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SA 2010 & current affairs

Sad to see SA likely to go out of the World Cup with 0-3 to Uruguay. Unless they pull off a giant killing event on France just like minnow Swiss did on fancied Spain.
Puny NZs did a giant taming on Slovakia. North Korea did an incredible job on Brazil. That could have been a 1-1 draw but for that unbelievable first goal by Brazil which would not be believed at all should that be written in a fiction novel but took place in real life and in heat of the game.

And Maradona relegated legendary Pele to a museum while Argentina crushed South Korea 4-1.

Irish eyes must be smiling at the sight of Mexico humilating France with 2-0 and giving a ray of hope to South Africa to go to the next round if they do the same to France.

My blinkers could not keep a tight seal.

Screams of blood letting from Kyrgyzstan came through. From ethnic troubles likely to be formented by that disposed President relatives.

And a dead sperm whale now found in Gulf of Mexico with unknown numbers not found to add to the pelicans, dolphins, turtles, blue fin tuna, fishes, crabs, oysters and myriad other species as well killed by the oil or toxic dispersants.

It churn my stomach to read the decisions of BP on that well, all designed to cut costs and time and totally disregarded the dangers and walked over expert advices given and which lead to that disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

" One decision that looks questionable was the one to use only six devices for centering the drill pipe in the well hole instead of 21, as initially planned and recommended by Halliburton, the service company hired to put cement between the pipe and wall of the hole.

Halliburton warned that without the full complement of centralizers, the danger of cracks in the cement surrounding the pipe increased. The American Petroleum Institute’s recommended practices say that if the pipe, or casing, is not centered, “it is difficult, if not impossible,” for the cement to displace the drilling mud on the narrow side of the opening. That could create channels for gas to travel up the well.

But the equipment needed to center the well in all 21 places was not on the rig. A BP rig worker located some pieces in Houston and made arrangements to fly them to the rig, but more senior officials decided against doing so. In an e-mail April 16, BP’s well team leader Guide said that “it will take 10 hours to install them. . . . I do not like this,” according to the lawmakers’ letter.

That sentiment reflected a pattern of time- and money-saving measures, Waxman and Stupak wrote. They said their investigation is “raising serious questions” about decisions made in the days and hours before the explosion on the drilling rig that sank."

"The letter by Waxman and Stupak focuses on details such as how to secure the final section of the deepwater well. The company apparently chose a riskier option among two possibilities — running a single string of steel casing from the seafloor to the bottom of the well, instead of hanging a steel liner with a "tieback" on top.

Despite warnings from its own engineers, "BP chose the more risky casing option, apparently because the liner option would have cost $7 to $10 million more and taken longer," Waxman and Stupak said."

"Waxman and Stupak also said BP apparently rejected advice of a subcontractor, Halliburton Inc., in preparing for a cementing job to close up the well. BP rejected Halliburton's recommendation to use 21 "centralizers" to make sure the casing ran down the center of the well bore, they said. Instead, BP used six centralizers.

In an e-mail on April 16, a BP official involved in the decision explained: "It will take 10 hours to install them. I do not like this." Later that day, another official recognized the risks of proceeding with insufficient centralizers but commented: "who cares, it's done, end of story, will probably be fine.""

"In spite of the well's difficulties, "BP appears to have made multiple decisions for economic reasons that increased the danger of a catastrophic well failure," Waxman and Stupak said.

The lawmakers also said BP also decided against a nine- to 12-hour procedure known as a "cement bond log" that would have tested the integrity of the cement. A team from Schlumberger, an oil services firm, was on board the rig, but BP sent the team home on a regularly scheduled helicopter flight the morning of April 20. Less than 12 hours later, the rig exploded.

BP also failed to fully circulate drilling mud, a 12-hour procedure that could have helped detect gas pockets that later shot up the well and exploded on the drilling rig."

Is it possible to get the names of all those BP decision makers ?

As wildlife can be killed with impunity, ecosystems totally destroyed without repercussions, what about naming those BP decision makers and charging them with deaths of those on Deepwater Horizon?

Such as that buffon who decided “it will take 10 hours to install them. . . . I do not like this,” "who cares, it's done, end of story, will probably be fine.""

Is he/they placed on BP management because he/they such hero to save company on time and money? By cutting corners on all corners that he/they could cut? What corners had he /they cut before to be promoted to where he/they can cut more corners?

Who set the system where he/they be promoted to such authority?

Will such people be protected the way Jon Venables is protected?

To be given a cloak of anonymity so they can laugh all the way to their banks and bonuses while the marsh, wetlands and entire eco-systems die because of their ^%$#$%^^&&*@#$%%^ decisions?


other Batches of Mash?

--- In, Betty Kehoe <bettyinphoenix@...> wrote:
> I am new to your site, and it was amazing. May I ask where to find the
> other Batches of Mash? Thank you

Hi Betty,

Your question got me to thinking, and writing. Which develope a life all of
its own and which will be blogged as well as others might find it interesting.

