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LiBai metabolic rate and graduation


In the last report, I said that I liked to get Libai to about 38 grams first thing morning weight. Then in reading the earlier reports where I fed and fed him to about his heart content. I thought then that his weight might be about 50-60 grams.

So the first time when I weighed him about 2 weeks after he came and found him to be 38.2 grams, I thought I would go for that. Then I thought on that again that even 38 grams might be too much.

I decided I will try to get him to about 36 grams or so morning weight. Even at 36 grams, LiBai will still be a lot more heavy than when he first came to me.

For all I know, perhaps LiBai might have been at about 30 grams weight when he first came to me. So I think getting him down to 36 grams should be ok.

We all know how foie de gras was made. You stuff loads of food down the throat of goose so the liver would get fat. It seems for Green Leafbird, you give lots of food and they will stuff themselves silly. So many people who kept LB said what gluttons they were.

In local environment, the basic food given were chicken feed, or stuff derived from chicken feed. How appropriate is the chicken feed for omnivore like greenleaf bird I realy wonder, not to talk about insectivores where that was advocated as well.

In the shop, LiBai was given pieces of fruits and an occasional cricket or 2. I believe that was the norm in this part of the world. It might well be the pieces of fruit and occasional insect or 2 that kept leafbird alive in captivity here.

Is what is nutritious enough for chicken meant they are nutritious enough for all other kind of birds? And how long do they keep chicken alive? About 6 weeks or so to get them to the market! What is the impact of feeding chicken feed on long term to Libai for years and years? I do not know, and I do not intend to find out.

Chicken needed grit, so will grit be given as well? That was not even funny as I found birdshop recommending grit be given even to parrot. Luckily I recovered Tinkerbell early from her first escapade and told the Yu family to throw into the bin the grit a birdshop owner insisted must be given to the grey.

Libai had that chicken feed when he first got to me. I left that for him in conjunction with the mash I gave him. I watched with fascination that he never took that stuff once he tasted the mash I made for him. And I threw all that away after a few days.

In a way, those chicken feed given to leafbird was good in that the leafbird will never over eat that stuff. And should they eat it, how nutritious will that be?

But does that meant I am to give LiBai chicken feed instead of the good mash made for him? Will 2 wrong go to make a right?

I rather try to find his metabolic rate and bring his weight to the norm I decided to be good for him

The mixed mash I prepared for him consist of roughly half Libai mash and half mash from a puree of mango, tomatoes and banana. The empty bowl is 35 grams.

It was easy for me to weigh LiBai. He would get onto that edge of the bowl on the scale.

More photos in Flickr folder LiBai - 4th lot of photos


He would also go onto the scale at cue, and bribe.



16 Apr
915 am

mixed mash = 49.5 - 49.0 grams
(above meant mash was 49.5 grams. After weighing Libai, I let him eat a bit of mash which then weighed in at 49 . If I weighed Libai to be too heavy, as can be seen at 215 pm, LB then got less mixed mash.

The weight of Libai below will be his weight immediately after the bowl of mixed mash was first weighed. Any weight jump of Libai might be he was given a cricket later on or he decided to drink water or he decided to bath himself. I did not pay attention to those last 2 and I do not record when he was given cricket (2 a day) or mealworms.

LB (LiBai) = 42.5

mixed mash = 47.9 - 47.4 grams

LB = 42.3

Any difference between the weight of the mash indicated what I gave him during the training in between those weighing. ie 49.0-47.9 showed LB got 1.1 grams of mixed mash in between. I found LiBai loved the mash as much as he liked the meal worms. I placed 2 meal worms into the bowl of mash. LB took a meal worm first. He then ate a few beakful of mash. Then he took and ate the 2nd meal worm. So during the touch target and recall exercises, he might be given meal worm for reward or he might be given mash. Cricket given only at end of training exercise as he would fly into the cage with the cricket to chew, beat and eat, then refused to come out for a while while he happily digest that cricket.

In the course of the day, he would also be given 2 crickets as treat for recalls.

