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More stuff happened around the world in the last few days. I realised that you folks probably have blinkers and rose tinted glasses too. And like to have that on for peace of mind.

So I thought I sit on my fingers and not write of those news, other than a little bit.

Some might even think all that was happening is a plan of God.

I just think it is very unfair to blame God for stuff man is doing to man. Whether that is out of man's viciousness, greed, simple mindedness, or misplaced altruistic stupidity, it is still the fault of man. The earlier man can recognised that what is done came from ourselves, the earlier we can get to meaningful solutions.

That little bit is that Dame Elizabeth Taylor went to a better place.

I liked her from the time I first saw her on National Velvet and moving on to Cleopatra and other movies. She was an icon I grew up with.

What she did in her private life is nobody business but her business. She went on to lend her fame and name for worthy good causes. And in the end, that truly counted and nothing else.

We all have to go some time. Her time came as must come to all of us.
I am sorry to see her go.



I am embarrased at some of the nice things said by some of you on my translation of Li Bai poetry.

I thought I include here a reply I had made to Laura in forum. I expand that reply a wee bit more here.


I could not and did not do justice to that Li Bai.
I could only show you a shadow of the imagery that he could conjure and weaved together.

靜夜思 Jìng yè sī

床前明月光, Chuáng qián míng yuè guāng,
疑是地上霜。 Yí shì dì shàng shuāng.
舉頭望明月, Jǔ tóu wàng míng yuè,
低頭思故鄉。 Dī tóu sī gùxiāng.

Reflections on a quiet night.

In front of the bed the full moon shone bright,
scattering on the floor like autumn hoarfrost with her light.
Lifting my head I gazed at the full moon,
Lowering my head, nostalgic thoughts flowed of family and times of my ancestral village.

Chinese poems are very structured. See the number of the chinese words in each line for the rhythmic cadence which must be met.

And his combination of profound and simple words to achieve that.

Certain chinese words need almost a paragraph for the meaning.

There is ryhming too as can be seen in the phonetic sound of chinese words I provided in Reflection on a quiet night.

He never worked and worked on his pieces. It was on record he dashed off his poems in a flash and spur of the moment, dropping the jaws of all around him at that time.


Li Bai -Conditioning the clicker

In my last report, I wrote

There are very clear differences between him an omnivoure and Yingshiong the shama, an insectivore.

When Yingshiong was on the swinging perch, and provided the perch swing was not too great, Yingshiong head would appear to be absolutely fixed at a point in space. His body might sway on the swing, but his head was riveted and not moved a millimeter at all. If the swing of the perch was increased more than can be compensated, Yingshiong head would maintain absolutely on one plane.

LiBai head moved with his body on the swinging perch. None of those fixation of head at a point like Yingshiong. I guess thats because YS is a pure predator unlike Libai who is omnivoure.

I was not explicit enough.

First of all, the swinging of the perch was created by the birdie landing on the perch which set it swinging about.

Yingshiong head was absolutely fixed at a point in space if the perch swing was not too great. YS gaze was absolutely fixed at another point. Until YS changed his sight on yet a different place and then that sight would be maintained until the next change.

If the degree of swing was more than could be compensated, YS head would maintain on that one plane turning about if necessary, but his gaze would remain focused on that one point.

I was watching a documentary on Abrams battle tank and the incredible gyroscopic and sensing systems that tank has. When the Abrams tank was focused on a target, regardless of how the tank moved or rotated about on difficult terrain, that gun remained pointed to the target set. That was exactly the way Yingshiong head was like.

In the evening after I wrote my last report, I liquidized a mix of mango, cherry tomatoes and bananas for the fruit component for my omnivore Li Bai. I got a bit tired of cutting mango pieces for Li Bai. Some of the mango pieces were big (for his beak) and bits of it dropped off to the ground. The liquidized fruit mix were packaged into little long baggies and frozen. The long shaped of the fruit mash made it easy to break portions off even when frozen to add to the LiBai mash. So the fruit mash were all kept frozen until used. I found thawed fruit mash were watery and make a mess in the fridge when thawed.

