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Tinkerbell revisited - BanTienYien

27th June

When I rode off last night to hit the sack, I was wondering if the fumes from all the good wines of dinners and karoke sessions induced into me an alcoholic daze of feeling good that might just disappear with after I woke up.

I did woke up this morning and strangely enough, that feeling still persisted. Time will tell me if I was wrong.

I had my breakfast and then rode over to Yu's factory. We planned to drive to Tsaoling today. But some stuff came up and Yu was not able to do so. That was not a problem with me at all. I then planned to go to BanTienYien which I failed to do so a couple of days ago because of the weather.

Going anywhere was not that relevant to me as my main reason for being where I was now was to be with TInkerbell. So I sat around and chatted while Tink looked on at us perched on a rattan basket in the office. She was in her harness and leash waiting for me to take her out. Then as the day was warm and sunny, Yu thought of giving TInk a shower bath first before we went off. I assured him that was good for Tink and that she liked it. Yu had been giving shower baths to her regularly in the summer as part of my earlier briefings to Yu before I left.

So Tink was cued to step up by Yu and taken outside to an upturned pail for her shower. She fidgeted a bit and when the shower spray was directed at her, she fidgeted more and flew up rounding Yu can came to my arm expecting some consolatioon from me. I could see that was a play acting from her because knew well being placed on upturned pail was the precursor to getting a shower. She indicated clearly she did not mind it by remaining on that pail while the shower head was fiddled to adjust the spray. She had a change of mind and expected us to obliged her ficklemindedness.

So instead of consolation from me, she got laughed at by me, had a lecture and scolding from me as well, and taken by me to be placed on the pail. Yu then showered her while she grumbled on. The last time I saw Yu did that , Tink was taken back to the rattan basket for her to shake the water and preen herself. I then told him I normally let Tink fly a while to get the bulk of the water off.

I then asked her to step up and walked her to a sunny spot to place her at about shoulder level. I walked back to give her five meters for her recall, thereby starting, or continuing the chain of events that made all three of us very happy in our own ways.

She looked at me and I gave the cue to see her taking off immediately. She flew towards me and abruptly went up over me . She showered me with droplets of water as she curved overhead and landed on Yu.

I turned my head and was following her flight and her landing onto Yu's shoulder. You have been following the last few days. I really felt that while Yu was a bit chagrined, he was very happy for me too in the way TInk re established her closeness with me. But the look of bliss and utter delight on his face was very clear at the deliberate landing of Tink on him despite he was behind me and blocked by me. I smiled and was very delighted at his happiness for that moment.

Her Grace must have felt very pleased at her ducal snub of me for my failure to toady to her when she decided not to have her shower.

I was immensely amused at the almost human behaviour from that spoilt pampered grey of ours and the way she deliberately gave me such a direct cut in deliberately going for Yu. I was used to that in the past. When she was annoyed with me, she would deliberately land on my wife Joy instead of onto me. I was also pleased she went to Yu as I was feeling sorry for him in the way Tink went for me almost all the time the last few days which actually caused me a bit of an embarrasment as he was really such a nice guy.

She was then taken to her basket to be allowed to preen and further dry herself. I talked my plans through with Yu. He still thought that I would be taking TInkerbell with me when I leave for Hualien and Taroko Gorge the next Sunday. I explained to him I had some qualms at taking Tink with me for that trip without my wife Joy. That involved a long train ride and changes of transport. If anything happened to me, no one else would be around to look after Tink. I wanted to built in a parting of a few days from Tink before returning to Chiayi and spending a few more days again with her prior to finishing my current visit to Taiwan. I left unsaid to him my desire not to overstay my present warm welcome to avoid any potential strains in our relationship with each other. I will be coming back regularly if I am unable to find a way to stay in Taiwan on a long term basis and I have to protect very carefully the very great relationship with Yu.

The sunny start of the day quickly changed to gathering clouds as I made my way towards BTY. I planned to be at the pavilion set amidst forested mountain tops. That was the place I last brought her to with Joy before I handed her over to Yu and left Taiwan. It was so agonising that time and I could hardly beared the pain as I made my report of that last meeting as my soul was ripped apart.

This time, I made my way there with Tink with a deep sense of comfort and happiness. She was sitting on the perch in front of me and going through a series of experimental sounds and words.

We reached the pavilion and walked about a bit to take photos of that pavilion from different perspective to be posted later.

We then sat inside on the granite benches to relax and enjoy being together. I placed Tink on the quard bannister just a meter away from me to let her be together with a liberal amount of free line for her. I was getting wiser and broke off a section from an empty ciggie box to give to her to chew on while I enjoyed the view and the looking at her and savouring yet again the being together with Tinkerbell, the coming to reality of a fantasy that played and played in many of the waking and sleeping moments of the preceeding months.

The reality was so much more delightful than all those painful fantasies.

She then called softly and I saw a small portion of that section of ciggie box on the ground. I thought she dropped it and I generously broke another big section and reached it over to her beak. She took it and abruptly dropped it and looked intently at me quivering her wings in clear indication that she wanted to fly to my shoulder. I told her softly to come here and she flew to me and made herself comfortable on my shoulder with soft chirps and squeaks. She made it clear to me she had full intention of remaining there while shifting her weight from leg to leg periodically wiping her beak on my head.

I was very happy to let her remain there and talked softly to her myself of the insects sounds around us and the clouds gathering and of the Chiayi city spread far down below us.

Then it started to rain. It mattered not at all to the both of us. We were just together. Must have been a couple of hours as we just sat and I talked while she made strange funny sounds at me. Every 40 minutes or so, I let her go to the bannister for her to poop. She immediately flew back to me after her poop without bothering to wait for me to give recall. I was not thinking of giving recall either knowing that was what it was in a kind of unspoken communion.






Now and then I continued with my book in between looking at the scene of distant thunderstorms with patches of sunshine on the plains and city below us and just loving the soft sounds she made into my ear.

I had yet another dinner and karoke in the evening and regretfully had to get going back. The weather cleared but with the sight of heavy clouds rolling in the distance, Tink was placed into her carrier. I rode down the mountain happy I chose a good time to leave in better weather when a heavy storm caught me and stayed with me all the way to Yu's house.

I was unhappy with the new harness. I have to tell you to avoid using shoelaces for kids especially if they have Mickey Mouse faces printed on it. That was made from some kind of a rayon material. I expected some unravelling, but this material was really bad. I noticed the unravelling at the end was not smooth and sometimes Tinkerbell claws got caught in them. I decided to junk that and get back to the original material.

We dug up the remaining thick shoelaces we left behind as harness material. I did yet another complete harness with Yu doing another in parallel with me with a step by step quality check from me as well as explicit examples of some of the specialized knots that I included.

Then it was time for dinner yet hosted by the Taiwanese and karoke. The hospitality was so overwhelming even for me already used to the way of Taiwanese. All attempts of me trying to host one in return were enthusiatically rejected.

That meant I never got to internect cafe until late at night and I had to write even later and later like what I am now doing and it is 02:05 now with me having to go to bath and sleep soon.

As we will be leaving early for the drive to Tsaoling in the morning

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