Let me start from the beginning.

First mention of Tinkerbell Mash was in Feb 2004. I had been making that for
well over a year at that point.

"Tinkerbell's special food preparation (was Mike's Manna and how the heck do
you make so MUCH?"

In reading my old entries, I found in that letter I was still feeding pellets to Tink in addition to the mash. Then in later entries, I recorded that Tink refused to eat pellets anymore. With all those additives used by commercial parrot pellets, Tink showed better judgment.

Tinkerbell mash for Yingshiong, an adaption for insectivore came about with
valuable information from Yahoo Feeding Feathers .
Credit to Feeding Feathers reported here.

Back in Oct 2005
'It is likely I be getting a shama'

The formulation for YS mash came about was talked aloud by me above. I also
declared I never will get another grey into my life. How little did I know what
fate would bring me in the shape of Riamfada who was thrown into my life.
( Catching up in Muscat and Riamfada might fly with me. )

Yingshiong was a white rumped shama, the best songbird in the world , and from
South East Asia. YS was caught from the wild at 3 years old and given to me at
5 years old.
'Meet YingShiong, the white-rumped shama thrush'

Shama is a very shy bird and so solitary that shama will fight with any male
shama and only accept female shama during breeding season. Yet YS accepted me
as his friend and showed he is every bit as intelligent and sentient as any

He flew to me on recall within a month, and I was told that was the first time
ever a white rumped shama ever landed on a human.




Shama Yingshiong songs

More Yingshiong songs including mimic of Ivan the cat meows build into his songs

Video of Yingshiong on recall

Video of Yingshiong flying back into his room and into his cage at cue

Yingshiong Mash first reported here

'Making of YingShiong mash'

YS trained me. I weighed every 0.1 gram of his mash, and his insect food, and
his weight everyday.
See part of that here

Tinkerbell Mash in its batches for Riamfada mentioned in

Batch 1
Riamfada with me now
Riamfada and mash

Batch 2
Riamfada - more on mash and taking him out and Riam at 463 grams

What happened to Tinkerbell? wife training and mashed mash

I mashed manually the mash as Riam was choosy unlike trashcan-with-jaw Tink who ate everything. Hard work by hand.
Above prompted me to decide to liquidise the beans later on.

Batch 3
Wadi Al Maih// Modify Riamfada Mash//kitty harness and preparing to take them
out too

Which I did so in Batch 3 above with liquidiser bought largely for that purpose.

Batch 4
Not reported on explicitly and mentioned only in passing. This was done shortly
after I came back from visit to Tinkerbell in Taiwan and had too many other
things to write about.

That recovering IRN // Riam not so cooperative on her take-offs

photos of mash making / work of art rod&reel / Dommie at beach / holiday

Batch 5
In batch 5, I also reported I liquidized the beans. Near the end of this
report. Mentioned made of batch 4 done 6 weeks earlier.

That rescued IRN// If you think your summer is hot // Cargo Cult// I saw Riam
flying backwards

Batch 6
Mash Batch 6 // Flying in Shangrila Muscat // Seifa Al Sheikh Revisited

Batch 7
The most explicit in details and photos of mash making
Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash
Batch 7

Batch 8
Iceland and Goldman // Jebel Akhdar // Tinkerbell mash batch 8

What I posted in earlier report on my rant on "Ethoxyquin , originally used to preserve rubber , BHT/BHA , petroleum products , Propylene Glycol, de-icing fluid for airplanes," was not complete.

I continue on what I read on those commercial bird pellet additives.

"Go to your cupboard and get your pellets out and find out how many of these additives are in the brand you buy. If there is something else on the ingredients list and you don't know what it is, FIND OUT.

Do your research or ask questions of someone who can find out for you. Did you see the natural ingredients on your pellet ingredients list? Why not feed those items in their fresh, natural state instead?

How do YOUR pellets stack up?
(This list may need updating...check labels!)

Abba = ethoxyquin, artificial color, artificial flavor
Avian Special Needs = fish solubles, mineral oil
Avi-Sci =ethoxyquin
Breeders Blend=artificial flavors, salt
Hagen =salt
Harrison's = salt
Kaytee =ethoxyquin, artificial color, salt, BHT or BHA
Kellogg =ethoxyquin, artificial flavor, salt
Lafeber Pellets=ethoxyquin
Lefeber Nutriberries=ethoxyquin, propylene glycol
L&M Pellets=ethoxyquin, artificial color, artificial flavor
Pretty Bird Pellets=ethoxyquin, artificial flavor, salt, added sugar, BHT or BHA
Roudybush Pellets=ethoxyquin
ZuPreem=artificial flavor, BHT or BHA

BHA = Butylated hydroxyanisole
BHT = Butylated hydroxytoluene

Just so you know those multisyllibic additives should you continue to feed pellets to your birdies.

