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Riamfada for sale //Some other stuff

Riamfada for sale

I was going to write on other stuff, such as the details how I crossed over Himalayas from Nepal into Lhasa and more. Something else came up that pushed that all to backburner other than brief mention after this.

Last night I had an email from this gentleman in Alaska.

He wrote


Subject: Possible scam using your name?
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2009, 1:22 AM

Today I replied to an advertisement that uses your name and pictures from your website. Below is the initial response I received from the advertisement listed in


Thank you very much for having contacted me regarding the Grey parrot for sale, by name Riamfada,vaccines and DNA proven.she is very tamed and well socialized and got very warm temperaments. Riamfada is potty and cage trained. she is playful with kids and adults. she go along with other household pets and has two cats as friends by names Dommie and Katie .Riamfada has a rich vocabulary.good singers and speaking....Riamfada is looking for her new home. She is 14 months and some days old, and weighs 0.99kg. she is very intelligent.she will come together with all health documents, not leaving her cage and play toys which she loves so much.Riamfada will be Medium-Large size at Maturity Potential: Perfect Pet Weight: 1.3lbs Weight at Maturity: 2-2.8lbs Temperament & Personality: Perfect temperament and great with kids and other pets.
Here is also her Fly time:8minute,Control distance:12M . Flying height:12M,so dear all we are looking is to know if you can take very good care of the bird.. So most of the time i head below the mountains for experiments which is the main reason am seeking for a re homing party for her, we will do every thing we can to make sure that she gets into a lovable home. so get back to us if you are willing to take care of the bird..
thanks and waiting for your mail.

kind regards home.
Hans & Katleen?

The email address given is: "katleen more"

First off, I must mention that I found your website blog location under one of the pictures that was enclosed; and that I found your site very, very interesting. I hope you don?t mind if I continue reading your of your adventures.

Secondly if you indeed have moved to Anchorage, Alaska, USA (as stated in the second email) and want to part with your bird I would be very honored to be considered.

My purpose in writing is to alert you to a possible scam using your name and pictures.


I replied to him.

Thank you for alerting me to this bloody scam.

Those people are trying to part you from your money with you getting nothing.

Fly time, fly height are a load of garbage only low life can think about.

I am still in Muscat, Oman with Riamfada , and with Katie and Dommie.
Read the latest that I wrote in my livejournal.

No one else would have given a name like Riamfada to a grey, or any other creature unless you love David Gemmell and the Rigante world that he created. And naming the kitties to be Dommie and Katie as well.

Just like Madoff do exist in this world, other crooks do crawl out of wood work every now and then.

Do enjoy the sagas that I have with Tinkerbell and Riamfada and my kitties. Share them with your friends. I wrote that for all that love their birdies an beasties and feel free to use all that I have written as I wrote that for all of you, other than for those low life that want to scam the rest of you.

I copied this to my wife, the one who took all the photos as she will be amused by it all.

Warmest regards


ps. I will add you to my mailing list so you get latest update from me as well"

My wife blogged that this morning and in her blog , she found

A search of "Katleen" has turned up ads on other websites. Here's one, from

I have two African Grey Parrots.They are male and female and have been DNA tested.They have acquired large vocabulary and have great personality. They comes with their play perch, cage all of their toys.They lives with other birds and are good with children.If interested, email us for more details and photos..."

I went there and saw that advertisement.

So I wrote to dear Katleen that

Regarding the listing Handfed Congo African Grey parrot for rehoming

Hi Katleen,
I wanted to have a grey parrot for a very long time now.
Please send me more details on the grey that you have and how much will it cost me.

Listing URL:

She wrote back.

Exactly as above. With loads of pictures of Riamdada, us all doing neighbourhood walks, at Jebel Shams, at Dosteen restaurant, at Turtle Beach resort, and Riamfada munching on that chicken bone.

I thought of asking her more, how is it Anchorage , Alaska had this balmy sandy beaches, the background with people in T shirts and shorts. Regardless of global warming, it must be a very warm summer in Alaska.

You seen that "her Fly time:8minute,Control distance:12M . Flying height:12M," rubbish?

How on earth can those rubbish be even thought about?

I think even a clipped grey can walk 12 meters in a few seconds.

Do warn your friends of this @#$$%^%#@!#$$% scam going on.

(edited 40 minutes after I posted this. I just realised
the weight of this Riamfada is 0.99 kg. Maybe she gotten a B&G and
spray paint that B&G to a nice shade of grey)


Some other stuff

I was thinking of writing other stuff. Such as writing the details of how I crossed Himalayas overland from Nepal to Shigatse, Lhasa and then down into Yunnan of which I mentioned briefly in my last update.

And I found photos of Batty. That little bat protected by Ivan after he killed his mum and lived with us in Saikung Hongkong until he flew away a month later.
I mentioned that in

photo of Batty on me


My wife was in Singapore a couple weeks ago and she found some old photos of my son Mark when he was playing chess when young.

more photos in flickr folder 'Chess with Mark '

When I wrote of Mark, I mentioned I had a difficult position playing with guy when Mark told me what I should do. I never trained him then as I never thought he would understand at 3 1/2 years old.

In the photo below, Mark was playing that guy in a tournament a couple years later. Mark won of course


The chess championship that Mark was invited to participate and I was not.

With President of FIDE chess federation that time




Or how my laziness decided that I taught Riamfada the 'roundabout come'. In that I got her to fly to named places and then turned around to fly to me. Save the trouble to walk over to her to give her her treats. That took me 2 training sessions, about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, and of course, during TV commercials. TV commercials are such a blessing in life that you can go get your drinks (maybe a bout of clicker training for wife might get me drinks), go to the loo , or train your parrot.

Also a horrendous shock where we went out to dinner, came back 2 hours later to hear meowing coming from Riamfada's room. On that one evening when I forgot to check her room when returning her there to sleep, Dom got in. And he got shut in with her for 2 hours.

Luckily they are friends.




If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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