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Slow mo videos // Li Bai in touch target , beyond touch target and cued slow mo recalls & Ivan


Slow mo videos

I was asked what camera was used to shoot those slow mo videos.
That so nearly did not come about. There was this conversation between me and dear wife a few weeks ago

dear wife :- I want to buy another camera
shan lung :- #$%^&&%$##^^@#$!!! How many $#!@#$$% cameras have you got already
d w :- What has that got to do with me buying a new camera
s l :- $#$%^&&*&@!#$%%!!
d w :- That camera is in a nice shade of pink!
s l :- $#$%^&(&^$@#@$%%%%!!
d w :- *wail* you are being mean to me!
s l :- Why not I buy you a nice solid digital SLR that you can have that you must carry.
d w :- @#$^^%$#@$&2!
s l :- I even will buy you a nice solid tripod that you can carry too.
d w :- *wail* you are being mean to me!
s l :- @#$&^%$#@!!
d w :- That camera can take slow motion videos
s l :- Huh? Slow mo videos
d w :- Yes ! yes! can take many frames to play back as slow mo.
s l :- hmmmm.....
d w :- I go buy?

And that was how my wife got herself yet another digi camera Canon IXUS 1000HS. This can shoot at 240fps and play back at 30 fps in super slow mo. I think shooting LiBai is more entertaining than shooting water pouring from a cup in slow mo as advised.

Except that camera is in a most ghastly shade of pink.


more photos in
LiBai - 4th lot of photos

Last Monday, after I posted the last entry, LiBai was introduced to touch target.
That target was a garish orange cocktail stirrer. I thought he would look on it with affection and gratitude and we walked into the rest of training together.


I was wrong.

He hopped away when that target approached. I approached nearer and he flew away.
I hold that clicker hoping he would pecked at it to be clicked and treated.

What looked so nice and cute was a horrid invasive orange thingy to LiBai and out to kill him. I thought he would accept it in a while. But after a whole morning, he was not closer to accepting that target.

I thought I make it less intimidating. I thought of using a thin bamboo skewer stick. Instead, I took a disposable chopstick, cheaper then a dime a dozen, especially when given away with takeaway meals (try to remember I am a Chinese used to chopsticks) that was then lying on a table. That choice was fateful as seen by events later.

I cut the end of the cocktail stirrer and with Dyneema, tied that to the end of the chopstick.


That seemed to work somewhat. LiBai did not back off the way he did. Neither did he pecked at the target point as I hoped.

Tinkerbell got the idea from the first presentation of target and the first click and treat. Almost as if a sparked jumped from her head to my heart that we were in contact. Yingshiong was also very swift to get the idea. So was Riamfada.

That past experiences perhaps painted an unrealistic expectation in me as to LiBai. To be fair to LiBai, perhaps I shared the blame too. I did not and could not open my heart to him the way I had done before. But then, I had to go through 3 very painful goodbyes. And to open your heart too much to Libai will meant another even more painful time later on. While I will not love LiBai the way I did to the others, I have my code to live by. To treat all my companions with the respect, dignity and consideration due to other intelligent sentient equal to me. With that as the prime consideration, I just could not withold food from LiBai to make him hungrier and more responsive to me. To win the battle and lose my soul and the war in the process.

I persisted with holding the target near LiBai. Eventually, he pecked at it, to be clicked and treated. No spark flew between us. Quite disappointing to me. I had another 3 sessions with him for the rest of that day. The other sessions were quite disappointing too.

I think during the evening, LiBai must have reflected on those events.

It was better the next day.


He got the hang of it. That he needed to make a move even if to touch target to get that click and treat. That he had to take active steps in interactions with me.
The rest of the day, I had him touching target to be clicked and treated. I know still at A B C. But if some kids are slower in ABC, we had to go through that with them for longer period, at their pace and not the pace you have in your mind.

The next day, I hold the target a bit further from him. He had to hop down the perch to touch target. To be clicked, and then he got to wait for the treat. The click introduced a time period that he got to be patient with and in anticipation. Problem the treat was a minor feast in that he would take that away to chew and chew to soften and then to eat. If only I have the millis.

You can see how small those worms were. The big one in the round box was a regular mealworm placed there for comparison.

The day after, I hold the target a bit further, thinking he had to bend over to touch the target. To my nice surprise, he hopped over to perch on the target stick to touch the target tip.

I then realised that perhaps the chopstick was of a size convenient for his little feet to curl around and perched on. He was kind of reluctant to hop on my finger perhaps my finger was too fat for him.

Being a Chinese more used to chopsticks then to fork /knife/spoon , there were enough chopsticks around the house. I used a regular & thicker black chopstick to use as a perch. Holding the target with the same hand, I used that black chopstick to bridge the perch so he had to walk all the way from his perch to the black chopstick to touch target


The remaining 3-4 lessons were done doing that. Each lesson started with a simple touch target. Then onto the walking across to me.

I regretted having no millis as with Yingshiong. Those worms were tiny and need not be taken away to be soften and eaten as with mealy worms.

On the next day, I hold the black chopstick a short distance away with the target stick.

At cue, Li Bai flew to me and touch target when I cued him to COME.


In a few more sessions, he got the hang of it. I faded away the target stick and just cued him to COME.

The target stick used only to start session with easy touch target and to end the session on touch target.

My wife was home during the weekend. We then shot a couple of slow mo videos of LiBai doing the recall flight to me when cued.

The first recall was shot with my head blocking the other hand with clicker and then treating of LiBai.

Then another slow mo was taken of the recall with LiBai

LiBai technically fulfilled his graduation requirement which is to fly to me on recall.

But I felt something was missing. His response to me was tardy. I do not blame it on the food that he had. After all, Tinkerbell, Yingshiong and Riamfada were all well fed and had their breakfast before formal training. Those three also showed a huge rapport with me. They showed enthusiasm in the training and bonding with me even on full stomach.

Perhaps Yingshiong was very special shama and other shamas might not have given me the same response. Perhaps LiBai was a special greenleaf bird and perhaps other greenleaf bird might have bonded with me much better. Maybe I was hoping too much from LiBai.

And perhaps the fault is with me, in my deliberate walling of my already scarred heart that LiBai might have detected. But I hope that at the very least, we can be friends. This is not evident as yet.

Maybe in time that friendship can develope between us.

Without the rapport, LiBai will have to remain in his flight room even if he made recall flights to me.

Ivan was introducted to Libai more and more. So far, Ivan had not made any threatening move on Libai.

more photos in
LiBai - 4th lot of photos






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