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Continued from The start of my next chapter

More photos in Flickr folder Taiping of Perak, Malaysia

I came back into Singapore from Taiping for about a week now. You know my usual obeisance to Procrastinatia before my writing of the report.

Taiping was a delightful little town up against the Maxwell hills. Once a center of economic activity with tin mining in the past but becoming a lot quieter now with freeways moving cars and transport away from this little town. Poor Taiping even lost their intercity bus station. You will have to go to Kamuting or Simpang to catch buses to other cities.

I was first staying in Potato Hotel, 7 km from Taiping town in Simpang. I knew it was some way from the Taiping town center. I thought by staying out, and walking/cycling to town, I would get to see more of the suburbs and get a better feel of the houses there. After all, I was to check out if Taiping is suitable for me to retire in. Helps too when I knew in a few days, I be staying in heart of town in Hotel Fuliyean that I booked in my first day walk there.

Taiping town IMG_5769

Taiping town IMG_5741
Bike being prepared for me at that shop.
One reason for the garish pink was that I hope that would make it unpalatable to be stolen. Bicycle thieves should have some standard and I thought garish pink too much for them

Even with that pink bicycle which rode like a MYR190 worth of bike. Only one gear, which was not very good for riding on the overpass to get over railway tracks. Further more, I did not even realised the tyres were half inflated until a few days later in which I toiled away. The bike rode a lot better with tyres fully inflated.

Eventually I moved to Hotel Fuliyean in Taiping town. Lots of swallows in town, nesting under the eaves of buildings. Nowhere in town can you escape the white noise of swallows chattering away. I had no problem with this kind of noise. But sadly Fuliyean was at a road junction, with a sewer coverplate that went KLANG every time a car went over it. And the hotel believed a night will be MYR60 and 5 nights will be 5*60. I told the hotel I be staying in Taiping for 3 weeks, and they told me it will cost me 3 * 7 * 60. Repeated to me slowly as if I could not understand the maths. I paid for 3 nights. And I found another hotel, Peking Hotel. I was told MYR 45 night. And when I said I stay long period, the owner immediately cut it to 40/night. I probably could get it lower, but I was never one to drive a hard bargain.

Taiping town IMG_5879

That hotel was converted from an old stately home. Plumping and power cranky and temperamental at times. A nice hotel full of character and with folks there happy to please me and to make suggestion when they heard I was checking Taiping for retirement.

There were even cheaper hotels, and more expensive hotels. I liked a certain degree of comfort and Peking Hotel suited me.

I took this as a period to experiment with my mind and come to terms to how potential retirement be like. The cycle was very useful to my getting around Taiping. The pace of life very slow, and I never felt intimidated on the road by cars.

Taiping town IMG_5843

Taiping town IMG_5845

Taiping town IMG_5847

Taiping town IMG_5939

Taiping town IMG_5849

Food was not only half the cost in Singapore. The food there was more in quantity and much more tasty. You will order the food and the hawkers will deliver the food to your table. Unlike the misery in Singapore where we were compelled to wait for the food be prepared at the stall and then to act as hawker assistants to deliver the food. I ended up eating more as I could order from different stalls.

Taiping food IMG_5748

Taiping food IMG_5767

Taiping food IMG_5751

Taiping food IMG_5812

Taiping food IMG_5953

In the evenings, tables were set out in the street for al fresco dining.

Taiping food IMG_5813

Taiping food IMG_5814

Eating out became an embarrasement as to the honesty of the folks in Taiping. I walked from my table not realising a stream of coins were dropping from my pocket. Until a hawker assistant approached me with two hands cupped together of coins that he said I dropped. I took that in my hands, pressed that back into his hands and told him to keep them as the return unasked made my day. I handed out notes stucked together and got that returned and pressed my me to them to keep it. Notes dropped from my pocket and returned.

There were a lot of kitties there. Since I ordered more food, the kitties got the benefit of the extra food. Kitties there were rather small size. My Ivan is not big. And yet the kitties there were half to 2/3 the size of Ivan.

