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More Jackie metabolics // hide and seek recalls // horrendous injury on Jackie


More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding

This was written over a period of time. Especially the part on Metabolic studies. Updated on almost daily basis and sometimes, a few times during the day.

20 Jan 2012 Friday.
The morning weight of Jackie was 156 grams. You read in last report that I decided it will be a day of feast for him. That Jackie would be fed 40 grams of Jackie Mash and 60 grams of Fruit Puree for the day.

20 g JM and 30 g FP were mixed together and given to Jackie shortly after weighing.

Jackie ate and ate. When he hopped off from that mash bowl, I saw about half of that left. At voice cue of SCALE and hand gesture to the scale, he hopped to the scale to weigh at 179 grams. As said before, I left him in flight room to digest and poop. And went to finish that long last report for posting.

I later went to the living room and he immediately flew to the armchair looking at me in a signal I recognised as wanting to join me. I opened that door for him. Checked the bowl still with mash in it. Weighed him at 184 grams. I was surprised that he flew to my shoulder when I went back to living room. I thought he would be burying his head in the mash bowl all the time after the days when his food had been so reduced by me. Then I was kind of worried about his pooping on me. Almost as if he read my mind, he flew to the cage door, laid a load on the newspaper below, and flew back to me. He got his tiny pieces of bread as the least thing I could do to show him that I felt he was a good boy.

I had to go out for lunch and other things.

I got back at 1:35pm to see the bowl of mash all empty. He jumped to the scale to register 184 grams. I prepared the 2nd lot of 30JM & 30 FP to give him. He ate a bit of that and flew back to my shoulder. I shrugged him off back to the cage door to do a spell of recalls. Walking to the main door to call him, moving down to the kitchen to call him. He responded so well.

2:36pm Jackie surprised me nicely in flying to the scale as cued. Especially as he weighed in at 188 grams. A glance at the bowl showed it was about half what it was. It seemed he reached his limit.

4pm he was weighed again at 189 grams, still with mash in the bowl. When he joined me in front of the TV shortly after, he hopped off my shoulder to table to check that out, and flew back to my shoulder. He lost all fear of my hand approaching him. I snucked out a finger to gently touch his breast before he backed away. My finger could almost touch his bill before he moved his head away. Recalls had to be done, but more for him really. I moved as far as I could so he could have longer distance to fly and get more air time.

I did that until the angle was such that the wall was almost obstructing my view of him on door perch, and his view of me. Yet he flew to me on the dot when called.

Then I thought what the heck! I might as well try hide and seek recall. Actually more a semi hide and seek recall. In that he had to fly pass one corner out of sight of me. I moved until I could not see him and he could not see me. At worse he would not fly to me.

I called, and then called again. I heard him flapping and I smiled to see him in the air towards me. For his click and treat. And thrown off for him to wing back to the flight room. Another hide and seek call was made. I heard him flying at first call. And then he was on me. I had to tell him that was very nice in addition to his treat.

I decided the Liuli froggie should be on the living room table. Jackie was perching on my ashtray which might still have smoldering ciggie butts which might burn his bum. The Liulie froggie would be a better place for him to stand on.


I had not expected things to be moving so fast. Almost like he was making up for time after the first couple of months of being aloof from me.

Even on day of feast like today with him filled to his eyeballs, he showed his flying to me was independent of the mash.

6pm Jackie was at 184 grams.

When even morning weight at a specially low weight of 156 grams, Jackie showed me that 185 grams body weight could be reached so easily. I was wary of the thought of over stressing him and his liver by feasting him which I felt was the case in the afternoon. Jackie would probably not reach that low of 156 grams again

We will see next day if Jackie morning weight be 175++ grams.

21 Jan Sat

To my surprise, his morning first weight was only 163 grams. I had expected more.
His diet today would be 20JM & 30 FP, given in 2 sessions. At 11:15 am, he was at 175 grams. We did enough recalls including the semi hide and seek recalls. I felt we could even do the full hide and seek recall in that he would have to fly around two corners to get to me. I was too paranoid of Sieben. For a single corner, I could keep enough in view to see if Sieben was in the danger area. For full hide & seek, I feared too many corners that Sieben could hide away in. Sieben could move like a ghost, and like what I hung on his name, gwai gwai shishi (Cantonese derogratory term for ghostghost mouse mouse kind of sneakiness). I truly suspect Sieben might actually be possessed by a gwai gwai spirit as well. The way things go clang and bump and crashed and dragged in the dead of night. I have thoughts of getting holy water to sprinkle on Sieben or even to drench him in. And hopefully my Guang Kung image could hold things in balance. Sieben had this style of popping up almost from nowhere. Short of locking Sieben up, and thereby ending the relationship I was trying to foster between Jackie and Sieben, I could do only the semi hide & seek with Jackie.

