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36 Strategems// Metabolic studies on Jackie and first voilational flight// Perfidious Sieben


This was written over a period of time. Especially the part on Metabolic studies. Updated on almost daily basis and sometimes, a few times during the day.

More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding

San si liu chi (三十六計) Thirty-Six Stratagems

In the last report I confessed that a streak of peasantry ran through me.
Evil Sieben // Jackie long & winding road to trust // Being a peasant
Checking on Liuligongfang (琉璃工房).

I read there
The discovery in 1968 of the tomb of Liu Shun, a nobleman from Man-Chung County in Hopei Province, unearthed the earliest recorded example of pate-de-verre. A glass ear cup was found behind the renowned "jade suit with gold thread."
This is what the ear cup looks like

Archaeologists confirmed the glass material was of Chinese origin, indicating the pate-de-verre technique was indeed indigenous to China.

I rememebered that jade suit so I went into Wiki to read on that.

I then decided to read more on that prince who was inside that suit,
Liu Sheng ( 劉勝 ), a Chinese prince of the Western Han dynasty who died 113BC.
(never mind the spelling of Liu Sheng or Liu Shun. 5 Road signs in Taiwan within a mile of each other had 5 different English spellings of the same road. Folks there or in China hardly ever look at the English spellings)

I saw he had a descendent, Liu Bei which rang a bell.

Let me digress a bit. If you love martial arts and like very good martial arts stories, there are 2 Chinese books that just must be read. Written hundreds of years ago. My Chinese is not good enough to read that in Chinese. I had to make do with the English translations. One of the book is Water Margin, Shui Hu Chuan 水滸傳 , written in early 1300.

The best translation I read was the one by Pearl S Buck titled "All men are brothers". I urge you all to read this version.

The other book is "The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms" 三國演義, written in early 1300.

These two books are so famous and well known in the Chinese world that there is this saying. 少不讀水滸, 老不讀三國, or , the young shouldn't read Water Margin, and the old shouldn't read Three Kingdoms.
Intepretation: The former depicts the lives of outlaws and their defiance of the social system and may have a negative influence on adolescent boys, as well as the novel's depiction of gruesome violence. The latter presents every manner of stratagem and fraud and may tempt older readers to engage in such thinking.

I read those 2 books about 30 years ago, when I was not that young or that old. Seeing that name Liu Bei triggered memories long buried.

Three Kingdoms is a combination of King Arthur and his knights, King Lear, Iliad, Musashi, Shogun and the treachery planned and done will make Niccolò Machiavelli look like a naive innocent choir boy. And 3 Kingdoms actually happened.

Liu Bei, the direct descendent of the jade suited Liu Sheng with that liuli glass ear cup, was one of the key character of the 3 Kingdoms. I recalled reading then Liu Bei had a famous ancestor, that same guy in that jade suit, which was why they felt he had blood blue enough to be king. I read of it then, in that semi historical novel. But looking at the images of that jade suit made Liu Bei even more real.

Liu Bei had 2 companions, more than companions as they were sworn blood brothers. One was Chang Fei, a famous martial artist and maestro with the spear. The other was Guang Yu. Later better known as Guang Kung (Kung is an honorific meaning Lord/Marquis)

Guan Kung was a very famous martial artist and maestro with the halberd known as the Guan Dao. Guan Kung became known as the God of War and God of Literature. I know, strange combination. He is highly regarded not only with the Chinese, he is also very highly regarded by the Japanese.

I regarded Guan Kung so highly that I bought an elaborate figurine of him when I was in Taiwan in 2000, before I got Tinkerbell. Taiwanese folks would place him on altar to bless and protect their homes.

Guan Kung with another of my Liuligongfang piece, too heavy to be used like the other two pieces.



With his ChingLung Guan Dao , or his Green Dragon Guan halberd.

In the 3 Kingdoms, Liu Bei forces was the smaller by far. Almost like England in WW2 times, without the British Empire and without the backing of USA. Fighting against Hitler's Europe and Stalin USSR simultaneously.

Liu Bei lost very badly. He then begged a Taoist recluse, Zhuge Liang for his help, who agreed and became his chief adviser, strategist and field marshal and Prime Minister. Against the odds, Zhuge Liang led a motley force towards victory.

When I was in China, Chengdu,in late 1980s crossing over from Tibet, I went to Zhuge Liang's temple when I found it was there to pay my respect so much was my regard for him.

A measure of Zhuge Liang can be seen from the book San si liu chi (三十六計) Thirty-Six Stratagems attributed to be written by him. I feel Zhuge Liang was even more subtle and better, but that book can give you an idea of Zhuge Liang regardless if San si liu chi was written by him or by Suntze.

You have heard of SunTze PingFa, or the Art of War by SunTze. Used and studied for war and business by China and the rest of the world.
China business and economy is such that now the Euro and the US$ are both hoping for China to bail them out.

Perhaps China did not wish to mention of the book San si liu chi (三十六計) Thirty-Six Stratagems , which is a companion book of SunTze PingFa that they used in business.

Perhaps General Giap beat the much more powerful Americans in Vietnam because he read and made use of both books.

Just to give an idea of that book, I extracted a few of those 36 stratagems from above.

Kill with a borrowed knife 借 刀 殺 人 - The idea here is to cause damage to the enemy by getting a 3rd party to do the deed.

Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west聲 東 擊 西
- The idea here is to get the enemy to focus his forces in a location, and then attack elsewhere which would be weakly defended.

