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Angkor Wat & stuff// Wife to say hi to Domdom and Riamfada// Search & recovery of your lost birdie


Today is the 5th Dec and a Sunday. I had to go to see a calender as to the date and the day of the week. In a timeless place and wanderings that I do, the date and the day of the week became irrelevant.

I am back into another of the Internet cafe at 0.75 USD/hour in the town of Siem Reap next to bar street and old market.

I cycled from my guesthouse along side of the river that ran through Siem Reap. Pausing a while to sit on the many benches by the river to look at the scene and to read a while. And now I am in front of the keyboard.

So it was on 30th Dec, Tuesday that the guide and the tuktuk I engaged before turned up at my guesthouse at 8am. To do that tour of Angkor Wat and other temples.

My upset stomach, and the drained battery of my camera had me postponed that visit to that day. My tummy finally ok after a day and the battery recharged.

I finally was in front of Angkor Wat. While knowing it was smaller than Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat was immense. I walked across the causeway over the huge moat with thousands of other people. The physical dimensions had me as a humble supplicant dwarfed by the scale of what was done.

I walked and walked and walked. Looking on the galleries of fine figurines carved on the outer perimeter walls. It was almost a km long.

Then it was to the inner temple. Even more carvings. And to the inner elevated core. By then, I refused to climb the steps to the top. I could say the que to get up was huge, and even more carvings that I had enough of after 4 hours.

The guide was not good, but I guess thats the luck of the draw.

I was taken to more temples after lunch. Of which I had quite enough of temples. Just as in Europe, how many museums and Masterpieces can you walk through and see without getting absolutely tired of yet another museum or masterpiece?

Even though I had a 3 day pass , I decided 2 days was enough for me.

The next day was to chill out and relax. Which was largely my agenda anyway.

I did a trip to Tongle Sap to Kampong Phluk and the flooded forest via Tara Riverboat tours. That trip was good. Even if I felt short changed by what was a bait & switched.


Wife to say hi to Domdom and Riamfada

My wife had said she might be flying off. I thought to UK to see her nieces and bother. I had a strange email from an old friend from Muscat which should have told me. After I bought my ticket to fly back on 9th Dec, I wrote to my wife to let her know. To be told that she would be out of town until 10th.

Being just curious, I wrote back and asked her where she would be to be out of town. She replied in one word , Muscat.

My curiousity became puerile and I had to ask how many days she would be there etc etc.

If I had not written to let her know I be back on the 9th, perhaps she might not even have told me she was going to Muscat.

I knew my wife enjoyed Muscat and Oman. So she will be checking up on Domdom and Riamfada when she is there.


Search & recovery of your lost birdie

It happened. What you always feared came to pass be it from Murphy or anyone else.

It might be an open window, or open door, or the bird that you thought with the clipped wings cannot fly did fly at a time you had not prepared or thought about.

I have been reading often of that. The most recent was in a forum where R M is trying to recover her Greta who flew out of the house.

To get that lost birdie back, you must first locate that lost birdie and know exactly where she is at.

First of all, do your best not to panic. You must be focused on nothing else but to get her back. Fear and despair will sap your energy and you just cannot afford that as you need all your energy to get her back.

To get her back, you must first locate your birdie.


You must keep her in sight. Get your wife, your family and your friends to keep her in sight and where she flew to. Even as you try to organise her return, other people must keep her in sight in case she might yet fly off again.


She might be up the branch of a high tree.

Flying down from a high point is very difficult for even an experienced flighted bird. If your bird is not used to flying, flying down is extremly difficult.

While someone is keeping an eye on that bird, you gather your cage, her treats and whatever that she was attracted to and try to entice her down to you.

While being directly below your bird helps you to grovel and beg better, that will be the most difficult position if you want your bird to fly to you.


This will explain why

Tinkerbell gyro drop


Your birdie is stressed and frightened. Even if she recalled successfuly at home to you, that was in the home environment. She might not respond to your recalls if stressed and frightened.

Relax and keep her in sight. She is already frightened and scared. Do not add to her fears by being frightened yourself.

Tinkerbell in Bantienyen did not fly down to me notwithstanding the hundreds/thousands of recalls done. We were in the forest and the forest canopy was like a cathedral in green. That was a totally new environment. Details below.

Tinkerbell at BanTienYen

The Agony

and the Ecstasy

Tinkerbell - Rescue at Bantienyen

Tinkerbell - Bantienyen In Retrospect

Read too, the incident at Seifa Al Sheik.

Yet another near accident with Riamfada at Seifa Al Sheik.

Beware that Murphy is always around.

I ran and ran to keep Riamfada in sight as best as I could.
She was up the steep side of the valley. She was so stressed she would not fly to me. I had to climb to her to get her to step up.

Jebel Akhbar with Kat //Seifa Al Sheik - the Great Escape and recovery

Replies & thoughts of Seifa Great Escape // Cyrus Oriole // An iftar meal

Mash Batch 6 // Flying in Shangrila Muscat // Seifa Al Sheikh Revisited


You came back home to know your bird is gone and no idea where she flew to.

That was the main reason why I always did the neighbourhood walks. First with Tinkerbell and then with Riamfada.

People all around where we lived knew of us. That was in case if the birdie flew away and in the neighbourhood, the chances of us being informed was that much better. While some neighbours might be terrible, it is worth the while to be tolerant and be friends with all. It is a lot easier to get back from people you are friendly with.

Your birdie flew off and you have only a rough idea where she could be.

Not withstanding Tinkerbell flew far away the first time I lost her, if your birdie is not used to flight, she might be within a few hundred meters away only.

Tinkerbell free flight report 1 of 3

Tinkerbell free flight report 2 of 3

Tinkerbell free flight report 3 of 3

Tinkerbell free flight - In Retrospect

You will be playing a game of chess and life and death with the Gods.

You call, and your birdie might even be in sight of you. But a bird not moving is very very difficult to see. Your bird might not even answer you.

You do not know if she heard you and not return the call, or you not calling in the right place, or perhaps you moved off before she returned the call.

It is unfortunate, but you be besieged with doubts and fears.
Let those doubts and fears give you energy, and not bring you down to hapless self pity. Getting your birdie back is not the time for self pity.

Print hundreds of wanted posters and hundreds of fliers to hand out to people.

I posted posters at all road junctions and on lamp posts. I walked and talked to hundreds even when I felt I had no longer the energy. I targetted especially schools and kindergartens to add the eyes of children to the search.

Ultimately, it was my deliberate targetting of kindergartens and junior schools with fliers and posters adding to my pool of eyes and ears with younger people more likely to see and talk among themselves that lead to final recovery. It was a kid that gave me the break I needed. Bear that in mind if you need to recover your parrot. Not that what I said help. I have seen so many recovery attempts here that did not seem to consider kids can be your most important assets as they are more honest and open.

I formed rings upon rings of posters around where I felt she was.

The search I made was very visible to the folks there. They saw me or they heard my voice. The efforts I made added to the determination of people to help me get Tinkerbell, and Riamfada back.

I had phone calls. Many were wild goose chases that I could not be angry with. They call me in good faith.

One can get even malicious phone calls. No point to be angry at that. I followed all the leads.

3 times I lost my birdie. Twice for Tinkerbell and once for Riamfada. In conditions that were daunting at the very least. Even in no hope situation, I proceed with the search as to atone for my terrible mistake.

At all times, I carried an empty pillow case with me. The birdie would be popped into that pillow case and it would be a lot easier to carry the pillow case than a cage.

I gave my all. I got them back.

May the same occur to you.



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.
or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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