Recent photos of Ivan. He normally greet me when I got home by meowing at me till I stop and then he would jump to my shoulder.

Ivan on me IMG_5674
Ivan on me IMG_5675
Ivan on me IMG_5680

When I woke up, I would go to one of the nearby coffee shop for my coffee and breakfast of chinese porridge or dim sum. I then would cycle off to the huge lake garden, or take a jeep up 10 km and 1000m up Maxwell hill (called Bukit Larut as the local name) or the Zoo.

In all cases, I find I need to still my mind. Falling back to my Taoist mental training and to be one with my surrounding. It was a relaxed absorption of things around me and a coming to grips with time when one had a lot of time.

Locals frequenting the lake gardens noticed me and would chat with me.

I had a copy of Tom Clancy novels to do a bit of reading now and then.

I have affinity with birds. I used to have SLR. But it seemed the SLR got heavier and heavier and was given away or used as door stop. I thought my Canon IXUS compact was good enough. I soon got to realised a compact camera was not good enough if I like wild birds and want to take photos of them.

More photos in Flickr folder Taiping of Perak, Malaysia

The Lake gardens
Taiping lake garden IMG_5745

Taiping lake garden IMG_5945

Taiping lake garden IMG_5912

Taiping lake garden IMG_5762

Taiping lake garden IMG_5760

Taiping lake garden IMG_5756

Taiping lake garden IMG_5746

In between reading, being one with the surroundings, there were birds there. I watched the blue eared kingfisher, the white throated kingfisher and the majestic stork billed kingfisher perched on the branches and lampost around the lake and diving into the water for their catch.

Taiping lake garden IMG_5949
white throated kingfisher.
The blue eared and the storkbilled were not so cooperative.

Taiping lake garden eagle owl IMG_6067

I was holding my breath when a big dark shape flew to the ground about 50++ meters away. It was the gorgeous eagle owl. My compact at extreme zoom did not make it gorgeous. I tried to walk slowly to get better shots. He turned around looked at me slowly and flew away. He hypnotised me not to press the camera button. I wished I had that SLR.

There is a road around the lake garden. With very old rain tress festooned with epiphytes, orchids and ferns.

Taiping Lake garden old rain trees IMG_5941

Taiping Lake garden old rain trees IMG_5942

One day after lunch in one of the hawker center at the lakeside and I was riding back to a pavilion, I saw a
big bird landing on a roadside raintree. I was delighted to see it was an Oriental Pied hornbill. Sadly, he was not cooperative with me. Perhaps he was miffed I was not using an SLR but a puny compact.

Taiping Lake garden hornbill l IMG_5925

Taiping Lake garden hornbill l IMG_5930

Taiping Lake garden hornbill l IMG_5931

Maxwell hill or Bukit Larut was another place I went to regularly. At 1000M, it was cooler up there. The road up was surfacd, but very steep and no private cars were allowed up. Only 4WD driven by the park rangers were allowed. You pay MYR6 for return journey.

Foot of Maxwell hill
Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5817

folks with more energy then me walked up and down the hill
Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5823

hut at halfway point
Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5864

old colonial hill station where the jeep stop and turn back.
Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5828

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5832

Taiping town below at foot of mountain

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5830

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5829

The little shelter where I sit out, read, ate my lunch , or be one with the surroundings and ponder over retirement

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5905

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_6085

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_6088

I think I been up Bukit Larut about 6 times or so. One day, I was rather surprised a big load of fertiliser came up with a guy. As a reward for us being squeezed with the bag of fertiliser, the jeep went up another 4-5 km or so to the botanical research station further up. I never would walk a km up so I never would have gotten here. Unlike my earlier days where I literally would hop step and skip 10 km while carrying 40kg backpack.

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5892

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5898

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5900

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5896

There were birds and butterflies up here. The brave attempt by my compact

What I thought to be a striated swallow. But other bird watching guru told me it was a Pacific swallow

Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5907

A beautiful streaked spiderhunter getting nectar with his curved bill from a red flower in center of photo
(you might need to click on photo and open that to large size to see the spiderhunter)
Taiping Maxwell Hill IMG_5911

There was a war memorial at the foot of Maxwell hill. As resting places for those that gave their futures that we have our present. I drop by there after Maxwell hill from time to time to pay my respect.

