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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Embarassing mistakes
I better start by correcting a most embarassing mistake I have made. Even in the last entry, I thought of doing it there and then, but I did not.

*deep breath*

Folks, there was no Yu (sound like she) family looking after Tinkerbell for me for the last year. It was and is the Yeo (sound like Leo) family that is looking after Tink. I know that I have been refering to them as the Yu family all these while. I found out about that only on Friday night when I mentioned about the small dinner and drink party.

Shi came along later that night with more beer and his own special brand of wine for his hair. Shi went back to that topic of tiger bone wine, asking me if I like to try that. He told me even more of the mechanism how that was made. That in Vietnam, tigers are shot for the bones. I declined as gently as I could telling him the bones are better in the live tiger itself. More and more drinks flowed. It was a fairly tipsy Shi who then threw me the bombshell why I kept calling Yeo as Yu. I was tipsy myself but thought Shi was more tipsy. After all, I was never corrected by Mr Yeo (YU) or his wife ever since I met him on the night he handed Tink back to me.

I was so bloody embarassed when Yeo (Yu) smiled and said Shi was correct. But since he knew my chinese was not that good and that I was refering to him in good faith, he and his wfie did not correct me out of courtesy and fear of embarassing me. He said he knew my reading of chinese was rudimentary and never read his name written in chinese. I then thought it over and realised my wife might have mentioned that to me, but in my righteousness as Yeo (Yu) never corrected me, I thought she was wrong. Then I guess my wife gave up and stopped hassling me with that.

Shi must have been drinking even more than before as he never mentioned that in the past either until that friday night when I got back from Taroko Gorge.

Folks, what more can I say. The Yu family was and is the Yeo family actually.

We agreed last night that Sunday afternoon would be spend in the water world complex in Chiayi. I had always enjoyed that place in the past and knowing that the Yeo kids liked that and the summer being hot, readily agreed. Since there would not be that much time in the morning to take Tink out, we decided to try Tinkerbell again in that wonderful pastoral area where she was taken out to free fly that ended with me getting to know the Yeo family.

I thought that day being a sunday, whatever devices being used in the airport might not be on that day.

So at 1030am, I rode out with Tink and Yeo was riding pillion. Both of us were watching her very carefully as both of us had personal experiences of her spooking in that area before.

We went back to the exact same spot where Tink was taken to free fly over two years ago. Both of us agreed on the ride there that Tink looked very uptight. I stopped that bike and we both relaxed there closely watching Tink. No signs of spooking. Then I tried a simple recall from just 8-10 meters away. Tink might have been very very unhappy with the two of us. She took off and circled away. I thought that was going to be a flyabout but it clearly did not turned out to be that way despite my several recall attempts. I increased the drag on the reel until she came to a halt in the padi field. We both walked there and were very apologetic to her. She stepped up and we went back to the bike and road off.



It was only when we were well away from that area that she was visibly relaxed again. We went back to Yeo's house and took off her harness to let her be. I mentally cancelled my plans to recheck the other spooking area near that pavilion at Dragon Eye I mentioned before.

She was then caged up until we came from from swimming. When we got back, she was taken out to accompany me and Yeo's eldest son as I took him to his first English lesson from me in a nearby pavilion.

Tink was rather nice and other than a few nibbles at the book and a few half hearted attempts to grab my ciggies. I found the Taiwanese relied on an incredibly complex system for English phonetics that honestly made very little sense to me. I believed I managed to show him a much simpler way as to how the sound of a multisyllibic word can be guessed at by just looking at the components of that word. Piece of cake to you and me. But just that little bit was such a relief to him.

I found I also need to fine-tuned Mr Yeo as how to live with a flying parrot. Tinkerbell was on the high basket when Yeo stood up and raised his hand high with a cup to offer a drink to Tinkerbell.

I told him he should not treat Her Grace like a bloody Queen. I hold the cup and asked Tinkerbell to fly to me if she liked a nice drink. She did not. That was her choice. But I told Yeo he must not wait on her, hand and foot.

No more of standing up to offer her choice pieces of food. Those goodies should be shown her and that she be rewarded with that only when she flew down, and even better if she flew down on cue. After all, if she can just stay on the high baskets and food and drinks brought up to her beak, why would she bother to do recall cues at home. It would be good for her soul to do a bit more efforts to meet us at least halfway.

That would lead to a more considerate Tinkerbell and much better for her and everyone else.