Create something from nothing (無中生有, Wú zhōng shēng yǒu) - A plain lie. Make somebody believe there was something when there is in fact nothing. Perhaps Eisenhower read the book. Creating Operation Fortitude, 1st U.S. Army Group(FUSAG), a phantom army with General Patton at the head. Even after the Normandy D Day took place, Hitler refused to let his Panzer divisions leave Calais as the phantom army appeared so real. Together with making a sound in the East to strike at the West.

Watch the fires burning across the river (隔岸觀火, Gé àn guān huǒ)- Delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting amongst themselves. Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces.

Borrow a corpse to resurrect the soul (借屍還魂, Jiè shī huán hún) - Take an institution, a technology, a method, or even an ideology that has been forgotten or discarded and appropriate it for your own purpose. Revive something from the past by giving it a new purpose or bring to life old ideas, customs, or traditions and reinterpret them to fit your purposes.

Disturb/muddy the water and catch a fish (渾水摸魚, Hún shuǐ mō yú) 。- Create confusion and use this confusion to further your own goals.

Point at the mulberry tree while cursing the locust tree (指桑罵槐, Zhǐ sāng mà huái)- To discipline, control, or warn others whose status or position excludes them from direct confrontation; use analogy and innuendo. When names are not used directly, those accused cannot retaliate without revealing their complicity. A good example of this been applied was in China's Cultural Revolution where critism of Confucianism was actually an attack on Deng Hsiao Peng and his allies. Which failed, and Deng set in motion reforms and events to bring China to what she is now.

The most famous of the 36 stratagems was the 36th stratagem.

If all else fails, retreat (走為上 , Zǒu wéi shàng)

If it becomes obvious that your current course of action will lead to defeat, then retreat and regroup. When your side is losing, there are only three choices remaining: surrender, compromise, or escape. Surrender is complete defeat, compromise is half defeat, but escape is not defeat. As long as you are not defeated, you still have a chance. No harakiri unlike Japanese. It is so honourable in Chinese to run and fight another day that it is enshrined as the san si lui chi. All Chinese worth their salt know the san si lui chi, the 36th stratagem, even if they forgot all other stratagems.

Rest assured in the 3 Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang plotted and executed even more breathtaking stratagems, many of that layers within layers, that will bring delight to all who read 3 Kingdoms. And in that climate of treachery and back stabbing, Zhuge Liang managed to counter that without use of treachery or back stabbing, at least in the book. 3 Kingdoms is a classic and a wonderful book to thoroughly enjoy regardless of nationality.


Metablic studies on Jackie

More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding

In last report, on the morning of 5th January his weight was 184 grams. I had been feeding him roughly on about 70- 80 grams of mash and 60 grams of fruit puree daily together with about 8-10 grams of bread used as treats.

On the 5th January, I decided to feed him as much mash as he want, in addition to 30 grams of fruit puree and the 8-10 grams of bread. When I tallied up the mash he ate, I was stunned to see Jackie ate 139 grams of mash. The amount of poop was correspondingly very very impressive. I thought he would weigh in well about 200 grams the next morning. Jackie was eating as much as anyone of my cat!

On the morning of 6th Jan, Jackie's morning weight was 186 grams. I was shocked enough to check the scale with other known weights weighed with another gram accurate scale in case something was faulty with the scale.

On 6th January, in addition to the 30 grams of fruit puree and the 8-10 grams of bread, he ate 151 grams of mash with another incredibly impressive load of poop.

His response to me was very tardy. I guessed with him filled to his eyeballs with all the mash he could eat and did eat, he did not feel like flying to me. Spend most time brooding on top of the cage and discharging his poop. He happily touch target for his bread when I approached. But he did not want to do recall flights. He did not even want to do flying snatches at the bread.

On the morning of 7th Jan, Jackie's morning weight was 186 grams. I was gobsmacked. No increase of his body weight despite his eating and eating like a pig. I could not understand this at all.

On 7th January, in addition to the 30 grams of fruit puree and the 8-10 grams of bread, he ate 117 grams of mash with another impressive load of poop. I felt a bit of relief that he ate less. That perhaps he became satiated with food and might eat less and less.

On the morning of 8th Jan, Jackie's morning weight was 182 grams. I was getting confused. With all that he ate, more than at any earlier times, I could not understand the drop in weight.

On 8th January, in addition to the 30 grams of fruit puree and the 8-10 grams of bread, he ate 134 grams of mash with another impressively humongous load of poop.

On the morning of 9th Jan, Jackie's morning weight was unknown. He refused to fly down to the scale. I gave him 10 grams of mash. After which he responded to fly to the scale. By which his weight was no longer standard and worth nothing to me. For those who still like to know, his weight was 188 grams.

In this same morning, I got a fright from Jackie. The sliding door was normally kept opened when I was in the living room. Jackie showed little inclination to fly out of his room unless I cued him to do so. With gluttony going on the last few days, he hardly wanted to fly. Then all of a sudden, he flew out of his room and right over my head into the back of the apartment. Sieben was racing after him. I got up to race after the two of them. In time to see Jackie flying into the spare room for the second time with Sieben pouncing on the ground. I shouted "SIEBEN" to see Sieben diving under the bed with Jackie flying on top of the bed. To be toweled by me and taken back to living room.
I am glad I fully protected the perimeter of the apartment. Which go to show one must expect the unexpected. This incident with Sieben was a consequence of the risk I had to take. I could not lock Sieben and perpetually kept Sieben locked up if I wanted to try to inculcate friendship between those 2. Sieben had to be allowed to see Jackie and hopefully accept Jackie as friend and not a plaything.

Jackie should not have suddenly flown out of living room where he was under my vigilance, and safe from Sieben. But for all I knew, perhaps a hawk flew outside the window to spook Jackie. Or Jackie just decided on doing a mad flight to give me a run and heart attack.