More photos in Flickr folder Taiping of Perak, Malaysia

Taiping War Memorial IMG_6127

Taiping War Memorial IMG_6096

Taiping War Memorial IMG_6098

Taiping War Memorial IMG_6101

Taiping War Memorial IMG_6113

Taiping War Memorial IMG_6120

The other place I went regularly to was the Taiping zoo. They had orang utans, gibbons, tigers, etc etc etc.
But there were two that I liked especially.

Taiping Zoo IMG_5954

Taiping Zoo IMG_5960

Above the Java Hill Mynah in a walk in enclosure that I got friendly with. Then a group of other enthusiatic visitors would try to touch him prompting him to fly away.

You all know I love the Formosan Blue Magpie. In the zoo was the Malayan Blue Magpie. Not as big as the Formosan, and the blue not as brilliant metallic as Formosan. Still a lovely bird with a kind of white crest.

Taiping Zoo IMG_5776

Taiping Zoo IMG_5972

I was checking out the housing. Condos were springing up. Sudio apartments at MYR 50,000 . Houses with a bit of garden at MYR150,00++

Peking hotel boss knew of my rapport with kitties and birds and knew I like some land. He told me of a guy wanting to sell his 2 acre farm of fruit trees at MYR200,000.

The farm was back of a hill. Idyllic to me. Except you need to get through chinese cememtry to the farm.
I was not worried about cemetry or ghosts. Neither is my wife.
Taiping town IMG_6070

Taiping town IMG_6068

Taiping town IMG_6071

That MYR200k was like a steal to me. 2 acre in Singapore would be about USD20++ million. If all the apartments and condos and houses of Singapore were sold, the money will be enough to buy the entire USA.

But was I ready to settle down, invest more time , money and effort to have a nice place to live in and animals and birds? Will I like that enough to persuade my wife to join me? This was a test as you all know. Not just of Taiping, but of myself. Could I adjust to a different pace of life? In my other travels, I was always moving along and doing many things. This was about the first time I stayed put for 3 weeks. I need not spend USD1000 a day at a resort to enjoy. Enjoyment is a state of mind not related at all to cost.

My three weeks ended in Taiping. A very beautiful town. But Taiping was not the town for me, yet. I need to see more places and other places. I left my pink bike as a gift to Peking Hotel. That should I be back there again and the bike still around, they said of course, I would be able to use that bike.

I came back to Singapore and relief of my wife who knew I would look after the 2 cats and their litter.
We sadly decide keeping 2 kitties would be too difficult for my wife. Ivan of course will be kept. We found a good home for Sieben, a family who used to have Sieben sibling before.

Before I go off on my next trip, Sieben will be given over to them.

I knew I had not found a place to retire in , and not likely to find that soon. And as such, I would not have a bird with me until then.

I decided to have a year pass into the Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo. That I could go there as often as I like to be with birdies and beasties. That was what I did on 28th March Thursday. WIth my year pass, I was walking in the Singapore Zoo. I will not bore you with the photos I took of the usual zoo animals.
And was about 545pm after a heavy rain. I was walking pass this tree when from the trunk a head pop out and 2 big eyes looked at me. That was not part of the zoo animals. But a wild beastie who happened to be on the tree trunk.

It was a very beautiful colugo. When I first came across him in the fading dusk light, the shade and folds of the skin became one with the tree trunk. My first sight was literally the head with 2 big eyes looking at me. I was entranced.

People mistakenly called it the flying squirrel.

He was about the size of Ivan. He tolerated me being very close to him. Light was very bad. I tried to hold as still as I could so the compact can gather enough light. I think I really need to get that SLR.

