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Mash Batch 6 // Flying in Shangrila Muscat // Seifa Al Sheikh Revisited


More photos in Flickr folder Tinkerbell Mash Batch 6

Mash Batch 6

A few days ago, Tinkerbell Mash batch 6 was made.

You seen some photos of mash making batch 5 in
photos of mash making / work of art rod&reel / Dommie at beach / holiday

beans soaking 8-10 hours to start germination

The recipe reported earlier in
Riamfada and mash

Instead of using cup, I used weight as unit of measurement , same as for Yingshiong mash as weight is easier to see than level of beans in cup.

So I use 55 grams for standard cup for dry beans/cereals and 110 grams for wet stuff such as frozen sweet corn , sweet potatoes and carrots. I also added lima beans even if that was not in the original Tinkerbell Mash recipe. I wrote that recipe 8 years ago, and I guess I can tinker a bit.

The beans and peas were first soaked for 10 hours to start the germinating process. Then the water discarded. They were subsequently soaked and washed repeatedly.

More photos in Flickr folder Tinkerbell Mash Batch 6


red/green beans


black eye beans

lima beans
(editted on 8 Oct 09 to include this warning
Lima beans contained linamarin, which releases a cyanide compound unless cooked thoroughly. The soaking/germinating process that I do reduces the linamarin.
The liquidizing of the all the beans ensured the beans are broken into small bits so that cooking is thorough to render harmless all poison from lima and other beans. )

Great Northern White Beans


chick peas


green/red beans shot a day later

The beans/peas were boiled for 5 minutes and then cooled by placing pot in sink filled with water. Some red/green beans were set aside earlier with some sweet corn.

Those semi cooked beans/peas were then placed in blender to mash them into very soupy mash.

Placed back into pot and brought to a boil.

Then cereals were added. The red/green beans and sweet corn set aside earlier added with millet and stirred and boiled.


brown rice, brown glutinous rice, brown wheat berries, brown oats, brown barley were added to boiling liquidized beans above with lots of stirring.



Then sweet potatoes, 3/4 grated and carrots, 3/4 grated were added to above.

Boiling and stirring for ten minutes and fire switched off to cook in own heat over the night.


Pot taken off induction plate onto wooden chopping block and about to wrap towel 1


Towel 2 about to be wrapped for added insulation to continue cooking process over night.


Next morning prior to bagging


bagging mash in 3-4 day portions for the freezer


You see liquidizer on table bought and used once every 2++ months for Riamfada in making of her mash.

One thawed baggie at a time in the fridge. I add some pulverised cuttlefish bone to baggie. From time to time, yolk from hard boiled egg added to mash, or a bit cooked mince pork, well kneaded into mash. Mash given in morning and afternoon, sometimes with a thin slice of apple, or nectarine, or some salad. The training we do will be half an hour after the mash. I pick commercial breaks in TV to do those training/bonding of about 2-3 minutes in duration.

In evening after neighbourhood walks, when back in living room, Riamfada gets a portion of sunflower seeds and 2-3 almonds.

editted on 6 Feb 2010
Even more explicit details on how the mash is made here
Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7

(above corrected on 17 April 2010 . The URL below was not correct, but might be interesting to read)


Flying in Shangrila

More photos in Flickr folder Shangrila - Barr Al Jissah Resorts and Spa, Muscat

Kat joined us on Thursday 3rd Sept 2009 on our visit to the Mahar and folks of Seifa Al Sheikh.

My wife saw a flyer for special package at the Shangrila Hotel of Muscat. We thought of staying there but not certain if they accept Riamfada. Since Kat had not been to Shangrila, we decided to take her there as it was on the way to Seifa and to walk in with Riamfada on my shoulder to see if she could be accepted there.

Their official website here. This is a luxurious place of breath taking beauty and staffed with nicest of people. So do enjoy the photos in their photo gallery in their official website below.

If you won that 100$ million lottery, be sure to invite us to stay with you at their royal suite. Enjoy your money now and not leave it to your spouse /sons/daughters to spend on their girlfriends or boyfriends.

