February 1st, 2005

Tinkerbell Legacy - Preamble 1


Tinkerbell goes out with me all the time, almost everyday, in her harness I designed after finding that those commercially obtained from the net are so terrible in their basic fundamental design.

Or again, there may be designed for clipped parrots but even then, they have fatal flaws in their design.


There are always risks and benefits in everything that we do. Sports like rock climbing and scuba diving will be very dangerous without the right knowledge and training. But even if one does not do rock climbing or scuba diving, we can enjoy watching others at that sport. You can just go to enjoy some of the photos of Tinkerbell in flight as she goes out with us in the mountains and forests of Taiwan

Tinkerbell at Chipeng2

Tinkerbell at Kenting

Tinkerbell in Taroko 2 (one of the most beautiful place on earth)

After you see those photos, you can decide if the risk of using a well designed harness and line is worth the benefits to both the bird and yourself.

Taking a bird out to fly without the training and knowledge and well designed equipment is dangerous to the bird.

Your bird must be taught clicker training so you bond with your bird.

Your bird must be taught recall so she comes back to you.

Your bird must be flown in big covered area many times and recalled successfully to you before you even think of using harness and line


You must love your bird and be patient with her.

The harness and line must be regarded as safety equipment to prevent the bird from flying away when suddenly frightened. The harness and line must not be regarded as something to tie your bird to you.

You should read all that I wrote to find the mistakes that I made so you need not suffer those same mistakes.

If people warn against using harness and flying, please find if they have that experience and knowledge. Have they ever tried that themselves and do they truly know the dangers involved.

If those people have not done it and do not know what they talk about, do you want to listen to them?

Or you can see my photos and read my experiences and use them for you and your birds.

It is for you to decide and I respect your choice.

Warmest regards


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