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Sieben lost his life // A crack in the ice


You all knew of Libai flying out at the back of the apartment. That was through a window grill there which was not meshed up yet. The glass door there separating the kitchen from the cloth washing machine and cloth drying area was left opened as the kitty litter tray was there and kitties need to come and go about their business.
After the horse ran away, you will not care to double lock the barn door. Neither did I bothered to mesh up that offending window either. Considering that Oberon will have a long way to go before he graduate from his room, and the real threat of Sieben in the apartment that I have no idea in fixing yet, I thought there was no hurry in finishing that remainding 1 % of flight perimeter safety.

Sieben was young and extremely agile as a pedigree Abyssinian cat. Sieben was almost like a monkey that meowed and looked like a cat in the way he would jump up and pounced about. Instead of walking about demurely, he would dart here and there with a fugitive guilty look on his face.

I and my wife are Cantonese. There is this Cantonese phrase that was soon added to Sieben. Sieben the Gwai-gwai Shi-shi. Gwai is ghost in cantonese that you might have come across in the term GwaiLo, a term that meant ghost person, a term cheerfully given to all Caucasians in that they are white, and ghosts are white and GwaiLo was felt to be so appropriate.

The word doubled up gwai gwai meant ghostly. Shi is Cantonese for mouse, and shi shi meant in a mousey way. So Gwaigwai Shishi meant moving in a quilty fugitive thief like manner. And Sieben moved like that all the time, so Sieben became Sieben the Gwaigwai Shishi.

The preceding week I was hit by a bout of food poisoning. I thought I recovered sufficiently on Mon 22 Aug. Recovered enough to join Cyrus, Larry and Jack for dinner at 5Star at River Valley road. Later that evening after I came back, I was hit by terrible stomach cramps like the week before. I felt at least this time my misery was with company and therefore a lot less than by myself. I threw up which thankfully helped. And a few activated carbon tabs helped even more. I called Cyrus the next morning thinking to console him. He told me everyone was fine and not hit by food poisoning at all.

That puzzled me greatly until a while later, I saw Sieben walking on the kitchen counter and sitting on the cutting board. That Sieben might well be responsible for my bouts of food poisoning. Feelings between me and Sieben were not good at that point.

I still went on to write that last report, and that I was going to up the ante with Oberon.

I have no problem with Oberon remaining wild. I needed Oberon to be more accepting of me. A kind of friendship need to be established before I take the next step of clicker training to build the bridge to understanding.

Friendship could not be made by gooey eyeing the birdie, or just stepping into Oberon flight room to give him food and do chores.

So it was on 25 Aug Thursday morning that I thought of breaking the ice with Oberon. That I would go in with the mash, stay in his room while he ate the mash.
Oberon was sufficiently fattened up by me to have reserves of fat and I think I built up enough brownie points with him over the last 3 weeks.

I normally am not stupid. But then, you know when I was not feeling well, I could reach new heights of stupidity. As on that Thursday morning.

I prepared my breakfast. And had that bowl of mash. To go into Oberon room, I thought I would take in my breakfast there as well with the bowl of mash. I think if I got a dismantable kitchen sink, I would have rationalized to take the kitchen sink with me into Oberon's room.

My arms were full as I nudged the sliding door opened. Balancing breakfast, coffee and mash precariously, I made my way through the sliding door. Sieben the Gwaigwai Shishi was there unseen by me at the foot of the sliding door. Sieben sneaked into the flight room to my shock. I got back my wits. I cleared my hands and went into the flight room to try to get Sieben out. In trying to get Sieben out of the room, Oberon flew out of the room into the living room. Sieben then raced out of the room as well.

I saw Oberon flying to the kitchen and likely to the open window still unmeshed at the back. I rushed out to the kitchen just in time to see Oberon reaching the window. Then a flash of brown jumped up from the floor and Oberon was taken down. Sieben had needle sharp teeth and claws. A flurry of feathers went flying.


I did what I could only do as I rushed my way to them. I gave a thunderbolt of a shout to Sieben. Followed by mighty curses on him. Sieben went catatonic. Then Sieben lost his life. In that moment I was there. Oberon recovered enough to fly off again. This time back into the apartment. I raced back into the kitchen and into the dining room after Oberon. From corner of my eye, Sieben reloaded another of his miserable life. And racing after me running after Oberon. Oberon flew into the dining room, turned sharply left and into the corridor. My computer room door was opened and he flew into the computer room. I ran in and shut the doors. A window in the room was opened. Oberon was confused and I closed that window. I then got Oberon in my hands. A quick check showed no blood. I took him back into his flight room.

The bite of cats on birds can be deadly. If the cat carries pasturella as well, that combination spell death regardless of how quickly the bird can be brought to the vet.

There could be no further thoughts of upping the ante. Perhaps Oberon was at death door step. And even if not, the shock of the chase, between jaws and paws of Sieben, and my later man handling, set us way way back on those earlier plans.

I could only wait over the next couple of days to see if Oberon would keel over. I placed his mash bowl in the cage and hoped for the best.

Sieben then came into the living room. And lay on the back of that sofa armchair looking in on Oberon with a smirk. That was too much for me to bear. I took the notebook used for recording the weight of mash and time of feeding of Oberon.


I smacked Sieben the Gwaigwai Shishi with that notebook with my might on his head. Sieben lost the life he reloaded earlier. He jumped up a foot from the back of the armchair. And when his scrambled brains came together again, he ran from the living room and not to be seen for the rest of the day.

Until evening time when it was time for me to fix their mash for dinner. Sieben then came out of hiding to do his figure of 8s around my ankle. I did not know how Sieben did it, he also did his figure of 8s around my knees and up to my thighs. To further his punishment of my brutal treatment on him, Sieben came when I was about to sleep and purr like a fire engine right into my ears. And I had to throw him off the bed to get to sleep as before.

The next couple of days showed Oberon to be eating as much and as well as before. On top of that, Oberon flew much better in his flight room too. Perhaps the big flight that he did uncorked old neuron pathways in his head.

As Oberon was no longer in danger of keeling over, I decided to see if I could up the ante with him.

I could not expect Oberon to fly to the perch to eat from there with me sitting in the armchair. Libai was a pig who ate and ate and ate. Oberon was a lot more reserved and not a pig like Libai.

For a couple of days, his mash bowl was weighed and placed in his cage only when I was in his flight room sitting in the armchair there. That if he was to eat, he was to eat with me in his room. I noticed flaws in that. His cage was always sacred to him. My intrusion into his cage was objected to very much by him.

Today, I changed tactic. I placed his mash on the table instead of in his cage. That way, I did not have to approach him the way I had to in order to place the bowl in his open cage.

That was better. In about 5 minutes from the placing, Oberon flew to the edge of the table, and then onto a wooden block, and he ate and ate. He would eat about 3 grams before he felt he had enough and flew back to top of his cage.






I did that an hour later. I knew from my records Oberon would have a 45 minutes interval between eating. Again he waited a few minutes, and then he flew to the bowl and ate and ate. That was done a few more times today. Then when I had to leave the apartment, the mash bowl was left there for him to eat as he pleased.

I think I repeat that tomorrow, and then followed by placing the mash bowl on the perch nearer me.

A crack in the ice between me and Oberon is starting.

I guess I can buy meal worms and crickets too for additional treats as well. And see how it will unfold.

LiBai mash making.
About 300 grams of beef mince, with 200 grams of chicken mince and 150 grams of dried anchovies(for the calcium). That was all done up to the kitty mash formula I wrote about in
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Instead of the almond and brazil nuts, about 100 grams of human grade groundnuts(peanuts) were used.

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