I decided to end this study instead of the week I allowed. I could not believe the mash was not digestable and absorbed by his body and entirely pooped out. Obviously I spend much thoughts trying to puzzle out this strange weight anomaly. I believe his body received the nutrients. Except it must have hit an internal control that regulate his weight in the mid 180 grams. I believe wild mynahs live in situation of feast or famine. If in times of feast , and if weight grew and grew in the wild, a hill mynah might be so heavy to affect his flight and escape from predators. His metabolism must have been in high swing to get his weight back to the maximum range of mid 180 grams. Which might have meant his liver and kidneys must have laboured away to bring his weight down. If not, the weight added in times of plenty might well kill hill mynahs as effectively being too heavy to escape predators as times of famine with nothing at all to eat.

I thought about Riamfada eating 25 grams of mash and less (How much mash Riamfada ate ) to 35 grams of mash daily with a handful of sunflower seeds with some pieces of fruits and vege salad, and Riamfada weighed in at a constant about 460 grams, eating less than 10% of her body weight. Data for Riamfada should not be used with your greys. Do not forget that Riam flew hundreds of meters everyday with me. I did not even consider her flights in the house. We would be out on daily walks in neighbourhood, or on the beaches and parks. 15 to 20 recalls would be made, even more if we were out the whole day, ranging from 30 meters to 90 meters, in strong winds, in head winds, tail winds or in cross winds.

Yingshiong the shama at about 32 grams ate about 10% of his body weight daily, about 3 grams of mash and about 2-3 grams of millis, suris and crickets. YS also flew a lot in the apartment, much much more than Jackie roosting like a bloated softball on his perch.

Libai, the GGLB that I had described as a pig weighed about 42.5 grams, and I fed him 7 grams of mash and 7 grams of fruit mash which I felt already was grossly overfeeding of him. And do recall that from time to time, Libai was subjected to cucumber day where he was fed just cucumber and no mash or fruit mash for that day. Libai also did hell of a lot of flying as you have seen in reports of Libai.

Oberon, the Asian Fairy Bluebird at 64 grams ate about 24-25 grams of Oberon mash (fruit & mash mix) at free feeding. That would be like 12 grams JM & 12 grams FP. So Oberon was a lot better at self regulating. And do recall Oberon was being fattened to rehab him and later, fattened to build up his fat reserves prior to his release into the realm of the fairy queens

I had emotional difficulties with Jackie after he did not eat at all the first 3 days with me. When he ate later, it was so gratifying to see him eat that I fed and fed him. But it is the health and well being of the bird that must be paramount and not my own gratification in seeing him eat and eat. When invisible cost is that Jackie's liver and kidneys have to strain and work overtime to take the nutrient out of his system.

I wonder if I the student is rediscovering the wheel? Or is it this particular wheel not even known at all in the first place by resident experts and gurus of Hill Mynahs. Or perhaps they too absorbed with coining multisyllabic words and never got to using a weighing scale at all. What about makers and sellers of commercial hill mynah pellets? What basis did they use for nutrient balance of their professed carefully formulated diet for hill mynahs? Or is it the more you use their product to feed your hill mynah, the more they laugh all the way to the bank. The more your hill mynah will poop and more their liver and kidneys work overtime. Birdfeed is cheap. Is the life of your hill mynah that cheap?

What about other types of birds who might be like Hill Mynahs unable to regulate their own intakes, but whose livers and kidneys had to work overtime to regulate their own weight?

Perhaps hill mynahs died in captivity from being given as much as they can eat. And their deaths blamed on too much Vitamin C, or not enough tea, or that horrid hoemoaeiou word.
Woes of a hill mynah food formulator // Jackie getting to know me

And why since I first weighed him at 186 grams in the afternoon I got him, he never surpassed that weight since then.

I really do not know what is true. But one thing I do know for sure.
The scale never tell lies.

CAGs seemed to be able to regulate much better how much they eat and their weight at least for Riamfada. Look at the detail records I kept on Riam and how much mash she ate and her weight remaining a nice constant.

Of course, feel free to feed your own hill mynah all they can eat, especially if you love clearing up loads and loads of poop. And what you cannot see of their liver and kidneys cannot hurt you. Or perhaps you do not wish to know.

A different study was then decided on. I thought I go back to precise measure of 70 grams of mash + 60 grams of fruit puree + 8-10 grams of bread per day to see his weight.

I started that on the 9th. I gave him 10 grams in morning. Later that morning, 30 grams of mash + 30 grams of fruit puree well mixed together. I then saw on BBC shots of the royal premier of the movie "War Horse". I decided to see that movie in the afternoon. And came back too late to give Jackie the other 30 grams of mash + 30 grams of puree. I did not care to give Jackie food just before he went to sleep. I tried to give him his last meal for the day at least 2 hours before his normal sleep time. I rather he pooped outside the cage then in the cage.

I then thought but I already knew the answer to the 70 grams of mash & 60 grams of fruit puree. That was what I had been feeding him to get that morning weight of 184 grams at 5th Jan. I might have already been stressing his liver and kidneys for several weeks now.

I changed my mind to give Jackie just 40 mash+30 fruit puree & 8-10 grams of bread as treat as already given on that day and repeated over next few days and see how his weight will be. Do remember Riamfada, twice the size of Jackie, ate less then this.

Morning weight on 10th Jan was 172 grams. He responded very readily to cues to go to the scale.

I adhered to 40 grams JM (Jackie Mash) and 30 grams FP (Fruit Puree) for that day. Well mixed together and feed in 2 go, at about 11 am and 4 pm. Jackie was a lot more alert and stood erect and moved about his flight room. His recalls were more deliberate.

