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Playing music to ducks
When searching in the archives of Bird-Click to see if I can
find out exactly when Tinkerbell fledged, I came across this
email that you may find interesting.


From: shan lung <shanlung9@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Oct 15, 2003 11:17 pm
Subject: Playing music to ducks

During last weekend when we went off to Alishan
mountain range, we were having our breakfast when my
wife saw that caption in a Chinese newspaper.

I was intrigued when she pointed that out to me and my
feeble Chinese was still good enough to recognise that
even if I could not read the detailed story.

She told me that article was an experiment in the
county where I freeflown Tinkerbell in playing music
to ducks there so that they will remain calm.

It seems that very high frequency sounds have been
emmitted from the military/civilian airport. That
caused the ducks in the farms around to panic and
stampede trampling each other or died of shock.

It seems that 5000 ducks have died this year and they
hope playing music to the remaining ducks can calm

You recalled in my detailed report of Tinkerbell's
free flight that she suddenly spooked and flew off
from my shoulder. Subsequently when I returned to
that place with Tinkerbell in harness, I mentioned
that she spooked with terror. Amonge the wild guesses
I threw up I mentioned the possibility of ultrasonic
sound emmitted by the nearby military/civilian airport
to keep birds away.

I do believe that ducks are a lot less sensitive than
parrots and Tinkerbell in particular. Yet 5000 of
them died!

Tink spooked with a GET ME OUT OF HERE! urgency.

In retrospect, perhaps it was a blessing that she
spooked and a far greater blessing that I got her

I had to re-think my entire outlook on Tink, re
designed and modified the harness so that Tink can
have more freedom than many other parrots and she can
fly with more leeway than just in an apartment.

Guys, no matter how alert you are, there are
definately things that you cannot hear or see that can
spook your charge very badly, and killed 5000 ducks in
the process.

With warmest regards

Joy - wife, Tinkerbell - CAG & surrogate daughter

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