shanlung (shanlung) wrote,

Back in Chiayi

Yes, it is just after midnight here.

I just got into the cybercafe after seeing Tinkerbell for a short while. This was as I got into Chiayi late at night.

This morning in Hualien I went to cybercafe from a bad hotel I stayed in last night. The reason why I stayed there was that it was just next to the cybercafe. I was glad my wife managed to logon for me from my home PC into a Russian site that I was trying to let them know of this trip in Taiwan.

I could not log into that site when I was in Laos but I thought it was as the PC there were underpowered. Taiwan cybercafes used good PCs and I was surprised I could not get into that site to let them know. This Russian site was one of the first non English parrot groups I got on to. They also translate some of letters into Russian and post it as machin translation can be very terrible. So if you are curious as to how it looked like in russian, take a look at

After that brief check, I went to the train station to try to buy my train ticket. They had no seats available for me yesterday as this was a school holiday period. So they asked me to try again this morning in case of cancellations.

It worked and I got a seat on a train heading up north to Taipei. For folks who visit Taiwan, the entire Eastern side of Taiwan island is a world apart from the populated Western side. The beauty is stunning even though I could only catch a glimpse travelling by train. The road would take you up and down some of the more beautiful coastal escapements where you hug the side of mountains that plunged down to the coast and the Pacific Ocean.

The train unfortunately penetrate those mountains via tunnels, but in between the tunnels and before you go into another mountain, the view is still breathtaking.

I was heading into Taipei as I wanted to lay the groundworks for the next generation looking after Tinkerbell. Taiwanese here are crazy wanting very much to learn English. But the methods that they used are so rote driven that they paralysed themselves into fear when they encounter English. I hoped to lay a good foundation for Yu's eldest son.

So I had to get suitable English books that could help him defeat the fear for English. That it is a language well within his grasp and I will try to lead him into it.

I went to Taipei to one of the largest bookstore in Taiwan. Part of the reason was that I ran out of reading material myself. Reading " We were young once " for the second time was a bit difficult. There were no decent bookstores in Chiayi that stocked English book.

The books I bought for him had both English and Chinese together. One of the books I bought him was "Peter Pan". He might as well know that story and who that original Tinkerbell was.

Then it was train again for me from Taipei to Chiayi. Through some over kindheartedness from the railway staff who did not wish to see me standing up in the train from Taipei to Chiayi on the rapid train that I wanted, I was booked into a slower train with seat available for me. That was why I got into Chiayi at 9pm after a five hour journey.

I was met by Yu at the railway station after I made a call from a public phone to let him know I arrived. It happened he was at his father-in-law house for some unknown celebration and of course, I had to be taken there to join in the wining and dining.

Yu was telling me of a recent developement. Since I left for Hualien, Tink also started to talk and whistle to him when he took her out on the bike. She never did that before until my visit, talking and whistling only at home. Yu never knew Tink always did that with me when on the bike in the past and again in this visit until I mentioned that to him. Perhaps he took her out more often in the car when she did talk and whistle.

So it was rather late when we finally got to his house to see Tinkerbell briefly.

Then I first explained to his son of my plans to maximise my time to help his English and ignored Tink, she flew into a huff and flew high up remaining tantalisingly out of my reach, bending her head only for head rubs.

I had to go as I need to get to cybercafe and then to the SWN for the night.

And early morning call to see Tink and Yu in the morning.

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