Morning weight on 11th Jan was 173 grams.

The same diet of 40 JM and 30 FP was maintained. Together with the 8-10 grams of small pieces of bread used for recalls and touch target.

Morning weight on 12th Jan was 173 grams.
I then decided to bring the diet down to 20 JM and 30 FP, well mixed and fed in 2 feeding sessions. He was very alert in the day. Lots of preening and flying about to other perches, even landing on holding on to the vertical string supports. He did not look worse. In fact, he appeared so much better on this diet of 20+30.

Morning weight on 13th Jan was 169 grams.
The diet was maintained at 20JM & 30 FP, well mixed together and fed a few times in the day. Jackie remained very alert. I had been using the touch target to get him to hop from hand up the arm. I added 'Shoulder' cue. Where he got his click and treat only on shoulder. It took a few times. He still had to land on hand refusing to land on shoulder. But on shoulder cue, he hopped to the shoulder for click and treat. I need not use the target to lead him to shoulder anymore.
For better familarity with me, he got fed a bit of the mash from his bowl when on my hand, and later on my shoulder. He splattered me a little with the mash. Which was why the bulk of JM&FP was on his feeding perch shielded by the splatter screen.

The remainder of the mash mix of 20 grams was given at about 4 pm. Then at 615pm, I thought of weighing Jackie. I was surprised to see his evening weight at 183 grams. I had been so fixated on morning first weight that I forgot I could and perhaps should take his weight at other times as well. I regretted not taking his afternoon and evening weights earlier on. I could not with good conscience feed Jackie with that 150 grams of mash to replicate that just to take his weight and risk further damage to his kidneys and liver now. That would be too much of morbid curiosity.

I thought back at my silliness in using morning first weight to compare with his first weight of 186 grams when he came to me and weighed in the afternoon. I was not comparing apples with apples and struggling away to get Jackie up to that but using morning first weight.

Morning of 14th January first weight was 165 grams. I was taken back thinking it shuold be 169 grams like the day before. If it was that case, I was going to take his diet down to just 20 g JM for 2 days and then just 30 grams FP for another 2 days to assess the impact of the JM and FP separately. I decided to maintain diet to be 20 JM &30 FP for today as well.
That was well mixed together. And 15 grams of that given to him later that morning with him on my hand, and on that cage door, and on my shoulder, a few pecks at a time. I decided to tolerate the little bit of splatter on my face.

Jackie got to know the SHOULDER cue. No need intermediate of raising hand for him to fly to and then hop onto the shoulder like yesterday. Until my wife appeared to take photos of Jackie on my shoulder. He was quite reluctant to do shoulder direct and I had to encourage him with raised hand as intermediate stage for him to fly to shoulder.

An hour after giving him about 15 grams of mash, and to give him time to digest and poop that out, I took his weight to be 184 grams.

Periodically I would sit in living room to watch the BBC news. So there I was. I did a couple of shoulder cue for Jackie for his click and treat. Then all of a sudden, he flew a tiny circle in his flight room, and then flew to me without my call to him and landed on my shoulder.




Of course, he got bits of bread for that. I had to let him know his voilational flight to my shoulder was welcomed by me. Sorry I am not a very good scientifc researcher of hill mynah metabolic studies. I think Jackie blew my intention to hold his bread to 8 grams per day. I had to gratify him, and truthfully myself as well, in giving him his bits of bread. I tried to mitigate that by tearing the bits of bread into even tinier bits. Even so, I think it would be very likely Jackie might end up getting more than that 8-10 grams of bread today.

Once he did that voilational flight, he showed me he trusted me enough to come willingly to me of his own accord. And he kept doing that.


I had to leave him shut in his flight room to be here as now to periodically update this journal. If I remained in the living room, Jackie might well end up with 30 grams of bread.

Now and then I went back to the living room to interact with Jackie. I did that at least an hour after giving him mash, enough time for him to poop that out. Once he flew to the shoulder of his own accord, it was easy for him to keep doing that. To stay on the shoulder was a different matter. His claws were filed blunt by the arrangement I created. He was not puncturing my skin. But neither could he grip my T shirt on shoulder either. I felt sorry to feel him frantically adjusting his position to keep from sliding away. After the first few voilational shoulder landings, I froze my heart not to give him treats. I liked him to be on me, but I did not think a lifetime of Jackie always on my shoulder would be good for him or for me. In time, a good balance was made. His cage door perch and cage perch was easier for him. So he alternated between there and my shoulder. To get him off my shoulder, I would hold a treat at arm length to get him do a flying snatch from my finger, after which he would fly to his door perch. A nice way of getting him off the shoulder with no insult to him.

His response changed since those voilational landings. Every time I walked to the living room in sight of him, he would immediately fly from the cage door to the top of sofa chair in his room holding me in his gaze as if willing me to open the sliding door.



Which I did so for him to fly to me of his own accord.

Of course, I continued too with recall cues as well.

Weight at 4pm just before getting his final 20 grams for that day was 182 grams.
Weight at 515pm was 196 grams, dropping to 187 grams at 625pm

On morning 15 Jan, Sunday, his morning weight was 167 grams.
I seen his weight stabilized at 167 grams morning weight on feeding of 20g JM & 30 g FP.

His diet for today and tomorrow will be 20 grams JM only, with that 8-10 grams of bread as treat. He was getting very friendly with me. Making voilational flights to my shoulder and giving me more than precision recalls. I smiled when he flew to my shoulder the moment he saw me reaching for the clicker. He anticipated the 'shoulder' verbal call from me.