The daily diet for Li Bai was as followed.

To the 34 gram bowl, 16 gram of Libai mash was added together with 16 grams of frozen fruit mash. All that well mixed together for the bowl to weigh 66 grams at start of the day. That given to him at about 930 am

LiBai did not eat all at one time, but over the course of the day.

by 1130 am - 59 g
by 1225 pm - 54 g
by 135 pm - 46 g
by 335 pm - 40 g
by 445 pm - 37 g
by 545 pm - 35 g

That was remarkably consistent over the next 3 days

During that time, I conditioned the clicker with Li Bai. I will not copy and paste what I had written a few times over from below. Go there to read the thoughts behind the conditioning of the clicker.

Li Bai might remain in the cage. He liked to do soft singing or vocalising then. When he was doing that, that might be religious to him as he would continue to do that even if I was in his flight room.

Then he would fly to the perch on his door to sing loudly to me as if he wanted me to know it was time to interact with him. I then had to get up of my arm chair with my clicker and the round box of mealy worms, to go there to click the clicker and offer him the box for him to take a worm. I varied that to show him the clickr sound was important. I would walk to him show the box and then sit down again. That with no clicker sound, no treat for him.

After a few days of that, I was getting tired, or lazy.

I was thinking why should I have to get out of my arm chair to go to him.
Why not he came closer to me.

So it was today I decided his mash bowl would not be on that perch. Which might be near me, but required me to turn akwardly my body to face him.

I placed the mash bowl on the little stool in front of me with a rectangular piece of wood to make it convenient for him to perch on.

If he wanted his mash, he could jolly well fly down to that stool to eat. I stayed in the living room to watch TV. He fluttered about a bit in his room. Then he decided to fly to the stool to eat the mash.

He did that a couple of times.

I then went into the flight room. He was reluctant at the beginning to fly there. Flying to the stool, hovering above a while and then flying back to his cage door perch to scream at me. I smiled back at him and went on to read my book.

In a short while, he must have thought it over and accepted that arrangement.


In case you do not know, the brown blop at the bottom of the shot is my knee.

I click and offer him the worm. He accepted. No photo possible as one hand hold the worm bowl and the other hand hold the clicker.

That was a lot easier for me then having to walk over to him on the cage door. And he got to know getting nearer to me would not have him disappearing into a black hole.
My natural laziness is a source of many of my discoveries and innovation. I would not have thought of the roundabout come for Tinkerbell or Riamfada without the laziness of not wanting to walk to them to give treat to them. So much easier for them to go to where I cued them to go, and then fly back to me for treats. Not as if they wanted the treats all the time. I was a lot more documented with the roundabout come with Riamfada then with Tinkerbell.

I mentioned that in

Or how my laziness decided that I taught Riamfada the 'roundabout come'. In that I got her to fly to named places and then turned around to fly to me. Save the trouble to walk over to her to give her her treats. That took me 2 training sessions, about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, and of course, during TV commercials. TV commercials are such a blessing in life that you can go get your drinks (maybe a bout of clicker training for wife might get me drinks), go to the loo , or train your parrot.

Also a horrendous shock where we went out to dinner, came back 2 hours later to hear meowing coming from Riamfada's room. On that one evening when I forgot to check her room when returning her there to sleep, Dom got in. And he got shut in with her for 2 hours.

Luckily they are friends.

I was more explict in that next report with videos and all.

Dubai trip //Ivan & Batty // Roundabout come.

I moved that stool nearer.


Which was why the brown blop at the bottom of the photo which was my knee appeared so much bigger.


Start of clicker training - Conditioning the Clicker (Riamfada)

Clicker training - Conditioning of clicker day 1 (Yingshiong)

Tinkerbell Legacy - VH parrot and Clicker Training Rant 06

Some thoughts on clicker - The initial experience with Tinkerbell

Clicker training and bonding with Tinkerbell

if you forgotten about conditioniong the clicker.


Read Riamfada free flights in villa // And around neighbourhood for explicit details

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.
or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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