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Parrots are empaths.

Shan lung ~ In your comments you mentioned that we cannot fool our parrots. Perhaps it is their keen sense of vision in color ranges that we do not see that tells them what mood we are 'really' experiencing. Perhaps, when we are sad we give off a different color than when we are happy. I wish you many adventures in your travels. Yvonne

Re: Parrots are empaths.

What you say may be possible. That they have a better color range and better sense of smell. I do not disagree with you. It may
just be that and not anything metaphysical.

What I state is just my opinion that I cannot justify on
any grounds.

But maybe it is something drastically different and not related
to sight, sound or smell.

Should we totally deny that altogether?

I really do not know.

Warmest regards


Re: Parrots are empaths.

(✿◠‿◠) happy time ❀✿❀✿❀✿

Happy time and happy memory...with our love one...

our live is shot...we need some friend...

becoming friends together wiht our gray is our happy time....

I do beleave you on this.

Pete my nanday can tell when I am very sick and upset, and will say Iam sorry when i as upset.

Spot on

The best thing ive read , i will look at my parrot in the way i thought was correct from the start , not by the way i always read about!

Trust yourself, trust your heart.

You will do well, and much better than the many self styled expert waving their hands in their air telling you to dominate and subdue the birdie to your will and a load of other rubbish.

Go and have a magical time with your birdie treating him/her as your equal and giving the respect, dignity and consideration due to another equal.

Send this on to your other friends or forums that you are on.

Let us start that revolution.

Re: Spot on

Hi, I love reading your journal. I consider my animals too, to be friends with equal status to humans, and my African Grey, Rosie; staggers me with his intelligence. I think that when you first start living with a bird like this, it helps to have a basic knowledge about the bird's body language, but as you develop your friendship hopefully you will realise that the bird's language is far too intricate to believe that if it clicks it's beak at you, for instance; it's going to bite you.
Rosie play fights with me a lot, and if you did not know him as I do, you would believe him to be afraid/aggressive or both. He lunges and bites but never, ever does he exert pressure to hurt me. He is playing and as I waggle my fingers at him he knows that I am playing with him. We tease each other, he pretending to bite me, and me tickling him under his wings or his feet as he pretends to be outraged by this.
I've had a couple of people tell me he must be afraid of me because of the eye pinning, beak clicking; and I find it frustrating as they don't see the joy with which he plays, usually it is he who initiates this and other games. I'm sad when I see people afraid of their birds, I see my friend's bird trying to communicate with her and her telling me that he is "being nasty".
Please keep writing.

Thank you.

I wrote in another forum, in this thread, a reply in late Aug 2010.

I will reproduce that below as I think you will enjoy that


They live so much longer than us, and they will be around after we are gone from their part of the world or from the world entirely.

In the meanwhile, I regard Riamfada as my companion, my daughter and my ward.

Perhaps it might be my Eastern background even if my other foot is set firmly in the West.
And the realisation via my meetings with that Birdwhisperer of Tsaoling of another fundamental Taoist truth. (Taoism is the Zen of Zen Buddhism)

Do not mistake that finger pointing to the moon as the moon itself

Read Tsaoling Bird Whisperer Revisited

Training techniques are just training techniques, which might appeal to the intellect and the mind.

Wisdom is a property of the 'heart', and the knowing of not doing things because such 'things' are normally done, or that because everyone else says so.

The mind and the heart must work together, but all too often, thats not the case.

My latest report might make interesting reading.

Will you yank Riamfada off that wall because you can ? or will you get that book to read until she decided to come off on her own?

Is one way more right than the other? I dont think I ever know.
I only do it in the way that felt right to me.

Pakistan//Tinkerbell Kitty Mash//Dommie at the beach Ramadhan 2010 //Villa walkabout 2


Warmest regards




Link changed to
Tsaoling Bird Whisperer Revisited

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