I felt that he should be receptive to my wife. Perhaps not on recalls as yet, but he should fly to do flying snatchs of bread from her. I felt very bad that Jackie refused to do that. I told my wife to approach him with bread visibly in her hand and Jackie flew off the cage to the window grill. A few more times that was tried. I felt bad about that again as I hoped Jackie would unbend to my wife. I felt so bad I left the living room to go play chess. I did not reckoned on the determination of my wife. I got back later to be told by her Jackie loved crossaints. She told me Jackie decided she had to up her bribe to pastry and not mere bread. And she said Jackie ate and ate from her hands provided it was crossaints. I gave bread treats the size of a rolled oat grain when my wife felt nothing less than the size of a thumb was meaningful.
I think the weight under the 20 grams JM diet next morning might not be very indicative. I was happy for my wife. I could not blame my wife. There were things more important in life than just getting accurate weights and measurements. And this was a first step to my wife to atone for LiBai.

I then fed Jackie 10 grams of JM.

I weighed him an hour later at 1145am to be 179 grams. His next feed was the remaining 10 grams at 130pm. I left home and was back at 5pm to weigh him at 182 grams. More interactions with Jackie on shoulder or hand or flying snatches. His final weight at 615 pm was 187 grams.

On the morning of 16 Jan, his weight was 165 grams. That was after I fed him just 20 grams JM the day before and no Fruit Puree. But again, he was bribed shamelessly by my wife after he decided he liked the pastry my wife offered. Today he will be feed 6 g + 6 g + 8 g of JM for a total of 20 grams.

His mannerism and alertness was very good. I kept close watch on his behaviour. Needless to say, he continued on his voilational flights to me. And he might not even get any treat for that now. He still continued with that in perhaps expression of friendship.

I sat further away, on other end of the sofa. After a bit of initial reluctance, he did his recalls to me as well. I stood up and went a bit beyond the sofa. Again he showed some initial reluctance. I broke ice with holding bread in hand for flying snatches from him. And then he recalled to my hand on cue after that.

At 2pm, about 2 hours after the second feed of 6 g of JM, Jackie weighed in at 173 grams.

First, some notes on the bread treats. A slice of bread weighed in ranging from 28 - 33 grams. I would break the slice into 4 roughly equal pieces. I tried to limit that to quarter piece/day. I failed. Each quarter piece of bread was then torn into about 45 tiny pieces. But in time like the first voilational flight to me, I could not. Or in other exceptional cases, I could not. The other measurements were exact. In here, the weight vary. I tried my best to be scientific about it, but scientific enquiries stumbled and tripped on the heart.

What is the meaning of life and living anyway without the heart? And without the heart, I do not think I would have done or could have done all I have done with Jackie or any other birdie or beastie.

In another forum somwhere, people there talked of 'quality time' to spend with their greys. I failed to understand what was meant by 'quality time'. Giving an earlier posting I did
'Riamfada freeflight hide&seek // When I am with her, am I with her? '

Q time is perhaps an Americanism, except I read widely and never came across that term used by authors like Mark Twain , FS Fitzgerald, TS Eliot, John Steinbeck, E Hemingway, unless those authors are not Americans. Or they and their characters never had or even know about quality time. I was even told directly there that 'quality time' has nothing whatsoever to do with the heart.
I wondered to myself why people who do not have heart ever want to have a grey or any other parrot. Or is it without heart that they can then be fixated on quality time to compensate for that lack of heart?

I thank that person for educating me and decided that I am too much a peasant to understand or to continue with that august discussion anymore.

Might be in time I be kicked out of that forum. After all, in last month I had been kicked out of 2 other forums. Because I could not turn my other cheek.

While my birdies fly, I never have issues if folks clipped their birdies. Many of my friends have clipped birdies that I respect fully as clipping or not is a personal decision and must remain a personal decision. When folks say they clipped because they decided so, that is a reason good enough. But when folks conjured up pseudo-science to declare why clipping is good and to browbeat others that they must also clip , I do draw the line.

In one forum, a study was made from input of members and the study determined there were 150 birdies allowed to remain flighted and 30 birdies were clipped.
The of the 150 flighted birdies, 5 were pluckers, and of the 30 clipped birdies, 5 were pluckers together with other findings.

An entity Wenz immediately concluded clipping had no impact at all as 5 clipped birds plucked as did 5 of the flighted birdies. Out of morbid curiosity, I did a search of Wenz to find she was actively seeking advice on how to handfeed parrot chicks. And at the same time, declared she knew how to do that having done that many times. I did not even care to respond even if Wenz maths was so
stomach churning , that will make any kid who finished playschool will ROTFL, to justify why clipping of wings will be healthier for your birdie. I seen much better level of English from Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, French, Arabic, Thai, German forums than that shown by Wenz that I thought she had to be a preschooler and likely to be a little kid. You can see later in the letter she wrote to me the level of her English.

She then claimed to be an accountant with several important clients under her and she knew her numbers. I wrote in that forum she better be writing under a psuedoname as if her company or clients saw her quality with numbers, she would be sacked. She was upset in the forum. She PM me repeatedly which I refused even to open assuming that to be rude stuff via pm to me that I ignored like the rubbish that came from. I said so in the open forum. She then wrote directly to my email.

With her email in full revelation, I google checked her background. That she bought chicks with closed eyes to hand rear (as seen from google search on her) and to sell off as handfed birds did not endear her to me.

I replied to her directly outside the forum.

Fuck you and go back into the garbage that you crawled out from.
You have been the one who pm me in the first place, probably more shit that I did not care to open or to read.

And now with your email, I can search for you and your clients and let them them the maths that you have shown.
Plus the English that you demonstrated in this letter.

