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photos of mash making / work of art rod&reel / Dommie at beach / holiday


So many photos were posted into my Flickr by my wife that I thought I write on them.

Such as the latest mash making 6 weeks or so ago.


Some of the beans soaking above.
They got boiled for about 5 minutes together. Then cooled by placing pot into sink full of water. Then placed into blender to liquidize them and replaced into the pot and brought to a boil while stirring.


brown rice, brown glutinous rice, brown wheat berries, brown oats, brown barley were added to boiling liquidized beans above with lots of stirring.



Then sweet potatoes, 3/4 grated and carrots, 3/4 grated were added to above.

Boiling and stirring for ten minutes and fire switched off to cook in own heat over the night.

Work of art rod & reel

I came back from Taiwan with 2 work of art rod & reel. The 2nd rod/reel was so stunning made from a piece of segmented bamboo. I still have not the heart to thicken the rod with twine the way I did to the first rod. That got to be done eventually to allow better grip for Riamfada.

Flickr photo album here

Just look at the details and the obvious love and care Mr Chew took in making that for me.







The rod is a bit too thin for Riamfada. I feel like a vandal to wrap rope and twine on the rod. I have not done so yet. Maybe I keep this only on display.

Dommie at Beach

Flickr folder set

Over the last 2 weeks or so, I made progress in getting Dommie to be more accepting of beach outings. We took him to quiet beaches about 4 times. No harness was used on Dommie. We let him take his time, getting used to the surroundings, and then we walked a short distance away encouraging him to come to us.

Which he did so.

We moved on slowly allowing him to move cautiously in the grass tussocks that fringed the beach. That was all we did that first time he was taken there.

The next time, we moved on to the beach and called him from the grass tussocks. Thats when he came on down to us


We stayed clear of the wave zone, at least for time being.


Katie was taken with us the third time. But Katie just refused to leave the car despite all the calling. Dommie was adventurous and explored about the fishermen hut.


We then decided against taking Katie with us to the beach , at least until Dommie is used to the beach. We brought only Dommie there 3 days ago.

It was going very well. Dommie came down to the beach and was digging in the sand. Then something spooked Dommie very badly. He ran and ran, back through the grass tussocks and to the car about 150 meters away. I was happy he knew at least where the car was and went back to call him. He gathered his courage and came to me and back to the beach. He then spooked again. By that time dusk was falling and we all got back to the car and drove home.

Holiday for me and my wife

I have a few days of vacation left that I need to take. I hardly taken holidays with my wife other than the times we went back to Taiwan together to be with Tinkerbell.

We have a part time maid who would come over twice a week. She worked at a villa nearby. The last three weeks I showed her how to handle Riamfada in her room, to step up, and to use the other stick to ward off Riamfada, and to get Riam into her cage. And to change mash daily.

Jessica is on vacation too, and thats why she is unable to look after Riam. I have many other friends willing to look after Riam but they do not know parrot.

I decided the best place for Riam will be in her own room.

The last time we went to Taiwan, we already found that no vets and no organisations or pet hotels will look after the parrot.

Since my cats used the sand pit in my garden, their litter tray was converted to a bird watering place, with a roof tile placed in it to serve as a slipway into the water a few months ago.

That bird water tray got washed and brought into Riamfada's room to make sure she would always have water for the ten days we be away. A chicken watering gadget with ample water storage was bought for Riamfada as well to be doubly sure she will have water.

Another big tray on the ground served as a huge sunflower seeds container, with half kilo of seeds in it good for ten days.

Another 1/2 kilo of seeds was shown to the maid who will refill that sunflower seed tray in 5 days time.

The cats will be living outside the house with two big water trays.

The maid will feed the cats and Riamfada mash once daily. Even if she totally forgot, Riam will have enough food and water, and her room is aircond.

My landlord and my neighbour told me they will keep an eye on things.

I and my wife will be flying to Amsterdam for a few days starting 16 July morning. I hope eventually to visit some of the WW I sites such as Ypres , Verdun and Somme.

If there are any bird people in Amsterdam reading this, it will be nice to met you and say hello to your birds. Write to me in


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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