The management were nice about Riamfada. While they have a policy of no pets, that referred to dogs and cats. They were not sure about parrot, even one as sweet as Riamfada. They were delighted by a small flight Riam made to me in their magnificent lobby.

They say they will call us back to let us know. In the meantime, we were allowed to see Shangrila. They even wanted to assign someone to show us around, but my wife and I had been here a few times before so we declined the offer of a guide.

More photos in Flickr folder Shangrila - Barr Al Jissah Resorts and Spa, Muscat










Seifa Al Sheikh Revisited

More photos in Flickr folder Return to Seifa ash Sheikh & the khor

We then went on. Kat had not been to this part of the world despite living in Muscat for the last year. This was so beautiful that when I first drove in this area a year ago before my wife came to join me, I felt compelled to stop the car to give my wife a call. To tell scold her why she was not yet with me. That notwithstanding we agreed that I be here first a few months to be certain this place agree with me before she came. Of course, I conveniently forgotten that to scold her for not being here with me when I drove here the first time. The way the mountains rolled on, the way the roads wind about in such beautiful scenery. And the pastel coloured Omani houses with their make belief turrets and ramparts.

Kat stopped wowwing and in silence we drove on to the songs from my CDs.

I decided to give her a grand tour to flesh out what she had read in my blog.
We also planned to have picnic lunch at a khor, or hidden valley that lead to the ocean. The trees were very sparse or non existent. Shade must come from the high cliffs. So I planned to finish the tour and giving the gifts to folks of Seifa Al Sheikh such that the cliffs of the khor will give us nice shade from the sun when we get to there.

We turn off to Yiti beach. To show her the little village and the house with shells embedded on its wall and whale bones cemented in as its ramparts.

The three of us wandered in Yiti village a few times before, except I failed to record it in my Livejournal. Not all our trips were recorded though I do try.

We then went on past the turn off to Seifa Al Sheikh to the vast bay of Seifa.

More photos in Flickr folder Return to Seifa ash Sheikh & the khor


at Seifa Beach.

The sun was too hot. We then turned back and drove to Seifa Al Sheikh and to the beach to show Kat where it started. Riam seem to be ok. I did a short warm up flight of 4 meters. Then she was on the perch hold by Kat and I walked 30+ meters away, almost like last week. The wind was blowing on shore. I called her
She came.



The other photos showing this sequence showed her flying higher and higher. And she was turning over the bay. I reeled in the line and braked the reel with my thumb to slow her down. She felt the line and she turned back to my calls of COME COME COME.

I then did another recall, a much shorter recall. She behaved better and not try to reach up to the sky and came to me.


Then she had enough. There was something about that place she did not like.

She refused to step up on the hand perch whether from Kat or even my wife. I looked at her, while knowing she would do that if I asked her, she was unhappy.

We all got back into the car to drive to the Mahar's house. This also allowed me to check the distance I ran. It was 500 meters only. I swore it was a kilometer at least last week. It felt more than a kilometer that time especially when the temperature was pushing 40C.

Mahar was not in. But his siblings were in. To receive all the hard copy prints of the photos taken. And that 300 meter long Dyneema line of 0.51 mm diameter and 80lb breaking strength. And color pens and knicknacks from my wife.

A farewell flight was done for them in front of their house.

Mahar did call me later that evening. Not very useful as he could only speak Arabic and I could only speak English, but enough that he called probably to thank me again and for me to thank him once more.


Then we were off to our special khor. Other cars were here too.

The cliff provided shade. The cliff also blocked view from the main road. So we set up our chairs , our tables and our lunch.

Riamfada was comfortable in this place.



A stiff wind was blowing in from the sea and channeled by the walls of the cliff.

I did some flights of Riam in cross wind conditions to see her angling herself to compensate for the cross wind. Then some flights were done with tail wind. And with her fighting against head winds.

That was done in between picnic bites , drinks and chilling out.

It was a very good day.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

I am a life member of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Do join us to do
whatever we can for the wildlife that shared our planet.

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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