I noticed when I was sitting on the sofa watching TV and deliberately not engaged with Jackie, he would fly in to buzz me in a circle and back to his cage door. As if to remind me he was there. A look at him was enough for him to fly to my shoulder. And if I did not look at him, he decided he would fly to my shoulder anyway. I had check on his mash bowl to know that was not empty. So it was not from hunger that he buzzed me.

Often enough, he would even fly to me from midway gobbling his mash for a couple of recalls and then he went back to mash gobbling.

I find it very sad that folks felt compelled not to feed their birdies prior to training. It got fixated in their minds that their birdie nothing more than a trained stomach, in which case of course, their birdie will be only a trained stomach.

There then be other more enchanting aspects of their birdie that would be hidden from them because of their state of mind. Like in the time when Riamfada played her parroty joke on me. Would she have done that if she was hungry and desperately wanted her treats? in which case that treat was no longer treat but food she badly wanted.

Riam thumb his nose at me/ flying lunge / double locking that barn door

Just before we left the apartment at 12 noon, he was weighed at 180 grams. I and my wife had this lunch date with my son at a Japanese buffet lunch for his birthday.

Getting back at 340pm, Jackie was at 161 grams. And the 2nd batch given to him. A while late at 412pm, he tipped the scale at 178 grams.

I tried to limit interactions to during TV commercials. Jackie had different ideas, He would fly in to buzz me. Which was to cue me he wanted those recalls done. I had to obliged him.

530pm he was at 175 grams and last weigh at 630pm was 170 grams.

22 Jan Sunday Jackie first morning weight shocked me at 152 grams. Being Sunday, we all got up a bit later and therefore the weighing was later. Even so, 152 was really low.

I had thought that 20JM&30 FP would stabilised his weight at mid 160 grams. I decided he would be getting 30 JM & 30 FP today in 3 sessions. Immediately after that weighing.

I gave him 20 grams of that mix, and at 1140am, he was at 172 grams.

He decided my wife could be tolerated as well. While we were having breakfast in the living room, he flew in past my wife to circle me and back to his door perch. That delighted my wife as she worked and only on Sunday could she see Jackie properly. And Jackie accepted her enough to did that to me despite her presence.

I decided my wife could shoot some photos of the recalls. I was in position and directing my wife to stand so she could shoot. Jackie decided to tell me he was ready by flying over me to circle and back to the door perch, before any cues from me, delighting me and my wife even more.

More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding






At cue, Jackie flew to me. Normally, he would take his treat and flew back for next recall. If he did not fly back, I would shake my hand to dislodge and threw him back towards his cage.

Early on, I despaired of the spirit of Jackie in that he was so standoffish with me. To point I wondered if I should have chosen another. But I chose him because I sensed he had great spirit in the first place.

Now that he decided I could be trusted, that same spirit that made him so standoffish became feisty and wild. I shook my hand, and he hopped off and hover /flew to my shoulder. My wife exclaimed he was like a parrot. I smiled, as Jackie was not a parrot. But I knew what my wife meant. Jackie was that feisty in that he would decide if to get off me or not. I took the choice out of him by shrugging my shoulder and then he flew to the cage door. Many recalls were made as it was difficult to get good photos.

Did a good recall to see him spooking just before landing on me. I turned around to see Ivan on a chair which surprised me as Jackie accepted Ivan. I then saw under the chair was horrid Sieben. I had been careful of Sieben.


But doing recalls called for a certain kind of focus, to see the mood of Jackie if he was going to come. I think it corny and stupid to call and call and the birdie do not come. That will devalue the cue. It would be so important to look for that willingness before any cue is made. I might be talking to Jackie until that point I knew he was ready to respond (same for all other birdies) and only then the cue given. Unless hide & seek where obviously I could not see.

Recall training, at least for me, is not to train your birdie to fly to you. Then you only look if the birdie will fly to you, if your order is obeyed. If you are not a pleasurable entity that the bird (or cat) trusted and want to go to, they just will not want to come to you. So the first step of doing recall is to be pleasurable for your birdie to go to, that they can trust you, and like to go to you. Without that, you frustrate yourself and the birdie. You think the fault with your birdie, and not realised the fault is on yourself. So better to work on yourself first and not on the birdie.

Recall training, at least for me, is to train yourself to see if the birdie is prepared and ready to fly to you and then that the time to give the cue. I like to think I gained so much more, and my birdies will do so much more for me as a friend and for fun, than can be hoped for by imposing of will on them.

And with this need for that kind of attention, that much less attention could be given to keeping eye for kitties, or any other kind of dangers. Especially outdoors. That was why a keen eye must be kept on the birdie, and the birdie awareness of danger.