Any mail from you will go into my trashcan automatically.

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I really cant be bothered with you Shanglung!! I dont no you and most certainally would not want to!! I really dont like you or anything you stand for!! As far as im concerned your a Nobody . Totally false. DO NOT PM me again. I can do without people like you.

Her friend (or likely her other avatar using same pair of hands and laptop) mealy mouth to the admin what I wrote from my yahoo claiming I threatened her, for telling her I wish her boss and clients could see her maths. Admin threw her hand in horror. Admin publicly screamed that she could see my true color that I threatened a treasured member (for something I wrote from my own personal email) and proceeded to cut out my tongue, drove a stake through my heart and stuffed my mouth with garlic, and to ban me eternally from their forum. I wrote to admin there that all my other postings that I did would be even worse as that must have been written under false colors and all should be deleted as well to avoid contamination. That thread with Wenz glorious maths was then gone, so none of her clients or boss can go to see that.

Another forum, got wind of that and honored me banning me forever of things not even said in their forum but in private email elsewhere. Both of them UK parrot forums. They decided their members morals and thoughts must be protected from people like me. That entity like Wenz to be kept safe by stakes driven through my heart.

Yet those two forums decided to keep my old postings.

So even if I keeled over and returned in another reincarnation, I will still be banned in those 2 forums for my refusal to take shit from a turd head. The Admins of those 2 forums believed they have powers that exceed that of GOD.

I am sure in those 2 forums, they all are happily discussing how to massage numbers to justify clipping of wings and sell handfed birdies without contamination from a peasant like me shouting "did the Emperor wear any cloths at all! " I wrote to those 2 forums saying since I am such a contaminant, all my postings should be removed as well. They never did so and kept all my old postings. I thought of writing to them and tell them to change my status from 'guest' since I was clearly not a guest to ' pariah' or 'banned eternally' so their members will know better and not touch me even with a ten foot pole but I decided it better to smell roses, more time for other forums, read, play chess and play with Jackie. Since then, about five other english parrot forums invited me to join them, and a few of non English speaking bird forums asked me to join them as well. (I actually have more hits from non English speaking countries than from all the other English speaking countries combined together even though you know I wrote only in English)

So if you are still in those 2 forums, do not ever say you are my friend or even know me. You get excommunicated at best and your tongue cut out at worse, unless you are friend of Wenz and therefore be treated with love and admiration from the Admin.

The next weigh of Jackie at 4 pm was 170 grams. I then gave him the remainder 8 grams of JM. About 10 minutes later, Jackie was weighed at 182 grams. No bread from 4pm to that 10 minutes later. I did not see him drinking, but then my eye was not on him all the time. So do not ask me more as I myself got bewildered.

When kept in his flight room, he was active flying about. Periodically on the armchair back or arm rest looking at me longingly to open the door.

A few recalls done. With me standing a couple of feet from end of sofa. His recalls to me were much more steady now after earlier reluctance.

He was weighed at 520 pm at 178 grams. A few recalls done, not more than 4-5 recalls, and therefore 6-7 tiny pieces of bread before he was shut back in his flight room.

At 620pm, he weighed in at 183 grams. I could only surmised he must have drank some water. It would get dark at about 715 pm when he would go into his cage to sleep.

on 17 Jan Tues morning 920am, Jackie first morning weight was 165 grams. Shortly after, he got his 6 grams of JM.

Early I felt Jackie to be very spirited. Except he showed his spirit the first couple of months in avoiding me. With the voilation flight to me, and increased trust in me, he showed his spirit in a different way. I mentioned he flew to me on his own accord. Which I might or might not give him treat now. He flew to me on premptive flight when I reached for clicker. Problem was that clicker and stuff were on the table with other stuff. Such as my ciggies. In mid flight to me, and he saw my hand on ciggie, he u turned to land on sofa chair next to me.


I could only smile and lit my ciggie.

He flew to the table and my ash tray.

I walked further away towards the main front door to do recalls. After a bit of initial reluctance, he flew to me.

11:15 am his weight was 171 grams. I was very sparing with the bread. Many times his voilational flights to me were rewarded only by me telling him he is a good boy. Maybe his flying to the table in front was his irritation.





At 1 pm, his weight was 174 grams. I gave him the 2nd 6 grams of JM. And just after he finished that , I cued him to the scale and his weight was 180 grams. I guessed the earlier times when he weighed more must be from water he drank that I had not seen.

At 215 pm, he was at 173 grams. He flew to me standing near the front door now with no hesitation. I moved to halfway towards the kitchen and he readily came.

at 250 pm, he was at 175 grams. Got fed his remaining 8 grams for the total of 20 g JM for the day.

Left alone so I could go play chess on Internet.

At 350 pm, he was at 183 grams. He got used to my reaching for ciggie, or even my coffee. Only when I clearly reached for the clicker did he then did his preemptive flight to my shoulder. If I reached for nothing and just watch the TV, he still decided to fly to me.


I tore the tiny pieces of bread to even tinier bits of bread.

At 515 pm, he weighed in at 179 grams. That will be the last weigh of today as I would be leaving the apartment soon for dinner with Cyrus and other old classmates as an old girl class mate, Catherine, from our A level days back in 1969 was in town. To be in restaurant with very good seafood, New Ubin Seafood Restaurant in the Sin Ming Estate.

Tomorrow I will see his morning weight and Jackie will be on the diet of just 30 grams of Fruit Puree (but with 10% weight of JM inside as you know).

18 Jan 0955am Jackie's first weight was 162 grams. I guessed the last couple of days Jackie had been given more bread than I wanted to. Or his metabolic yesterday was greater.

