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Tinkerbell Revisited - BanTienYen Temple

30 June

I went to pick Tinkerbell up late todayat about 1130am.

There were a few things that I needed to do which would have been difficult if Tink was with me. I got my train ticket to Hualien and hence Taroko Gorge for this coming Sunday when folks who go there would be coming out and back to their homes. Even better for me as then I can see how TG will be like in solitude or few people around. Then on Friday, I will be heading back into Chiayi.

With the day being so blue with some whisp of clouds, I thought I go and try to get to that temple at BanTienYen. I bought a simple packet lunch at the foot of the mountain. While riding up with my lunch, I then thought I need to sit somewhere to eat that lunch before going to that temple. Gone were the days when those thoughts never entered my mind. I could sit on the floor or anywhere that could be sat on. Nowadays, I needed at least a proper bench to sit on. And a table too if I was to have lunch.


That was how I ended up at the pavilion at BTY once again as that place offered that all and a wonderful view I never tired off. I reached there, shared my lunch with Tink and I noticed the wonderful view was shut off by clouds building up rapidly. And the heaven opened up once more sealing both of us in that pavilion.


Yesterday, I chickened out by a few drops of rain to find suddenly the rest of the day became beautiful. Today, I was enticed by good weather to find the belated bad weather promised for yesterday decided to make its appearance today.

But I enjoyed both. I was very charitable to all, the weather included, as Tinkerbell was with me. After that shared lunch, we then moved over to the benches at the edge of the pavilion enjoy whatever view that pop sporadically into view. Tink took that move as her cue to claim my shoulder as her niche that she would not budge from for the next couple of hours. She had little interest in those sporadic view and after a bit of preening, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The rain stopped after a couple of hours leaving me enough time to go to that temple.


We made our way down. I have to confess it was not actually the temple I was heading to. I was more interested in the temple ground or more specifically, a big plaza like area where a big statue of the Goddes of Mercy Kuan Yin was build. She was holding a lotus flower in her right hand hold upwards and her left hand was holding this pearl with a dragon coiled at her feet. Unlike the West, in the East, dragons are benevolent and auspicious creatures.


Few people were around. Being a weekday helped. The downpour earlier did the rest. I placed Tink and did a couple of short recalls of 3 meters. Those recalls had to be short. She seemed nervous and flew to me even as I was backing away.

She was much better after a while. She stayed at my cues to wait until I moved further away. Then I tried to take some sequential shots as she was flying to me. I had no idea if that went well as I needed to download those shots into the PC. This cybercafe that I am using now is not able to do that.

Then on the last recall from the top of the steps to me maybe about 20 feet lower, she overshot me. In that momentary fear, I stopped pressing the button. I do not think I could ever accept any of her unschedule over flights without a tinge of fear, unless we were in a desert or huge grass plain. There were some trees and lampost about. She circled as if she knew the line would tangle and avoided the branches and lampost before winging her way back to me.


We got back to Yu's house after that. She was unclipped and harness removed and she promptly flew up to her basket to perch and preened.

I decided to leave earlier so I could finish earlier at the cybercafe and catch with some lost sleep earlier.

This must be working as the PC counter is telling me now that it is 10:09 pm

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