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Riamfada - Just being at home


It is not as if every weekend that we must go somewhere.

The earlier hectic weekends burned a fair bit of my wanderlust. Ramadan period compelled us to hide in not so visible places to eat and drink. Less of a problem for me if I do not eat or drink, but the ban on smoking in public during the daylight hours of Ramadan is a lot more difficult.

The last weekend we all stayed and lazed out at home.

Which enabled my wife to take a few photos and videos as to the home environment and Riamfada's room.

More photos in flickr folder "Home with Riamfada, Kattie and Dommie "

In the living room is this perch hung from the ceiling.
A rattan basket tied on one end and a thick sisal rope at the other end to give Riam space to clamber about.


One would have thought the driftwood perch would be a good place to land on. If so, do tell Riamfada that. She would as likely fly and land on the supporting sisal rope as on the perch. Or she flew to perch and claw and jaw her way up the rope.

The basket dangling was conveniently near my shoulder when I sat down to play chess or do other stuff on internet. When she got too distracting sometimes, she got chucked onto the basket behind me to do her things.

The basket also help with irregular movement of the perch which she seemed to like. She liked those wobbly perches a lot more than the sturdy perch I created from cloth hanger.



This basket is similar to what she had in her room. Do remember that.

More photos in flickr folder "Home with Riamfada, Kattie and Dommie "


Above showed Riam on what I called the ring. It was a ring. Then I stiffened the top and bottom to become a square. I noted Riam prefered to perch on top, so I shifted the supporting rope to the side and the dangling driftwood to the side as well as a kind of counter stablising weight. This then became more a rhomboid, and very wobbly at that.

Riam did not like it initially in her first couple of weeks with me. I persisted as I felt the unstableness would be great for her balance and muscle tone. Then it became one of her favourite place to hang about. She would fly and land here to make it rotate and swing.

Best seen in video below

Riamfada liked her shower. Here I was standing outside the bathroom and calling her for her shower. She flew to me to be taken in and given a shower. This was normally done just between me and her and she would be enjoying her shower for a longer period. But with my wife taking the video, Riamfada had enough of her privacy with me being invaded and flew off.

We are now in Riamfada's room.
More photos in flickr folder "Home with Riamfada, Kattie and Dommie "

Her drinking water, enough to last 6 weeks, from a chicken supply store. Unlike those with a ball bearing valve, which had got choked up and some guy macaw died of thirst as he did not noticed, this water device will never choke up.


Riam on room perch, with thick sisal ropes for her to climb and chew on


I still call below the basket. Even if she chewed the entire basket away. Yes, it was the same as the one in the living room. After all the trouble I took to whip the handle, I could not bear to throw that away after she chewed the basket to pieces. I got a nice piece of driftwood and tied it to the handle.

Another early clue that Riam is a girl in addition to undertail feathers.
This video showed Riam doing a back scratch on towel in room. She more usually will do this on sofa in front of TV in living room. It seemed like nest making to me.

Katleen came over and joined us and the kitties on neighbourhood walks. Kitties might not be in sight the whole day, but come 530pm, kitties will be back home for neighboourhood walk with us all.

Riam doing a high 5 with me outside the house.

Folks, this is Tangee, short for Tangerine. She is a new and a surprise addition to our family. This guy called up a few weeks ago and said he liked to see us at home to give us some gifts he bought for us when he was in India. He lived nearby and came a couple of times before to see Riam and to ask me on birds.


He came with his gifts and a semi persian kitty with chartreuse eyes foisting her on us. She peed and pooed in our toilet floor and kitchen floor and she got banned from home into the garden until she learned to pee and poo in the sand pit , or better still, in neighbour gardens. She moved as if she had rheumatioid arthritis until she saw a lizard. She could rush like lightning to take down that poor gecko, after which she moved like she got rheumotoid arthritis.

She is still not allowed fully into house yet.

The sofa in front of TV totally claimed by Riamfada. She would bully my wife not to sit there with me. Katie favourite place on back on sofa was declared by Riam to be no-go. Riam would fly to sofa, fluffed her feathers and bully Katie down to floor.

More photos in flickr folder "Home with Riamfada, Kattie and Dommie "


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
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