Jackie was given 15 grams of Fruit Puree after the weighing. A short while later, 1010 am, he was weighed at 171 grams. After a short while watching TV and finishing my coffee, I walked to the front door to do a recall. Most interesting Jackie preferred to be on the cage door to do his preening. Another recall at far end of recall distance towards kitchen was ignored.

I think Jackie after the FP and the charge of sugar , fructose was getting a sugar high and just wanted to sit on his perch to enjoy that. I sat back in front of the TV and called. Jackie immediately flew to my hand for his click and treat. I tossed him back to his cage. Did a shoulder recall that he promptly responded. And a while later, he decided to fly to me on his own.

1035am he was weighed at 171 grams. It seemed the FP impact is more stable in his system then I thought. I felt that as fruit puree was largely water even if 10% was Jackie Mash, his weight should drop rapidly.

Jackie was weighed at 11:15am to be 168 grams.

I then left the apartment for lunch of dim sum with Cyrus and other classmates from my Primary one days of Anglo Chinese School, Barker Road, Singapore. (I mentioned this in passing when I related how I became a Taoist, largely through meeting with a mystical monk in Taiwan and then his rescue of me in ). A bunch of old foggies laughing away at antics half a century ago and strangely, still so clear in the mind.

I eventually got back at 450 pm. Jackie was weighed immediatly (so easy now, I just say 'SCALE' and he would hop onto the scale) to be 164 grams.

He was then fed his second 15 grams of FP and weighed at 5:10 pm to be 177 grams. I guessed he could not scrap off the FP stuck to bottom and side of the bowl. I did not even bothered with intermediate flights. He would happily do flights to me standing near the front door or halfway towards the kitchen for the tiny morsels of bread. When I sat down and just watched the TV, he would fly to my shoulder.

606pm he was 172 grams. A few more flights and talking to when he was on my shoulder and his last weight for the day at 620pm was 173 grams.

19 Jan Thursday morning weight was 157 grams. I gave 15 grams of FP and weighed Jackie shortly after at 167 grams at 10:09. He was contented to be on the door perch just looking in at me. As said, I think the fructose and sugar in the fruit puree gave him a nice charge. At shoulder cue, he flew in to my shoulder. My cueing of him to fly to me as probably more for my enjoyment as well as for his. At 1030am, he was still at 166 grams. I left him alone for a while and then weighed him at 174 grams. He must have drank some water.

I then left the apartment to go downtown to Little India where Joy's uncle from London was staying with his daughter. He hosted me for a while when I and Joy were in London about 15 years ago. Had lunch around Little India and got back at 310pm. Jackie was weighed at 157 grams. After 15 grams of FP given to him, he was weighed at 325pm at 168 grams, with FP still visible in the bowl. He flew to my shoulder and hopped on to the table. He was very familiar with me now. I thought I do the step up. Earlier, he did not like my hand approaching him which was why a recall was easier. Jackie now did not mind my hand approaching him with my finger stuck out. He jumped onto the finger and I added step up as cue and gave him his tiny piece of bread to seal that. After than, step up was very easy. Recall cues were so standard now regardless of where I was in the living room. After which he would fly back to the cage door to wait for the next recall cue. About 6-7 done each time a TV commercial popped up.

At 410 pm, he was still at 168 grams. I left him to play chess. At 520 pm, he was 171 grams, possibly a sip of water. It really felt to me he enjoyed all the recalls made, as much as I enjoyed that , and knowing it to be so much better for him to fly in the living room with a lot more space than just in his flight room.

His last weighing was at 642pm, and he was 166 grams then.

20 Jan 2012 Friday.
The morning weight of Jackie was 156 grams. I was so happy to have reached this point and thereby concluded the study of Jackie's metabolics and food. I felt so bad for him the last few days. Especially as halfway through the study, Jackie decided he could be my friend and made his first voilational flight to me, followed by many other flights he initiated. He stayed around me on the table. He did his step ups after he trusted me enough for me to bring my hand close enough to him to do step ups.

His flight response to my recalls all over the living room and almost to the kitchen had been done with military precision to all cues. Done during TV commercials of course. The better he did, the less munchies I was giving him. Perhaps he thought I was punishing him and he frantically tried to do his best for me. How to explain to him that study was done for his own good. I had to just feed him JM, and thereby know how much the 30 grams FP contributed to his daily energy need and fat reserve. I had to feed him just FP to know how much
the 20 grams of JM contributed to his daily energy need and fat reserve.

At 20JM & 30 FP, the next morning first weight was 167 grams.
At 20 JM, the next morning first weight was 162 grams, ignoring the first couple of days as he got extra bread. Therefore, it was likely the 30 grams of FP omitted contributed 5 grams or so of body mass.

At feed of 30 FP, the next morning first weight was 157 grams. Therefore it was likely the 20 grams of JM contributed about 10 grams of body mass. Do recall at feed of 40 grams JM & 30 grams FP, Jackie morning weight was 173 grams, or about 6 grams more than when fed 20g JM & 30g FP.

It is clear to me now that free feeding of hill mynahs might well lead to their early death as they could not self regulate the amount that they eat. I rather a more slim and healthier birdie than a fat birdie.

I decided Jackie's steady state diet should consist 20 grams of JM and 30 grams of FP daily. But there should also be day of feast and day of famine in that week. The day of feast will see him get 40 grams of JM and 50 grams of FP well mixed together and fed in 2 session. The day of famine will see him get 15 grams of JM and 15 grams of FP well mixed and fed in 2 sessions. Those days of feast and famine will be determined by random number generator to take that out of my personal consideration.

That will be done now.

