hours, overnight stay in Phonasavan, a day in the plains, and another long bus ride the next day. Sounded too much hard work so I discarded it.

Then this morning while looking for a bookshop to change and buy old books, I saw this agency with a notice that they are rounding up people to the Plain of Jars. I forgot all my arguments against going there.

I signed up for that Plain of Jars. I will be leaving LP on the 26 Feb to go there.