Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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OMG I still say that Jackie is as cute as a bug! Is he going to get any larger physically? Do you know how old he is? He has the natural expression of enormous....well, ATTITUDE : )

Jackie is not going to be physically any larger.
I tried to make him as round as a baseball, but as you have seen, I rapidly gave up on that.
Switching instead into a more meaningful metabolic study.

Old adult Hill Mynah will have larger ear and neck flaps. So Jackie is a young adult. Perhaps 6-8 months old. I really do not know.

I deliberately chose Jackie because I could see that he was very SPIRITED.

Kind of difficult at the beginning to point I wondered why I was so silly when it was clear other hill mynahs there felt a lot more amicable.

But that same SPIRIT to make him difficult at beginning is now specially showing in his intelligence, and what I think is now his determination to be with me.

I was so surprised yesterday in his day of feasting, he rather be with me than gulping down his mash.

And in another big surprise yesterday, he did hide and seek recalls for me. That was a couple weeks earlier than I thought.

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