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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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reply to comments on 14 July
Doubleyolk and Nancy,

When you read my reports and notice the time it was written, that would be around midnight or later. That would be the time when I log on and started to save starting from the first sentence. I had a horrendously bitter experience when I was in Laos having spend 3 hours in an inspired state of consciousness of writing and having a blackout in that town before I saved it. I could have cried from the pain and my subsequent replacement of that was a shadow of what was lost.

Since then, I saved from the first sentence, other than


I just lost an hour of replies because I forgot to save the reply to comments and mishit a #$$%%^ button

Unlike the main entries, comments cannot be saved sequentially and I did not save it.

This attempts to salvage is going to be weak and made doubly worse by the frustration at myself. I only had that bit above left in the cut&paste.


If you have seen from my earlier letters that covered the times when we first had Tinkerbell, those letters covered a trip to a place. We made several trips to those places at different times and different seasons. By failing to record them because I wrote of one trip, the memories of those times, the wonderful or silly things we did, the impressions of the folks we met and the antics of Tink had been lost to me now.

I think I write fairly fast, even so, those blog entries took about 2 hours to do. At which time when I complete, it would be about 2 to 3 am in the Internet cafe. That would be when I leave to go to the SWN. Only a crass Philistine would go immediately to sleep instead of spending an hour first to wash, soak in the pools and relax in the wet areas before drying and going to the lounge. I then get to sleep at 3 -4 am. As the next day would start with Tink by 830 to 9am, that man in tuxedo or guy in shorts and tshirt was essential as you would agree.

There had been so much more to write on each day. I recognised my failure to write that would lobotomised a large part not only of what happened, the exquisite exchanges and interactions with Tinkerbell and me, the surroundings that we were in, the shifting kaleidescope of people and emotions would be lost to me. I had to ruthlessly cut off huge sections of what I wanted to write. Even on what was written, those had been outlines of the shadow of that reality that we went through. The taste and nuances had to go so that I could finish the account leaving me maybe 3.5 hours of sleep.

There had been so much I wanted to write to retain this memory before even more events of the next day crowd into the already limited I knew I had.

The fuller accounts of the way the mountains reached up and faded against the ghosts of even more distant mountains receeding in surrealistic upreach to the sky, the calls and sounds of cicadas, frogs and the circling flights of eagles high above BTY heavily forested mountainside had to be curtailed. The duets between Tink and me as we ride on the mountain roads. her clambering down from her perch to my lap to snatch my ciggies, her gentle nibbling of my finger which contrast to her vicious and accurate bite which penetrate my ciggie butt whenever it came into her range, her soft unique call for water when she was thirsty always followed by a hard nip on my ear should I failed to notice that, the different shades of green, the richness of the moss on sides of roads had been ruthless trimed away.

So many events in Dragon Eye, BTY and other places I wanted to write, promising myself to add to that the next login, but having been pressured by time and the events of the next day to set aside again and again.

Could I made the day shorter and come back earlier? And spend less time with Tinkerbell on the outside? Do you folks recognised that painful dilemma?

We made our way to dinner normally when the horizon and the sun turned red with the orb just about to touch the trees in the distance.

Then when I send Tink to Yu, only in the most dire circumstances did I leave early. I can even think of those specific occassions, such as karoke. Late dinner and drinks would always have Tink with me.

And when Tink got to Yu, we all knew she needed at least 30 minutes to preen nd groom herself before she bothered to notice me or the rest of the world. To come to internet earlier is very tough. I have been trying to do that for so many days so I could get to sleep earlier and thus get to Tink earlier but I never succeeded.

Then I had emails that required responding to first. And new sites that liked to know more on harness and Tink even now that I could not cold heartedly prune away.

And my replies to comments. Do not misunderstand me on comments. Your comments are and much appreciated and vital in that I could use that to try to touch up on what I missed in the first place and which triggered other thoughts in me.

But there is only 24 hours in the day. And if I did not plundered like I did in this (which by the way, is less than what I wrote before that *(&*^%$%#$ button was hit)

When I compared what I had written, to what I know for a fact and I wished to write on, it hurts. My report failed to paint the colours in, failed so much on what we had done. The scenery alone, is a lot lot more than what I had written. So many events and interactions had to be truncated or glossed over if they were in.

I am not certain now when would I get the time for the report on Saturday.

As courtesy to Yu and friends here looking after Tink, Bim and Zorro, I cannot but accept another karoke tomorrow night. Was to be tonight but I begged off.

My last hours with Tink will be on Sunday.

I hope it is not going to hurt. I like to think it is not going to hurt. I know she is in good hands and only a visit away from me.

I only know it will not be that time when I had to leave. That was a pain that I am glad that I now barely remember. I may actually one day go back to read those last few days what I had written only glad that was behind me

And I do need to get started on what happened today.