That series of recalls then ended.

Then we went back to our seats. My wife spoiled Jackie by holding up pieces of bread the size of my thumb for him to do flying retrieves. And went on to spoil him more by offering pieces of pineapple tarts as well.

I gave him his next 20 grams at about 1230 noon. To find by 127pm he was at 196 grams.

Which came down to 186 grams by 3 pm. He was then given his last 20 grams.

I saw by 5pm, he was at 189 grams with a substantial amount of mash left in his bowl.

We left the apartment shortly after. It was the eve of Chinese New Year and we were going to Joy's parent house for the reunion dinner. My dad and mom had gone on to that better place. With their departure, only my son, my wife and her extended family, are left as my blood relatives in the world.

23 Jan Monday

His morning weight was 163 grams

My earlier thoughts I got a stable diet for him was abandoned. But I got the weighing scale, and Jackie who would fly to the scale whenever I asked him to. Clicker faded from this some time back already.

Jackie would be given 30 grams JM & 30 grams FP in 3 sessions.

He was given the first 20. A while later at 1020am, he was 177 grams. He flew in and out of his flight room onto my shoulder. When I was too lazy to do recall games with him, he buzzed over my head.

Today being the first day of Chinese New Year, me and my wife went to her parent's house for lunch. Jackie was then given his next 20 g.

CNY is absolutely sacred to Chinese. Many Chinese might work 7 days week, but come CNY anything from 2 weeks public holiday for Mainland China to a week elsewhere and 2 miserable days holiday in Singapore. Even so , shops would normally close for at least a week.

We came back at 230pm as my son Mark would be visiting me. Mark has his own apartment somewhere in the North of Singapore. One thing about Chinese New Year is that your kids MUST see you, even if just once a year. But we do stay in close touch having dinners about twice a month or so.

Jackie was at 165 grams and had his next 20 grams.

My son was in the apartment. And a good test for Jackie as Jackie never seen him before. I did not expect Jackie to do recalls in front of strangers yet. So I tried him on flying snatches. To my nice surprise, Jackie did that in flights to my fingers even though my son was around as seen in shots and video below.





At 520pm, Jackie was at 177 grams

Gwaigwai shishi Sieben behind the sofa watching Jackie

24 Jan Tuesday
2nd day of CNY.

Jackie was at 161 grams. I planned to continue on 30 & 30 today. Given him his first 20 grams. And a short while later after he had some of that, he flew to my shoulder. He then hopped down to the Liuli froggie. I saw something not correct with his right leg, a kind of discolored. I looked closely and to my horror saw a bad wound on top of his thigh with the skin lacerated with a gash of about 11 mm and the flesh of his thigh was exposed.

More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding



I recalled my wife yesterday asking me why the leg appeared discolored. I looked at Jackie but did not see it as his wings covered that and told her that was nothing. (In reviewing the photos prior to uploading them , and in writing of this report, I saw that injury had happened yesterday. And you can see in the big photo above during his flights in my son visit )

It was very difficult for me and my wife to see. Heart rending was to put it mildly. I thought over it carefully. I was always very careful to be around when Jackie could fly into the living room. Even if Sieben lurked around, he never would dare to attack Jackie with me there.

The cut could not be from Sieben. I checked his room. His cage were covered with chicken wire mesh on 2 sides from the days of Yingshiong. Considering the cage door was wired permanently opened from Yingshiong days, the mesh was not even needed. But since it was always there, never noticed by me. Wires were sticking out from the cut chicken mesh. Jackie must have landed near the edge and was cut by the wire. All the chicken mesh were removed. I felt along the mesh boundary with the living room with the back of my hand. I was cut a few times by the wire in that check. All the lose wires from the mesh were pressed in out of any more harm to anyone. That cut might not even be from the wire mesh. There were sharp tweezers from days of Yingshiong in the trays on the table in front of me in living room. Jackie might have mislanded and cut himself there. Needless to say, as far as I could find, no more of that to injure him anymore. I was more worried of what I had not found.

I did not know of any avian vet in Singapore. Even if any, the public holidays would not see any around. The only medication for birdie cut I would use would be the Yunnan Bai Yeow that my pigeon racing friend Duffy swore by for cuts and lacerations used by him and his other pigeon racing friends on homing pigeons flying back with horrendous wounds from hawks and raptor attacks.

My medical kit for birdies was about 8 years old, from Tinkerbell days.

No Chinese medical shops would be opened for at least a week.

I checked advise from the Internet. Which screamed no human medication must ever be applied on birdie cut. At best, the wound be cleaned with light antiseptic. From my reading of David Gemmell and his fighting characters all ended up sewing each other cuts, I was inspired and tempted to buy curved needles and sutures to stitch up the leg. Except no Western pharmacies would be opened that day and for a few days.