12 noon
mixed mash = 47.2 - 46.2 grams

LB = 42.9

2 15pm
mixed mash = 43.4 - 43.3 grams

LB = 42.9

4 10pm
mixed mash = 42.1 - 41.9 grams

LB = 43.0

5 15pm
mixed mash = 41.4 - 41.1 -40.9 grams

LB = 42.6


17 Apr

9 30 am

mixed mash = 52.4 - 51.7 grams

LB (LiBai) = 39.6

10 45am
mixed mash = 50.2 - 48.8 grams

LB = 41.0

12 noon
mixed mash = 48.1 - 45.7 grams

LB = 41.5

4 30 pm
mixed mash = 44.6 - 43.8 grams

LB = 40.0

5 30pm
mixed mash = 42.1 - 41.8 grams

LB = 41.6


18 Apr

9 00 am

mixed mash = 48 - 46.8 grams

LB (LiBai) = 39.2

11 30am
mixed mash = 45.4 - 44.9 grams

LB = 40.4

1 pm
mixed mash = 43.1 grams

LB = 41.4

2 30 pm
mixed mash = 42.8 - 42.0 grams

LB = 41.0

3 20pm
mixed mash = 42.0 - 41.0 grams

LB = 40.3

4 30 pm
mixed mash = 40.3 - 39.9 grams

LB = 41.1

5 30pm
mixed mash = 39.6 - 39.2 grams

LB = 41.1


19 Apr

9 30 am

mixed mash = 47.5 - 46.7 grams

LB (LiBai) = 38.8

11 30am
mixed mash = 45.6 - 45.3 grams

LB = 39.4

12 45 pm
mixed mash = 44.4 - 43.9 grams

LB = 40.9

2 45 pm
mixed mash = 41.6 - 41.2 grams

LB = 40.8

4 pm
mixed mash = 40.8 - 40.6 grams

LB = 40.2

5 15 pm
mixed mash = 40.3 - 40.0 grams

LB = 40.5

6 20 pm
mixed mash = 39.8 - 39.5 grams

LB = 40.3

I think Libai graduated. He finally flew to land on my finger on cue. He preferred the black choptstick as perch, but he landed on my finger finally. In the past, the shots of LiBai on my finger did not tell the whole story. I had to wrap my fingers around the bowl. He would land onto my finger then, and stayed there when I removed the bowl away. That was not the same as he landing on my finger directly as cued.

Ivan would join us often. Ivan must be old. In the past with Yingshiong, Ivan was lurching away to get at YS. To the point I had to lock Ivan in his room. I guess Ivan is a lot more mellow now at about 17 years of age.

More photos in Flickr folder LiBai - 4th lot of photos

Waiting for procedure to start first with weighing of mash before himself


Ivan at quality control of procedures





You see in above photo an ordinary looking shot of LiBai and 2 target stick, a longer one and a shorter one.
I use only one target stick, that longer stick. But I could not find that stick. I have this habit of not remembering where I placed things. I thought I placed that by the scale but could not be sure. I thought perhaps I left it on the sofa in front of the TV but could not find it there So I had to cut another orange bit to tie to a piece of chopstick for a new target stick.

Then one day, I saw a bit of orange on the floor of LiBai cage. I thought his poop might be orange which would be a cause of alarm as I never seen that color before. When I got nearer, to my surprise, that was the original target stick. LiBai must have taken that into the cage to try to discover why he got treats when asked to touch it.

Since then, I got a small box in his room to keep the clicker and both the target stick.



Froze Libai in a couple of shots above in play with me.


20 Apr

The mash today was very different. In other days, it was a mix of half and half.
But today, it was pure mash. You can see the impact of pure mash.

9 30 am

mash = 50.6 - 49.9 grams

LB (LiBai) = 38.1

10 30am
mash = 49.6 - 49.0 grams

LB = 38.8

12 15 pm
mash = 48.9 - 48.7 grams

LB = 39.2

1 15 pm
mash = 48.4 - 48.0 grams

LB = 38.8

3 15 pm
mash = 46.0 - 45.6 grams

LB = 39.9

5 pm
mash = 45.6 - 45.4 grams

LB = 39.5

6 30 pm
mixed mash = 45.4 - 45.3 grams

LB = 39.5

With that as the final weight of the day, I think Libai reached the norm I wanted him to be.

Quite likely, his morning first weight might be about 37.5.

I will feed him 6 grams of mash and 6 grams of fruit mash and his weight should stabilised. If not? I adjust again.

I will not be weighing his mash bit by bit. Probaly I give him 6 grams of mixed mash in morning for him to eat as he pleased, and 6 grams after lunch as a kind of control.

More photos in Flickr folder LiBai - 4th lot of photos



Today LiBai finally flew into the living room. Just a little bit inside onto the fan. He recalled nicely to me on cue. He decided he can be friendly with me.

I tried to cue him to fly to me yesterday. But each time he approached the open door, it was like he hit a barrier and he flew back into the flight room. That was the same for Yingshiong. He was used to the flight room. Took both YS and LB a while to work up enough courage to fly into the living room.

No need to lock up Ivan as I had to during the days with Yingshiong. I think those 2 can be friends. But always an eye on both of them.

I have not got the beaded curtain, and had not make the apartment perimeter entirely safe yet. So in fact I should not have let LiBai out of his flight room.

But then, I guess he was not likely to fly wildly about as yet.

I think I know my birdie.

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