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I need better tight fitting blinkers // Li Bai the pig


It is a miserable grey drizzling day today.

Fitting weather for the news which remain grey and miserable all over. From killing
in Libya and Bahrain and elsewhere.

And in Japan.

I need better tight fitting blinkers.

I cannot think of anyone not engrossed with the events in Japan, the recent past, the present and still to unfold.

I have a bit more reason. In early 90s, I made a few holiday trips to Japan. One was to sample the lovely hotsprings and ryokans with my very good American friend Art T. He could speak a few words of Japanese, and I could read a few words of Chinese, which happened to be Kanji and used by the Japanese. With our combined unholy linguistic skills, we travelled up and down Japan enjoying the hot springs , the food and the people.

I travelled twice up into Hokkaido. And through the Northern Honshu, the region now on your TV with destruction beyond belief. I had stopped there, walked there, bought bento there, and had known a bit of the place even if I cannot recall the names. There were too many names to remember and Japanese names very long and complicated.

I hold a grudge against Japanese from what they had done to Chinese in WW2 , and for the 2 bullet holes in my father chest. He survived or you will not be reading of Shanlung.

The friendliness of the Japanese when I was in Japan took away that grudge. The help extended to 2 guys and then a lonely guy armed only with a few Japanese words were heart warming and unbelievable.

I looked at that devastation with flashbacks to those travelling times for me in Japan were numbing for me.

And the thought it will get a lot worse before it gets better with those 4 reactors.
Or is it 6? And spent fuel rods in diminishing water stored on top of those reactors?

I saw today with great bravado helicopters trying to cool the reactor with water dropped from the air. Is it my eyes that perhaps less than 5 percent of the water hit the building with most of the water in cloud of spray elsewhere but the building.

Of the 5 percent that hit the building , how much of it reached where that water was supposed to reach?

Mocassinlanding commented to me in last post

"I think about the old movies of the Three Stooges, in one bed, when one turned over they all three had to turn over. In much the same way, the world is becoming smaller and every continent is in this one bed/one planet, and we will all have to realize that what happens to one happens to us all. So while Japan is under duress here, so are we all. "

I replied.

"And your 3 Stooges in that bed, which was so funny when I first saw that, is now so poignant and painfully real."

Shocking and bad as the earthquake and tsunami was that tsunami extended maybe 15 to 20 km from shoreline inwards. It will be a Herculean task to clean and restore.

Most sadly, that Herculean task might be a piece of cake compared to the legacy of those meltdowns. And which may well extend much further than Japan, depending on where and how the winds blow.


Li Bai the pig

I never like to talk bad about people, or on dead people, or even on people who are immortal like my poet of 1300 years ago.

It is on Li Bai the bird. I do not even think I am talking bad of him. But it is an apt description.

I mentioned how he love to eat the mash since I added a bit of mango and mixed it up thoroughly. He liked that so much , and emptied that bowl that I gave him another bowl.

He perhaps scattered about 1/4 of that, but he ate 3/4.

It was the same yesterday, 2 bowls not to talk about millis and crickets.

Here is a video of how he took that cricket. He was given 5-6 of them.

I decided to see just how much of the mash he could eat today
So I weighed the bowl and mash (no mango in it) and that was 58 g.
He finished it all by end of the morning to 34 g or he had 24 g.

In the afternoon, I gave 52 g. And just weighed the balance at 38 g to see he took another 14 g or total of 38 g.

You recalled my mash weighing for Riamfada at about 450 grams weight.
Riam ate about 30-40 grams of mash per day.

Yingshiong my shama at about 32 grams took about 4-5 grams of Yingshiong mash (off the top of my head, I should go back into livejournal to check) per day.

YS mash was much drier.

LiBai scattered some, but still, he must have taken 38 grams and eaten at least 26 grams. I think LiBai weight is about 55-60 grams. It will be soon that I get him to hop to the scale, but not yet and not now.

Libai is omnivoure and perhaps much more fruit can be eaten. Except Libai mash is high energy high protein mix. I think I will have to reduce that mash down drastically for his own good. I do not want him to be a baseball and then exploding.

That will be in a couple of days time as I wanted to make sure he eat well and good first.

But can anyone disagree with my calling Li Bai a pig when he at 60 grams can eat about the same as Riamfada at 450 grams.

No one can guide me as no one else kept a GGLB in total flight or prepare mash the way I do. What they feed GGLB I do not know or care to know. I threw away all the dried food that I was given for the GGLB by the way. looked to me like chicken feed.

In the months before I got him, I talked with others who kept GGLB. They told me the bird is messy.

Now I truly know. With the food Libai ate, it had to come out the other end. Unlike shama who will regurgitate the chitin skin of insects, for GGLB, everything comes out the other end. When a lot goes in one end, a lot exited from the other end.

If GGLB is kept, as they are traditionally kept in tiny cage, I can imagine the mess that have to be cleaned daily.

I have never cleaned Riamfada's cage in the 2 years she was with me. Neither did I recall cleaning Tinkerbell's cage.

While you are picking your jaws from your keyboard, bear in mind Riam and Tink and YS were hardly in the cage in the first place. They were on their perches outside the cage with nice newspaper under the perches where most of their poo ended.

Same case for Li Bai who dropped lots of poo on the newspaper too. Much easier to throw away, or even left alone for a few more days then to clean that from cages and floor bars which might have to be done daily.

GGLB is a songbird, but not a songbird like a shama, the best songbird. But heck, Li bai is my companion and he will be whether he sing well or croak. I will record his singing later on.



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.
or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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