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Michael and Neda - Yesterday was the day the music died.

First of all, Riamfada got over the huff of being shut out of the kitchen the same day I wrote about it.

I surrendered that evening and kept that kitchen door opened. All bottles were placed in plastic baskets in case she wanted to roll that to the edges and the kitchen made safe for her.

She also compromised in that she did not fly into the kitchen unless I was in the kitchen.

It was supposed to be a happy day for me as that was my birthday. My wife bought me 3 wonderful novels and given that to me the night before. I woke up happy and thinking where we spend that Friday (Sunday equivalent here in Oman)

After taking Riam out on my shoulder to the kitchen to fix her the mash and returning her to her room for her to enjoy her breakfast, I got online.

The words that Michael Jackson died hit me deep into my heart. After the initial disbelief, I had to accept the unacceptable. That the man child who gave us all the wonderful songs and dances is now truly an immortal.

I love his music and dances, and I love him ever since I just saw him on Jackson 5. I looked forward to his comeback even if I was never going to be there at his concerts.

He sang out for all of us, and the down trodden.
For the creatures big and small, bright and beautiful, and for our planet.

Such a wonderful man that many others way below him tried to take down into the gutters where they are. I never believed the allegations against MJ. Why should I take the words of others, and not take the words of Michael himself?

A deep sadness spread in me as I turn on the TV to hear confirmation on channel after channel that our man child is beyond the insults and allegations thrown at him.


Other deaths shocked me in the last week. With pain, I know of the suicide bombs snuffing out innocent lives.

Or a bullet from a thug and monster that struck at wonderful Neda. With her last moments captured, all in the world saw her eyes at the moment her soul left her, and the blood gushing out of her mouth when she died.

Neda and others who gave their lives in Iran in courageous fight for their votes to be counted. I hope Iranians will get what they fought so hard for and gave of their lives.

The bad, the evil, those truly monsterous bastards of the world seemed to live on and on. Those $#%^^^# Generals who raped Burma and her people, those that perverted the wishes of the Iranians, all dictators in the world who kill and pervert their insitutions to remain in power to enrich themselves from Iran to Burma to Singapore to Zambabwe, they live on year after year after year.

Great man like Michael Jackson had to go.

It seem that the good die young. I wish it was the other way instead.

Immense grief filled me. I decided to go up to Jebel Akhdar. Partly for that coolness of 2000 meters up the mountains, partly to be away from the TV, partly to try to find solace from the passing of MJ.

Riam was not her usual self during that outing. I know Riamfada is empath and can sense my feelings. I was a very mixed up man yesterday.

Yesterday was the day the music died.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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