Jackie looked alert, but I knew birdie would conceal any sickness. Jackie was not favouring the other leg or showing any discomfort. Jackie was bonding with me, but I felt the toweling of him might well stressed him too much. The cure might end up worse than the curse.

I took comfort from some stuff I read. Such as Gerald Seymour and his 'Line in the sand' where a shot and badly wounded harrier hawk was one of the key character and went on to recover without a vet. But that was only a novel. I read in real life of a californian condor who was shot and lived to produce other condors with the pellets left in her. Of a stork who flew from Africa with an arrow through the neck. And a goose in Canada flying with an arrow shot through the neck. Jackie looked healthy and untroubled. Perhaps the most troubled were me and my wife (and I guess you all looking at the photos).

He then took the cleaning out of my hand. He flew to his bath and had a bath thereby cleaning his own cut. The cut looked better after his bath.


I decided the best thing I could do was nothing. I could only hope to feed him well, and hoped his natural healing would kick in. Or see a Jackie keeled over in a few days time.

No more thought of diet for Jackie anymore in my mind. I decided his diet should be 45 grams of JM and 30 grams of FP. He needed a lot more food.
I decided he should remain in his flight room and no more recalls done.

He looked longingly at me from the back of his arm chair. Wondering why I did not let him join me. So from time to time, I went into his flight room.

At 4pm, his weight was 193 grams.

I had to leave him as being CNY, I had to pay courtesy visits to friends, especially some old friends from the days I was in Hong Kong and who happened to be in town. I rode my old trusty Giant Iguana which I brought back from Taiwan to the nearby Boon Lay MRT and chained that to a tree.

I came back at 945pm to find that Giant Iguana gone. Some $%#%%^& cut that chain and stole that bike. Even though I nearly died on that bike, that was still a good bike. And carried many happy memories of rides in Taiwan such as from mountains of Wuling Nongchang down to the coast.

25 Jan Wednesday

Jackie was at 165 grams. His cut looked much better today. The ooze dried up. Jackie remained as alert as before.



He got fed his 45 + 30 in 3 sessions. At 1130am, he was 177 and at 120pm, at 180.

I left the apartment to look for another bike to buy. To see at the bike shop a notice wishing all a happy Chinese New Year and that the shop would be opened on 30 January. I then decided to go to the police station to make my report of my stolen bike. I did not think there were any other Giant Iguana in Singapore as I brought that back from Taiwan. And the police report would help me should I see my bike again.

The neighbourhood police station was still closed for the Chinese New Year even though the public holiday was officialy over. I made an online police report which should be done in the first place as internet never have a holiday. And to my nice surprise, had a phone call from a real human police asking if any survellance camera there for them to track from. Sadly, I did not recall any. The report was made to put on record as said above.

Below is a photo of that bike, taken about 5 years ago, and with the front wheel stolen. After I left near that BoonLay MRT station. This time, the entire bike was stolen So you know how that bike would look like. So if folks in Singapore see a Giant Iguana bike, please drop me a line.


I came back to find the cut on Jackie getting better. Except he was frantic in wanting to join me. I let him join me for a while and to better take the photo on his leg.

445pm he was 174 grams and his last portion given to him. At 5 pm, he was 188 grams. A few recalls were done that he was so happy about. 530pm he was at 192.

His last weight at 7pm was 186.

26 Jan Thursday

His morning weight was 167 grams.

Even more important was the very visible healing of that cut.




More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding

With great relief, he got the first part of his 45 JM & 45 FP. He ate some of that and then decided playing with me was better before he went back to eat the rest.

LiBai mash making.
About 300 grams of beef mince, with 200 grams of chicken mince and 150 grams of dried anchovies(for the calcium). That was all done up to the kitty mash formula I wrote about in
Pakistan//Tinkerbell Kitty Mash//Dommie at the beach Ramadhan 2010 //Villa walkabout 2
Instead of the almond and brazil nuts, about 100 grams of human grade groundnuts(peanuts) were used.

Making of Tinkerbell Mash
Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7

suri - Read "Conditioning clicker day 3 - and some tips on suris"

milli - read "Found the perfect treat and Yingshiong first "step up""

if you forgotten about clicker training

Tinkerbell Legacy - VH parrot and Clicker Training Rant 06

Some thoughts on clicker - The initial experience with Tinkerbell

Clicker training and bonding with Tinkerbell

To Shanlung-Charlie and clicker training

Charlie and clicker training - beyond touch target //LiBai on finger and in slow motion videos —


(edited on 4th November 2011 to include below)

To Shanlung - How to do Free Flight Outside

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for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
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