I did not want to use the flash.
But in the end, I did, moving further away from the beautiful creature in my bid to reduce the impact, and using zoom to compensate

x colugo wild in Singapore IMG_6224

x colugo wild in Singapore IMG_6226

x colugo wild in Singapore IMG_6228

x colugo wild in Singapore IMG_6229

x colugo wild in Singapore IMG_6232

In about 10 days or so, I will be going to Pangkor Island for 3 weeks or so.
Camera malfunction at NanHwaShi

I had made entries elsewhere that I thought I should include into the livejournal.
You recalled my Fragments of earlier memories
I told about that entity which fogged up my camera and my wife camera.

That was not the only time cameras malfunctioned.
There was another of such occurence.
Posted 17 October 2012 - 02:42 PM
It was the recent discussions on the 6th Patriach HuiNeng that brought this back from my memories.

It was in the mid 1990s where I was living in a small fishing village Sai Kung in the New Territories of Hongkong. Which was next door to Guangzhou.

I made a lot of small trips into Guangzhou, and a lot of longer trips into far flung parts of China.
But this was one of the smaller trip into the province of Guangzhou.

To Shaoquan and a temple NanHwaSi 南華寺 near that town. And later on you realised why I wrote of that in this particular thread.

Travels in those days were nothing like the travelling in China of nowadays. Buses were crowded and roads small and potholed.
Money, especially USD was a lot bigger than, and pace of life much slower.

NanHwaSi was a vast sprawling Zen monastery with history stretching back over a thousand years and more. One of the reasons why I went to NanHuaSi was the purported mummifed remains of the 6th Patriach HuiNeng in the monastery.

I have said HuiNeng went on to settle in PoLin Monastery. That was correct. That was the name when he went there in 700AD. Song Dynasty Emperor Taizong changed the name to NanHwaSi in 968AD. Which was why the mummified remains of HuiNeng was in Nanhwasi.

I stayed over in the domitories of NanHwaSi for a few nights. Ample time to explore the vast grounds of Nanhwasi. And to see, taste and smell the goings and the rituals of the temple which started before the break of dawn. The crystal clear sound of a bell with the beating throbbing of the wooden fish interlace with the chants of prayers.

How much of the temple was old and how much rebuilt I could not tell. Apparently horrors of Chinese civil war aka the Red Guards visited this place. Only the prestige of departed Patriach Hsu Yun saved this old temple from even worse horrors. For those who do not know, Hsu Yun was the acknowledged Patriach of all Zen temples be them North or South.

HuiNeng body was behind glass panels. I looked as closely as I could and was disappointed that it looked like carved out of wood. Apparently it was truly mummified. Japanese occupation during WW2 examined the body to show bones and internal organs. HuiNeng was very highly respected by the Japanese and also the presence of Hsu Yun was very highly regarded.

There were signs and posters that no photography allowed of HuiNeng's mummy.

In those days, only the posters were there with no custodians. The only human or humanoid in the room was yours truly and his friend and HuiNeng.

I took a few photos with flash. Then I turned off the flash to take even more photos in case the glass reflect the flash..

I eventually went back to Hongkong to see the digital photos I had taken with my Olympus
Photos of the NanHwaSi were beautiful and clear, of the temple and of the grounds.

All the photos taken of HuiNeng, with the flash, and without the flash, were all fogged over. All photos before , and after were ok.

This was in about 1996, way before that strange incident with my camera and my wife's camera of the little road side temple in 2002 as I related in Fragments. When I found the cameras could not shoot that temple, I recollected the incident of NanHwaSi immediately there and then.

And as that entity fingered my hard drive, non of the photos of NanHwaSi can now be seen, unfogged or fogged, and many other photos of my travelling about in China, near and far.

Idiot on the Path
Combat taijichuan- some notes

Posted elsewhere but I like this to be in my livejournal as well

Posted 23 February 2013 - 10:47 AM

shanlung, on 11 Sept 2012 - 02:02, said:

I did not know my earlier embedded URLs did not get through in this posting.

This is to rectify that.

Taoism - Some thoughts on Wu Wei

(this also give a sketch to my earlier days and involvement in martial arts)

My take on taijichuan as martial art and another attempt to explain fajing

Taijichuan martial arts

Idiot on the Path

I thought I should write down some of my experiences of Taijichuan before it faded away.
Sadly, taijichuan started to go away from me when Tinkerbell came into my life as seen in my earlier writing here.