You all will agree today will be a day of feast for him. And in addition, Jackie will get a bonus of 10 grams FP on top of that. For total of 40 g JM and 60 g FP.

Jackie was given 20 JM & 30 FP. Half hour later, he was on door perch, looking very reluctant to move. It took him 3-4 seconds before he responded to my pre-cue calls to look at me. Then a gesture and cue to scale, he flew down to be weighed at 176 grams.

I went back to the sofa in front of the TV. He looked at me, and when cued to come, he responded with military precision even though he was stuffed to the eyeball. A few more recalls and he was send back into flight room to nicely digest his feast, and to poop that out on the newspaper under, nicely weighted down by a blue lion Liuli_Gongfang. Later in the afternoon, he will get his next 20JM & 30 FP.

We will see next day if Jackie morning weight be 182 grams.


Miscellanous & Perfidious Sieben

More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding

You seen the the earlier photo of Guang Kong with a piece at his feet. That was another piece of Liuligongfang we bought in Taiwan. That piece was too big and heavy to use like the earlier 2 pieces you have seen. So perhaps I might not have been such a peasant as you might have thought.



Photos of tea drinking set.

The charcoal burner meant you need to get rid of the ashes and too much trouble. So I decided on spirit burner to keep the water boiling hot. Of course, I had an electric hotpot for boiling water. Spirit burner took too long to boil water for the tea. So perhaps I am still a peasant.



Jackie had little fear on concern on Ivan. Ivan could roam about in his room with little concern from Jackie or from me. I mentioned this in last report. Here are some photos to show how casual Jackie was towards Ivan. And me too.




In fact, Jackie would fly to me sitting on my sofa in front of the TV with Ivan on the armrest just below my arm.
Sieben was a different matter entirely at present, and perhaps into the future as well. Jackie and I are both a bit paranoid of Sieben.

I honestly want to write nicer things about my kitties. Some fragments I learned in younger days about not giving a cat a bad name and hanging that cat. Might not be that phrase exactly, and as said fragments meant fragments.

Honesty also compelled me to tell the truth hard as it might be.

I felt I should be treated better by the kitties considering I slaved away for them. Weighing and kneading the mash, the meat mince, the dried anchovies, chopped wheatgrass, wet cat food, and 30 grams of kitty kipples into their dinners, 1/3 placed in freezer for their lunch the next day. Their litter box serviced by me.

Kitties should be lovingly taking care of me for all that.

Instead, Ivan incessant demands for his doink doink massage gave me Carpal tunnel syndrome (I should be sadistic to Ivan? ) and even so, Ivan ceased his threading and massaging of me the way he used to do when I lay down on the bed as last reported. In last few days, even the pleasure Ivan gave me in the threading of me when I watched TV had been diminished. Ivan would do that only if I was the only one around. Should my wife seat in the sofa chair next to me to watch TV, traitorous beastie Ivan would immediatly pad over to my wife to thread and massage her totally neglecting me. I was the 2nd best and used by Ivan to fill his time until mummy was there.

I was about to smack Ivan for that until I remembered Ivan was a masochist and the way to truly punish Ivan was to refrain from whacking him.

And after Sieben realised how wonderful tummy rubs were, he became a veritable addict to that. In time I felt aches in my elbow. I then realised I might be getting tennis elbow from those unreasonable and unnatural demands from Sieben.
I complained to my wife lying next to me on the bed that she should take over part of the tummy rubs of Sieben so my elbow could be rested.

She laughed at me instead and said she was too busy twittering away on her iphone.

Then the last few nights I noticed Sieben was no longing butting me on the head and no longer sticking his mouth into my ear to thunder out his purrs. He would lie in front of me on the bed blocking my book. To be pulled out of the way by the root of his tail to the side. He turned over demanding his tummy rubs.

The moment my wife came to bed, he would move off and get on top of my wife's pillow very delicately and placed his head lovingly next to her head. With the parting insult of flicking his tail a few times into my face when he left. I contrasted his delicate consideration for my wife with the way he head butted me, walked over my book and displacing my reading light with no regards to me.

And giving my wife what I suspected to be loving caresses on her shoulders.

Photos were taken as evidence of the perfidious Sieben and his traitorous transfer of allegiance.






More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding

I told my wife that she could jolly well feed the kitties and clean their litter tray. My wife snorted an undecipherable answer to that reasonable request.

I was only mollifed when Sieben demanded tummy rubs from my wife. My wife then asked me to give Sieben tummy rubs.

I laughed my guttural laughter and told her my hand was too busy turning the page of my book to do that. And think of switching to just giving to kitties pure kittie kipples with ethoxiquin and ickky additives.

LiBai mash making.
About 300 grams of beef mince, with 200 grams of chicken mince and 150 grams of dried anchovies(for the calcium). That was all done up to the kitty mash formula I wrote about in
Pakistan//Tinkerbell Kitty Mash//Dommie at the beach Ramadhan 2010 //Villa walkabout 2
Instead of the almond and brazil nuts, about 100 grams of human grade groundnuts(peanuts) were used.

Making of Tinkerbell Mash
Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7

suri - Read "Conditioning clicker day 3 - and some tips on suris"

milli - read "Found the perfect treat and Yingshiong first "step up""

if you forgotten about clicker training

Tinkerbell Legacy - VH parrot and Clicker Training Rant 06

Some thoughts on clicker - The initial experience with Tinkerbell

Clicker training and bonding with Tinkerbell

To Shanlung-Charlie and clicker training

Charlie and clicker training - beyond touch target //LiBai on finger and in slow motion videos —


(edited on 4th November 2011 to include below)

To Shanlung - How to do Free Flight Outside

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.
or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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