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Last time to beach for Dommie // Cats at home //3 days 2 nights at Turtle Beach Resort


Last time to beach for Dommie

Even as I was writing that last report, we were still going down to the beach with Dommie.

Ramadan officially ended in Oman on 20 Sep 2009, Sunday with the sighting of the moon. That was the last evening that we had the beach almost all to ourselves and could take Dommie there with us all. We went again to the beach on 21 Sept to meet crowds of people. Dommie could not handle people and in a few minutes we went back to the car.

It was also only a few days ago after we got back from our 3days/2nights at Turtle Beach Resort that I saw those photos taken on 20 Sept 2009 and that perhaps you might like them even more than what was shown earlier.

This is likely to be the last time we would take Dommie to the beach, at least for this year. We will need to wait for Ramadan when the beach be empty of people next year to do this again. Alternatively, wake up and be at the beach at 530am when the rest of the world are still asleep. Not a likely option for all of us.

There is this sequence of photos that showed Dom crossing a tidal pool coming to me at my encouragement, not that he needed much encouragement. He then ended up curling about my ankles.

A few of photos from above




Riamfada also enjoyed herself. She loved to buzz over Dommie during her flight.

That sequence started here with P1080027



In addition to Katie and Dommie at home, there are other cats about. I mentioned Tangie who was foisted onto us. After Tangie used the bathroom and kitchen floor as toilet, we decided to ban her from the house and hoped that she make use of the sand pit and even the litter box outside.

Tangie at home before she was kicked outside the house

I hoped for her to learn proper toiletry. Dommie and Katie are so fastidious that they will dig a hole to pee. After covering that when done, they will dig a separate hole to poo in. I thought all cats will do that.

I was amazed that Tangie had not clue at all about toiletries. If she would just do that in the garden, I would not mind at all even if she had not covered that up. Tangie would lie on the window ledges looking in on us. Yet she shat on that ledge and I had to wash that away. And she climb onto my SUV and deposited a lump on my windscreen. I decline to show you those photos and the places she deposited. None of them in the sandpit or in the garden. I do hope that Tangie would change her ways , but after a month with us, my hope is fading that she could be an integral part of our family. Tangie will be treated as a stray cat outside the house. The very intense look Tangie gave to Riamfada also displeased me very much.

I hope in time Tangie will stray even further and further away.

There are other strays that drop by. This is Ginger. He is given associate status and I feed him. He is friendly with me, but not with my wife and so he stayed outside the house.


More photos in flickr 'When the cats interact '

3 days 2 nights at Turtle Beach Resort

More photos in Flickr folder '3D2N at Ras Al Hadd '

We reached that Turtle Beach Resort about 2pm on Wednesday 23 Sep after 3 1/2 hours of driving and an hour lunch at Sur. As our booking as very late, we had to make do with a normal room instead of the Deluxe room we had the last time. So we did not have air cond and had to use communal bathrooms. We thought it mattered little to us as that resort was nice and laid back.

It was only then that I realised the first significant difference. Unlike the deluxe room, the normal room had no cupboard. You recalled in our last visit here, the cupboard was used as Riamfada's bedroom.

Since it was getting later in the year, night fell earlier and was dark by 6 pm. Dinner to be served at 730 pm. Riamfada was edgy when it got dark so I thought I let her sleep in the room and we have our dinner in peace from her.

It was only then that I realised the first significant difference. Unlike the deluxe room, the normal room had no cupboard. You recalled in our last visit here, the cupboard was used as Riamfada's bedroom.

The room had this light bulb fixed into an oil lamp hanging from the center of the ceiling. I attached Riamfada's ring perch from the oil lamp.


And I thought if I switched off the light, the room would be dark and Riam would then be sleeping so nicely while we had our dinner. So I did just that, said 'goodnight' to Riam, turned off the light , closed that door and went back to my wife to have our dinner. Food is basic, but very good and tasty by the way.

We then went back to the room. I switched on the light and my heart dropped when Riamfada was not on the perch. We looked all around the room and could not find her. Panic was about to set in when I saw a movement of the curtain on the window. And then her head emerged. She had not gone to sleep as I thought. The curtain was flapping from the wind, and somehow in the dark, she came off that perch and got to the window.

That we came back quietened her and she stayed content on that perch. We decided that she would never be left alone in the room after that.

We had no intention this time of going to that turtle nesting beach at Ras Al Jinz and came here just to chill out and snorkel a bit and read.

I brought some mash for her this time keeping it chilled in our cold box.

So next morning, she had the mash for breakfast. Which filled her so much that she refused to have the chicken bone I offered to her.

I went snorkelling that morning. The coral patch was 2 meters below the surface. The water was cold, but with better visibility of about 4 meters. I was so pleased to find back that patch of purple Goniopura that enchanted me so much a month ago when I first saw them. In that better visibility, the anemones and their attending clown fishes became more gorgeous. As I float above, I saw through an opening in the table fan coral a sinous velvety chocolate body with a jagged pattern of orange yellow almost like that of a giraffe. Then I recalled the moray eel that I saw here a year ago. A lot bigger now, and even more beautiful. Then I saw a shape coming towards me at the bottom. I was trying to figure out what kind of odd fish was that when it got nearer. And then I realised it was a juvenile turtle, not more than a meter long, that was swimming at the sea bottom. I tried to keep up with it as best as I could. It turned off and went into deeper waters.

That was one of the best snorkelling experience for me.

I went back up. For a shower. And then I thought Riam needed a shower too.

And what better way to save water but to shower together with your companion.


Now and then, we did some flights to amuse her and entertain those people at the resort. But she had plenty of idle time. So she decided to have a go at the hawaiian snap. If you have seen the way I weaved the line into the hawaiian snap in the phots 'Tinkerbell harness for Piper', you might have thought that I was too paranoid. In those photos, I weaved that for double redundancy and on that morning, I did that for triple redundancy.

More photos in Flickr folder '3D2N at Ras Al Hadd '

Riam decided to check that out.

and again


I watched on with morbid fascination. And then she stopped, and stared me right in the eye. She seemed so proud when I hold that swivel/hawaiian snap with the leash line removed. So Raz, do take note of all this. I send that 2 harness off to you on Sat 26 Sept by registered post.


I noticed she parted the hawaiian snap. I tied that snap back and hooked on the swivel again. Later that day, I gave up and threw that ruined hawaiian snap and tied the main leash line directely to the swivel joint with series of tight dead knots. To remove the leash, I had to cut those dead knots.

Since April this year, Riam had ruined 4 hawaiian snaps already. I was hoping that she eventually would stop bothering that hawaiian snap as I was running out of them. I guess she felt she had to do that again that morning just to show off she could do that.


I was finishing a new book from an old favourite author Dave Duncan. He writes very well. I picked up Alchemist's Apprentice when I was in Amsterdam.

George Martin kept me busy until I finished his fourth book a week ago. He promised his 5th book in 2005 and then 2006 and then 2007 and then at end Sept 2009. Your best guess as to when we get book 5 on the shelf.

In the meantime, you will love all the books by Dave Duncan. Do not take my word for it. Give any of his book a read and you be hooked on him. I strongly recommend his series ' Man of his word'

Riamfada had her harness on from about 630 am when we got up. She had it on the entire day. From time to time, she would preen herself , and around the harness as if it did not matter at all.

She stayed with us till it got dark and until we finished our dinner and got back to the room about 8 pm. Her harness was then removed and she remained nicely on her perch.



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

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