I was martial arts inclined. Started with Korean TKD and Goju ryu. And later with Shaolin Kungfun passed down indirectly by a Shaolin Monk Sek Koh Sum who came from China to be Abbot in Singapore Suan Lin Tse. That Abbot died before my interest in martial arts was kindled. One of his tudi was my friend. I got to where I could snap the top half with a chop or reversed punch of a brick placed on palm of a hand. With Judo done in school and Western boxing done in my Army days, I had my share of real knocks and bumps.

I knew little of taijichuan other than that first encounter very much earlier on and which left a good respect for that. I had not even known of the different schools of taijichuan thinking they were all the same.

Which was why I was doing the Sun Jia Taijichuan, largely because of another Chinese MA guy I respected and he asked me to join him. Later on, I learned Sun Jia was from Sun Lutang, a guy who was good in HsingYi and Pakua and later learned taijichuan. Sun jia was a fusion of HsingYi, Pakua and taijichuan. I was at this for a few years following that lady. She was a student of Sun Lu Tang.

Then in 1980, Chen Hsiao Wang, the Jangmengpai of Chen Jia came to Singapore with the opening up of China.
He hold a demonstration as a kind of announcement of his arrival. During his demo, he asked for 2 volunteers to come up and lock his arms. To my delight and surprise, I saw two of my friends walking to him. One was a 3rd dan Aikido and the other was a no nonsense Shaolin brother. I thought then armlocks by either of them cannot be broken ever. At the word that both were ready, the next moment saw both flung apart as CHW broke their locks with ease.

I signed up for CHW classes immediately. The Chen jia Lau Jia, the Jiang, the Chiang, the Dao was learned from him.
The first fajing was shown by CHW. But sadly because of that, I was mislead further away from fajing then before. Not the fault of CHW. But he was quite muscular at that time. And the mind , like a monkey, only want to believe what one want to believe.

That fajing is physical, and therefore must be from muscular/tendon background. And CHW was muscular.

I was unable to discard the lifetime of scientific western perceptions and
engineering background I had. Taiji was then interpreted by me in such a
light, grouped and generalised until it became 'understandable'. Techniques
were classified into vectorial forces and certain groups for
effect/response. 'Energy' should no longer be the static stiffness of
muscles. The whip-like effects from the legs and abdomenal/hips rotations
were equated to the 'chi' talked about. As my 'tui shou'(pushing hands)
encounters with others normally do not have me losing, I thought I won and I
thought Taiji was within my grasp.

My constant reading of the books on Taiji chuan and the TTC had me
interpreting them with the perceptions of my experiences. Rationalizations
fitted those nuggets into compartments in my mind with me feeling
justifiably proud of my 'progress'.

In 1990, I found myself in Taipei working on their mass rapid transit
system. Early morning will have me in their parks doing my taiji excercises
and 'tui shou' with uneven results.

There are masters and Masters but I was yet unable to see or know the
differences until the day I met Masters.

There were two who cannot leave my mind now. One had to walk with a cane
and need to be assisted by us to go up the steps leading to the Sun yat sen
memorial hall. Another was a slim elderly man,so slim that a strong wind
may blow him done, in the Hsingkongyuan(new Taipei park) south of the
Taipei railway station. Their weight was about 80-90 lbs.

Those two were so skinny that they were almost like walking skeletons. From time to time, I help Master Lee up the steps to SYS memorial hall and hold his arms which almost like broom stick. And when he laid down his cane for the tui shou, my body was compelled to go where it did not want to go.

It was also so laughable with the Master at HsingKongYuan.
I used to go there on some weekends to do almost free sparring with one and all. I noticed Master Liu watching me a few times. He looked like in late 70s and I thought he was toddling about there in the park for exercises. Until he asked me to try with him. As a matter of face, we all restrained ourselves. I even more with that sweet old dear.