I read that a long time ago. I believe that report came out in 2005.
I did not bother to check if those companies modified, or reduced, or changed or even not report on the additives that they put in.

Even if they declared they are sorry and promised to change their ways.

By adding those additives in the first place, they no longer deserve any further trust from me. Your choice if you still want to continue to have faith in them.
I certainly do not have any more faith in them. I trust the mash that I made, even those that expired the 3 hour limit or over the day more than the additives those companies placed in the pellets.

If Madoff got Presidential pardon and out of jail and Madoff set up a brand new bank, will you ever want to trust Madoff and deposit your $$$ with him?

All this is dedicated to Mike Burton. A friend who left us all too soon and
gave the world Mike's Manna Mash and on which Tinkerbell Mash in all its forms
has been based.

Original Mikes Manna Mash recipe here
The memory of Mike will live on in every bit of Mike's Manna Mash or Tinkerbell
Mash regardless of the batch or who made it or feed on it.



More photos in flickr folder 'Kathleen's farewell and Riamfada in the carwash '

You recalled Katleen. Our Fulbright professor who joined us on many trips all over Oman.

Her contract came to an end and with sadness, we had to say goodbye. Riamfada also came along to say goodbye to her with a dinner at Ocean restaurant.

She flew off back to Iowa, USA the next day on Monday night 14 June 2010


At the restaurant where waiters love to wait on Riamfada more than on us


Farewell picture with Katleen and Jim


After dinner, we went into a car wash at the Omanoil petrol station next to the restaurant.

Riam decided my shoulder was more comforting to be on during the car wash and flew over to me



neighbour walks & exuberant flights

More photos in flickr folder 'Outdoor hide and seek recalls II '

Even regular clear flights can be far more exciting than I ever wanted it to be.
A couple days ago, I called Riamfada from my wife from maybe 30 meters away. She flew to me in a straight line which already warned me. I thumbed the reel as fast as I could as she over flew me and continued 20 meters beyond. Then she turned around and headed kind of back to my wife but flying over my neighbours wall. I felt she was in some exuberant flight as that was clearly not a spook flight. That was not fun for me at all. She was about to over fly the neighbour's roof when she came to the end of the line. The line brought her up and she twist into another direction kind of towards me and went over the low wall onto a clear ground. I crossed over and she flew to me. We continued on our normal neighbourhood walk.

The video below was taken yesterday. I first thought of not doing that anymore because of the fright she gave me yesterday. But I felt it was going to be ok and I could not continue to live with that kind of fear.

Not only it was ok. We finally captured that curving turn she did landing on me and facing my wife. She flew towards me and up and up and more to my left. Overshot a little bit to curve downwards in 180 degree turn to land on me and face my wife

Above is the video. Sadly I was too far away for what I described to be seen clearly.

I dared not feed any more neem fruits to Riamfada as I heard nothing back from anyone on neem fruits. The sidr season was over a month ago. I took to carrying cherries with me for Riamfada. But the dates were coming into season


In front of ripening dates

Riam enjoying a date

In last report, I wrote of Riam flying to me on a one corner hide & seek recall, then instead of flying to me, she flew off in a big circle and then flying back to land on me.

And that my wife finally managed to capture that all.

Here it is




I suggest you see the sequential shots in

The range and the distance made Riam a small speck in the photos. Not very photogenic except you all do know it is her as she became smaller, and then curving back and becoming bigger, and then smaller as she turned back onto me behind the corner finally.

Taking a flighted parrot out even on harness should not be done by those faint of heart. You never know when a parroty joke or exuberant flight, or neighbourhood magpies come to say hello. And Murphy always around the corner as well.

We then go to the back of that villa.

Where I sit down with Riam munching on a cherry with kitties nearby


Or to look at kitties in the garden


My wife took a video of Katie digging a hole. She was not as elegant as Dommie. Katie dug and dug, and about to do her business, and changed her mind to continue digging. And about to do her business, changed her mind to dig even more.

And just as she finished and about to do her business, Dommie on the side got so irritated by it all that he did a flying attack on his poor sister to take over the hole that was dug. You just cannot get all this in a litter box.

So do take your kitties out for a neighbourhood walk. And if there is an abandoned sandy garden in untenanted house nearby, so much better.

We then did another one corner hide & seek recall around the front entrance of the villa that can be seen in full sequence in






Important old letters on harness
Harness for flighted parrots – To Nick and folks

August, 2005.

‘ cargo cult'

'Ramadan & Kitties on beach// Chess -1st Saturday IM Tournament // Tinkerbell Harness for Piper '

Making of Tinkerbell Mash
Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7


If you like the photos here, they are all taken by my wife and uploaded on my behalf by her.

She has her own sets of photos in her Flickr account here



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.
or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice


For those that through no fault of their own, or otherwise, and had to part painfully and unwillingly from their beastie or birdies, whether in the past, or the present, or in the future, I dedicate the saga of Riamfada that I had wrote , and continue to write to that final handover , to you all.


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