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Pre Amble

I couldn't agree more with your preamble to this post. "The ends justifying the means" you can't go wrong with your assumption. Sports is to tune yourself into a good human being not a nasty player. And your analogy to the bombing of Ali Hajveri's tomb is quite right in this respect.
I can only hope that better sense prevail in all spheres of our lives.

Today, in 6 hours time, Netherland will face Uruguay.
Uruguay crawled there covered in shame by the way they got there.

I and countless others will cheer for Netherland and will relish the defeat of the disgraceful.

Who can cheer for Uruguay knowing the way they got there? If so those supporters might as well cheer for suicide bombers and terrorists in the it is the end that justify the means, the same way Uruguay got into the semifinals.

I cheer for Holland also in that tomorrow night, we will be flying to Amsterdam and be there for a few days before going on to Copenhagen.

The finals will be played when I am still in Amsterdam, and that will be a day to remember.

Next report will be made from Amsterdam

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