He then started to talk with me when we were arms to arms, that he sadly over estimated me. That I was just a lump of fat and flesh with no strength at all. My politeness evaporated and I quickened my steps. He evaporated away from the center of my arms. I was very quick and he remained very slow, but not there. And kept talking to me how disappointed he was in me. And next moment, I was send flying. I came back more determined then ever. He moved like a wraith of smoke and again, I flew. I could not believe what was happening to me, lessons more intense than at SYS memorial hall with that other Master Lee. Again and again and again. My friends with me and watching all that said I was lucky. Master Liu hardly bother to do that with them. I left him with respect amounting to awe, and he asked me to see him again next week end.

I never could put the words to what Master Liu did at HKY, until I saw the movie Alien 3 - Resurrection a few years later. If you have seen this movie, you would have seen Ellen Ripley, made with genes crossed over from Alien, playing basketball with a bunch of kick ass Marines. Effortlessly toying with them, and with powers way beyond them. What was special effects happened in real life then, and at subsequent visits to Master Liu at HKY and Master Lee at SYS. Master Liu / Lee was Ripley, and I the muscle bound kick ass flat footed Marine.

It finally dawned on me in light of what happened to me that fa jing was not muscles at all. They said I lacked the faith. One cannot get the faith by reading and reading. You had to be thrown and thrown, tossed and throwned until you get it out of your head that muscles were not involved as they had no muscles to begin with. Which was why they told me what jia did not matter once I understood. Master Lee did the Yang jia to warm up before tuishou. Master Liu just do the tuishou with me on every 2nd Sunday or so when I saw him. Master Liu never told me what jia he did. He would ask me if I want to talk or tuishou, and then proceed to tui with me. I loved the mountains of Taiwan too much to be that dedicated to taijichuan with with Masters.

Not all came from those 2 Masters. I was doing the Chen jia Chen Fah Ker and the Yang Jia and Yang Jia Suan Tui shou. The Yang Jia Suan Tui Shou came from a Master Tan teaching in a tiny park next to my block in MingSheng Ser Chi. This YJSTS was actually an exercise in Ting Jing. I was so nearly kicked out by Master Tan until I latched on, and stopped doing what I took for granted, anticipating the moves, like in conventional MA. I had to use Tingjing (listening Jing). I cannot put into words the difference.

I learned each moves and the transitionings were the most important, and not just the moves. The journey is as much as the destinations. If it is just the move, then there must be just ONE form, not the multiple of forms.

From the TingJing, you get the Dong Jing (understanding Jing). That it was the Tingjing that slipped the Masters out of my hand. That even without Fa Jing, Ting Jing was more than enough to take care of attacks to lead that attack elsewhere.

I went back to Taiwan again after my initial contract was over just to do taichichuan.
I was staying in Al Amigo guest house, a cheap hostel with flat rooftop that I shared with buskers, English teachers, and other folks
I was doing about 6-7 hours of tajijichuan, 4 hours on my own and 2 with my Masters.
Doing the forms over and over and over and over again. Doing that with the Yi and alignment, to point I need not hold that in my mind.
Taiwan is a place where it rained much of the time. One period of extensive rain lead to a good breakthrough in taijichuan for me. I was in the staircase landing looking at the roof wondering if the rain would stop. In the tight space of the staircase landing, I thought I would do my form. You known the space required to do the Yang Jia long form and Chen Jia Chen Fah Ker form. With stepping back, and intermediate stepping, I found I could do those forms in constrained space, and with the feeling of doing it at regular wide space. I felt constrained space was better in that fights might well happened in constrained space. Later on, I discussed this with my Masters and showed them what I did within the space of 4 flagstones. They were happy with what I had done.
Those were the days before the Internet. I do think the Internet is not conducive to good Martial Arts, in that more time is wasted writing and reading instead of the doing.

There were obviously local students with my Masters, Taiwanese who were born into the Chinese language and many were good in Wen Yen Wen too. With their mastery of Chinese, they were way behind me in Tuishou. They did not spend as many hours as I did in the forms, in getting the alignment right and not thinking of the chi as I used to kid myself in the past. With chi here and chi there and chi everywhere which was nothing but figment of imagination. After all, by the time you think of the chi, the fight can be over, so why bother to think of the chi when it is just there if you only have the faith. My Masters showed time and time again no muscles were ever needed for the chi. They barely had enough muscles to stand upright.
I also found if Master Liu was on a good day, his fajing was direct and simple. When I was send back, it was a simple fajing. If he was feeling wicked with me, he twist his jing when he was fahing the jing. I would get twisted , and saved from a tumbling fall because he would catch me before I fall.

In the Al Amigo hostel, now and then we would have a party up the roof of the 7 floor apartment at Chilin road. Tables were brought up with beers and cakes.

I had been quite conspicuous there, with my taiji practices. Another guy also living there had been asking me to have a match which I had been declining. He told me he was doing Shoto Kan for about 12 years, and in Taipei to learn Hung Chuan. Just arm length from me, he threw a series of punches to show how fast he punched. In my mind, I was glad I never accepted his earlier challenges as he was lightning fast.

He then execute another series of punches. I knew one was heading for my jaw with intent to hurt. That split second , time slowed enough for me to have turn my body sinking down slightly with my right arm into a danpian leading his fist just out from my jaw. His withdrawal of fist was then lead by me into a haidijen.

I was conscious we were on the roof top with low parapet walls, surround by people having a good time. Fajing would fly him to the tables or to people, or over the parapet wall down to the street 7 floors below. I also wanted to defuse that situation as troubles was the last thing on my mind as that would get me kicked out of Taiwan forever.

With scarsely a thought, I pour fajing into my haidijen and the image of his body through the rood slab into the center of the Earth. And felt his body rammed vertically down and his legs were wobbly. I was so close that I supported him so he could not fall down. I never thought fajing could be done downwards. All un-premeditated. All with wuwei, or as tze run as could be. All in line with the Tao.

I spoke quietly in his ears that we should stop or folks around us be frightened and spoil the party.
He agreed very readily to my nice suggestion. We both had a beer and a quiet laugh. His friends around us had not a clue. We remained friends and he did not call on me again for any more demonstrations.

My sojourn into full time taijichuan ended when I was recalled back into service. I had a good pay check and stayed in a good apartment. But I could not spend more than 90 minutes on taijichuan daily just to tick over. Which I did regardless of the country I was in.

Until Tinkerbell came into my life.
And taijichuan went out as a result as I could not even find that 90 minutes daily.

But not entirely.
But that’s another story.

Idiotic Taoist

(a kind of postscript of my taijichuan in // Taijichuan at Koh Phagnan

1 Apr 2013

I have kicked Old Nic for One miraculous year, two incredible months, four luvly days, 9 bloody hours, 30 misc minutes and 26 odd seconds. of cold turkey after about 45++ years of smoking. 21899 cigarettes not smoked, saving $11,497.07. Life saved: 10 weeks, 6 days, 55 minutes.

LiBai mash making.
About 300 grams of beef mince, with 200 grams of chicken mince and 150 grams of dried anchovies(for the calcium). That was all done up to the kitty mash formula I wrote about in
Pakistan//Tinkerbell Kitty Mash//Dommie at the beach Ramadhan 2010 //Villa walkabout 2
Instead of the almond and brazil nuts, about 100 grams of human grade groundnuts(peanuts) were used.

Making of Tinkerbell Mash
Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7

suri - Read "Conditioning clicker day 3 - and some tips on suris"

milli - read "Found the perfect treat and Yingshiong first "step up""

if you forgotten about clicker training

Tinkerbell Legacy - VH parrot and Clicker Training Rant 06

Some thoughts on clicker - The initial experience with Tinkerbell

Clicker training and bonding with Tinkerbell

To Shanlung-Charlie and clicker training

Charlie and clicker training - beyond touch target //LiBai on finger and in slow motion videos —

Tinkerbell Legacy - - Rant 03 (a flighted parrot mentality) & Understanding the mind of your grey
Above is probably the most important of all I have written, and the foundation to all that I have done.


(edited on 4th November 2011 to include below)

To Shanlung - How to do Free Flight Outside

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.

Durrell-life member
or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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